18+ Online Casinos That Accept PayPal Deposits

paypal casino chip2021 Update: As of the end of 2020, Bovada removed its support of the MatchPay service from its banking menu. However, you can use Bovada online gambling vouchers (and other site vouchers or player transfers), which allow for PayPal support. You can also choose from several reliable alternatives to PayPal for rapid deposits and same-day withdrawals, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zelle-To-BTC, and more.

Though there are no 18 and up international online casinos that accept PayPal directly, you can still use the popular peer-to-peer instant-pay service for online casino account funding at your favorite Internet gambling sites.

By utilizing a third-party service called MatchPay, top-rated online casinos like Bovada are now effectively PayPal casinos! While this is a slight roundabout solution, it is an extremely effective one, and MatchPay is a serious gamechanger.

To learn more about 18+ online casinos that accept PayPal deposits with MatchPay – and how the PayPal gambling deposit method works at sites that support it – read our brief guide and bank on this new, highly sought-after online casino banking option.

Most Trusted 18 And Up PayPal Online Casino

★ Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino

The First 18+ USA Online Casino That Accepts PayPal

Bonus: 100% PayPal MatchPay Deposit Bonus Up To $3000 For New Members

When you want to gamble with an online casino, PayPal is likely to be the first deposit option on your mind. Virtually everyone has a PayPal account, and until very recently, they haven’t been able to use them to fund their online betting activities. But Bovada, by employing the MatchPay service, has become first major US-friendly 18 and up casino site to support PayPal deposits, and it’s a real game-changer.

By signing up with Bovada, you’ll be able to choose the MatchPay deposit option, enroll in the free MatchPay service, and use PayPal casino deposits to directly purchase other Bovada members’ eligible account balances to use as your own. This allows you to make PayPal betting deposits quickly and safely, so you can gamble with Bovada immediately.

Once your account is loaded up via PayPal at Bovada, you can enjoy over 250 casino games, a full tournament poker room, an international sportsbook, and thoroughbred horse racing from tracks all around the world!


  • Members accepted at 18 and up
  • USA-friendly
  • Legally licensed in Costa Rica under the trusted Bodog brand
  • 250+ fair-play certified iGaming casino titles
  • Live dealer casino games
  • PayPal accepted via Bovada MatchPay
  • Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash accepted
  • Same-Day Payouts via PayPal, Bitcoin
  • Lowest bonus rollover requirements
  • Full sportsbook, racebook, poker room


  • USA-only
  • Restricted States: DE, MD, NJ, NV

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18+ Online Casinos That Accept PayPal

 Site NameBitcoin BonusUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino150% Max $5,000Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino300% Max $7,500Play Now Full Review
3Cafe Casino600% Max $6,000Play Now Full Review

How To Use PayPal For Online Casino Banking

Right now, when it comes to online casinos that accept PayPal deposits, USA players are limited to Bovada Casino. While we expect you to have several more options for PayPal betting in the near future (particularly at Bovada’s 18+ casino sister sites like Slots LV, Café Casino, and Ignition Casino), Bovada is – as usual – the first major operator to support this new payment method powered by MatchPay.

Nevertheless, regardless of whichever top-rated 18 and up online betting sites decide to accept MatchPay gambling deposits and become PayPal betting sites in the future, the process will be identical to that offered by Bovada right now.

In order to make a PayPal deposit at your MatchPay casino of choice, simply follow the steps below. We’ll use Bovada as the example since it’s the first effective PayPal casino for US bettors.

PayPal Casino Deposits

The deposit method for PayPal at offshore 18+ casinos is simple and straightforward, but it does require you to sign up for a free MatchPay account. This is the only extra step in the following money-transfer process:

  1. If you haven’t already, visit any link here to sign up at Bovada Casino (or any other MatchPay gambling site that accepts the service is the future).
  2. Be sure to register your account using your real, verifiable information, as you will have to prove your identity when withdrawing any winnings. Do not sign up behind a VPN service, as this violates all 18+ betting sites’ terms of service.
  3. Choose the MatchPay deposit option. A popup window will ask you to enter your MatchPay ID and the amount you wish to transfer to your gambling account. If you do not already have a MatchPay account, you can sign up through this plugin to become a MatchPay Trader.
  4. Once you have logged into your MatchPay account and entered the amount of money you wish to deposit, MatchPay will automatically pair you with another Bovada member who has elected to make all or part of their bankroll available to you. You can then pay this member using PayPal through the Bovada MatchPay portal.
  5. Once your money is transferred via PayPal, your account will be credited, any online casino bonuses you have selected will be applied, and you’ll be ready to hit the digital slots and pull up a seat at the digital felts!

PayPal Casino Withdrawals

You can claim an online casino PayPal withdrawal as easily as you can make PayPal deposits when you’re a MatchPay trader at 18+ gambling sites that support the service.

Unlike traditional casino payouts, when you use MatchPay, you can sell all or part of your eligible balance to any other site member that wishes to fund their account via MatchPay’s PayPal option. This finally allows you to get same-day payouts in USD via PayPal, and it makes MatchPay casinos the fastest-paying online gambling sites going.

Before now, the only option for same-day payouts was to use Bitcoin for gambling deposits and then request BTC withdrawals. While that is a valid and valuable approach, getting PayPal payouts through MatchPay means you’ll get USD credited directly to your PayPal account instead of receiving Bitcoin (which needs to be transferred to USD on the various crypto exchanges before you can actually get your money in-hand). MatchPay PayPal gambling withdrawals save you an extra step and make getting your money that much faster!

Note: Due to the automated pairing process used by MatchPay, you may not always be paired with a buyer on the same day you wish to be paid out. But for the most part, you’ll be able to claim same-day payouts this way reliably and safely. 

Benefits Of Using PayPal At 18+ Casinos

The ability to use PayPal is a revolutionary new development for online casino players that live in the US and game with international 18 and over betting sites. Remember, these sites cannot accept PayPal directly, but the MatchPay workaround is legal, quick, easy, and secure.

  • Make legal casino deposits using PayPal, a service you already know and trust
  • Deposits transfer within minutes and are immediately credited to your account
  • Deposits are guaranteed by both your online casino and the MatchPay service
  • Earn the same bonus options as other non-crypto deposit methods
  • Earn same-day payouts in USD when selling all or part of your eligible account balance
  • Person-to-person PayPal transfers come with no added fees for deposits or withdrawals
  • Benefit the gambling community – The more, the merrier!

Negatives Of Using PayPal At 18+ Casinos

There are a few drawbacks of PayPal when using the MatchPay system to make convenient online casino deposits and withdrawals. These are minimal, so none of them is a dealbreaker, but they are worth pointing out for 18 and up bettors ready to get started ASAP.

  • Legal online casinos operating outside of US jurisdiction cannot directly accept PayPal
  • Because you have to go through MatchPay, there is an extra step involved in the banking process
  • MatchPay membership means you must keep track of one more online account
  • PayPal deposit bonuses are standard bonuses, not enhanced bonuses like you’d get with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, or other altcoins.

Despite all of the above, the simple fact that you can now make legal online casino deposits using PayPal is more than enough of a positive to completely negate the negatives.

We highly recommend this new PayPal casino deposit option, and Bovada has thoroughly guaranteed the efficacy, safety, and reliability of the PayPal-MatchPay process.

PayPal Betting Bonuses

moneyAs noted above, you will not get any special PayPal betting bonuses for using MatchPay and depositing with the popular P2P instant-pay service.

That said, you will get access to all the typical bonuses you expect, including standard casino welcome bonuses that can earn you thousands of dollars in free plays. Additionally, many under 21 casino gambling sites give their members the option to collect reload bonuses each time they make a fresh deposit.

So even if you aren’t a high roller, when you make a casino deposit with PayPal, you can get bonuses that give you high roller money – and high roller status! Just don’t spend it all in one place! (Actually, do spend it all in one place: your favorite 18 and up betting site!)

PayPal Live Casino Games

If you want to gamble at a live dealer online casino, PayPal deposits via MatchPay make it faster than ever to pull up a chair at the table. The best online casinos that take PayPal all have live dealer options for the most popular casino classics, including blackjack, American roulette, European roulette, baccarat, mini-baccarat (Super 6), and more.

These sites offer real-time audio and video feeds of real dealers at real casino tables using proper deck shoes, roulette wheels, and more, and you can even talk with your dealer – and other players at the table – via an included chat feed in the sidebar.

Mobile 18+ PayPal Casinos

When you consider joining a PayPal casino, mobile gambling is probably the first thing on your mind. After all, you already use your PayPal iPhone app or PayPal Android app for common purchases at dozens of retail vendors, so the ability to fund your online gambling using the same device with which you play all your favorite games only maximizes the convenience and accessibility of the entire process.

Fortunately, the top 18 and up online casinos like Bovada are all 100% mobile compatible, and there are no iPhone gambling apps or Android gambling apps to download from the App Store or Google Play.

All you need is a mobile device, an up-to-date web browser, and an Internet connection. With that – and with PayPal support finally available at the top 18-plus online casinos – you can easily fund your account and play the best online slots, online blackjack, online roulette, and other games, no matter where you are.

18+ PayPal Casino FAQs

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the most widely used and most popular person-to-person (P2P) money transfer platform in the world. Owned by eBay since 2002, PayPal was the first major financial service to allow users to quickly and securely send money to and receive money from other users over the Internet.

Why can’t 18+ casinos accept PayPal directly?

Due to the federal UIGEA gambling law (which is technically a banking restriction and doesn’t actually target online gamblers in any way), PayPal has made the corporate decision to not allow direct payments to or from any gambling site legally operating outside of US jurisdiction.

MatchPay allows players to get around this limitation in a safe, secure, and efficient way.

Are 18 and up online PayPal casinos legal to use?

Absolutely. You can legally sign up at any of the reputable, licensed betting operators and casino sites listed here. As long as you are at least 18 years old and don’t live in a restricted state (i.e. New Jersey), you can join a trusted online casino, make deposits with PayPal via MatchPay, and gamble for real money.

Note: CT and WA residents are technically barred from all online gambling, but these laws seem to be unenforced, and we’ve never heard of anyone from either state – whether they’re 18+ or 21+ – getting in trouble for betting over the Internet. Still, you are advised to follow all local laws and proceed only at your own risk.

Is PayPal safe to use with MatchPay for online gambling?

Yes! MatchPay was specifically designed to allow members of online merchants to safely buy and sell other members’ account balances using PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle Pay.

Funding your online betting account via PayPal through MatchPay is just as trustworthy and secure as using PayPal for anything else.

Is MatchPay legit?

MatchPay is a brand-new company, having been founded in 2020. However, that doesn’t mean the service isn’t tried and true.

In fact, because Bovada has already put MatchPay through a rigorous trial and has decided to adopt it, that speaks volumes about the service’s fundamental reliability.

Bovada is well known among 18-plus casino sites as being notoriously picky about the deposit and withdrawal methods it supports. MatchPay has Bovada’s seal of approval, and that’s more than enough for the site’s millions of satisfied customers.

What 18-plus online casinos support MatchPay?

Currently, Bovada is the only casino for 18 and older gamblers that supports PayPal deposits through the MatchPay platform. However, because this is a game-changing deposit method, we expect most or all of the top online casinos in the industry to support MatchPay in the near future.

Are there PayPal deposit limits at 18+ betting sites?

Yes. All online 18+ casinos have deposit limits for most banking methods. At Bovada, the first site to accept PayPal deposits (via MatchPay), there is a $20 minimum and $1000 maximum deposit limit.

Are there PayPal withdrawal limits at 18+ online casinos?

As with deposit limits, withdrawal limits are also in play for all forms of online casino payouts. At Bovada, you can withdraw a minimum of $20 using PayPal, while you can claim a maximum of $1000 via PayPal. Bovada members are eligible for two MatchPay PayPal payouts per day.