18+ Online Casinos Accepting Zelle-To-Bitcoin Deposits

One of the biggest hurdles for new online casino players is account funding. Fortunately, loading up your gambling funds at offshore 18+ casino sites has gotten easier in recent years, and Zelle is the newest option to help streamline the experience for US players. If you’re looking for the best 18 and up online casino banking options to suit your needs, Zelle might be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

That said, you can’t deposit into your gaming account directly with Zelle. Instead, Zelle offers users a fast, straightforward way to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), which can then be easily transferred to your site of choice in mere minutes.

Best of all, if you have an account with any major national or regional US-based bank, you already have access to Zelle services. Below, we answer all your questions about Zelle and show you how to use the platform to start gambling online ASAP.

Trusted 18 and Up Casinos that Accept Zelle-To-BTC Transfers

Zelle support is a new horizon for 18+ trusted casino sites, but legitimate gaming operators do not offer the amenity directly. However, once you understand how to use the service to purchase Bitcoin, you can effectively use it for all reputable 18+ online Bitcoin casinos. Once you purchase Bitcoin using Zelle (via the LocalBitcoins exchange), you can immediately deposit BTC into your online betting account without having to wait.

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How To Use Zelle at 18+ Casinos

Zellephone AppUsing Zelle to charge up your casino gambling account is relatively straightforward. The following guidelines will help you learn how to use Zelle at any site that accepts Bitcoin.

  1. Make an account at any trusted 18+ online casino site.
  2. Verify that your bank offers Zelle support.
  3. Register an account at LocalBitcoins.com.
  4. Via your LocalBitcoins account, use Zelle to purchase Bitcoin from a US-based seller. In this step, you are trading USD from your Zelle-linked bank account for Bitcoin.
  5. Follow the seller’s instructions to claim your Bitcoin.
  6. Once you receive your Bitcoin, find the Bitcoin deposit option at your casino site.
  7. Your 18+ casino will now give you their Bitcoin wallet address.
  8. Using your LocalBitcoins account (or another Bitcoin wallet), send your BTC to the above wallet address. The transaction should clear in 30 minutes or so.
  9. Gamble!

Benefits Of Using Zelle For 18 And Up Casinos

Zelle is perfect for offshore casinos because it is the fastest way to buy Bitcoin. All the top 18+ casino sites accept BTC, but for users new to the cryptocurrency market, there is usually a 10-day wait from the time that you buy Bitcoin to the time that you actually receive it. For new gamblers, using traditional fiat-conversion outlets like Coinbase is a nonstarter, as most people want to play immediately, not in a week or two.

However, thanks to LocalBitcoins.com, you can use Zelle to purchase Bitcoin from private sellers, straight from your bank account! The 10-day wait is eliminated, and you can get your hands on BTC in just a few minutes. Remember, LocalBitcoins.com puts you in touch with direct Bitcoin sellers, and Zelle is the easiest, fastest way to buy in.

Negatives Of Using Zelle For 18+ Casino Banking

There are a few potential negatives of using Zelle to indirectly fund your 18+ casino account. First and foremost, the process requires you to set up a LocalBitcoins account. While that isn’t a big deal to most users, it is an extra step to be aware of.

Additionally, the US banks that support Zelle are very hands-off about where you send your money with the service. That means that you must trust your seller. LocalBitcoins has member protections to guarantee trust, but if you buy crypto (or anything else) with Zelle, you should make sure you trust the party you’re sending money to. Note: You cannot get a refund from your bank for any Zelle transaction!

Zelle FAQs

How old do I have to be to use Zelle?

To use Zelle, you have to be at least 18 years of age. Since you also have to be at least 18+ to sign up and gamble at the best offshore casino sites, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Which banks support Zelle?

Zelle is supported by hundreds of US banks. However, the main banks that have driven the adoption of Zelle are Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, US Bank, Citibank, and Wells Fargo. If you have any questions, consult your bank or online banking app to verify Zelle support.

How do I buy Bitcoin with Zelle?

The Zelle-to-Bitcoin process is outlined above, but the simple version is this: Use Zelle to purchase Bitcoin at LocalBitcoins.com, then send that Bitcoin to your 18+ casino of choice via their BTC deposit option. This cuts the average BTC buy-in time from 5-10 days to just a few minutes.

How do I buy other cryptos with Zelle?

If you use LocalBitcoins.com, you can only purchase Bitcoin via your bank’s Zelle service. However, there are other trading services that will allow you to use Zelle to purchase altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and so on. If you use Zelle to purchase cryptocurrency this way, you can then use that crypto to fund your online casino account (provided the casino supports the altcoin in question).

Which 18+ casinos support Zelle deposits?

Directly, none of them. But technically, you can use Zelle to buy crypto and then deposit those funds into any Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash casino site.

Why can’t I use Zelle to send USD directly to my 18+ casino account?

Zelle is only available for US-based senders and recipients, and it cannot be used for overseas transactions. As the top 18+ online casinos are all located offshore, they cannot accept Zelle transfers directly. When using Zelle to purchase Bitcoin, your BTC seller must physically be inside the United States to complete the transaction.

Does Zelle charge a service fee for buying Bitcoin?

The Zelle platform has the capability to assess transfer surcharges, but most (if not all) banks that support the system have opted to waive these fees. As a result, Zelle is a cost-effective way to purchase Bitcoin with which to fund your online casino betting account.

Can I use Zelle chargebacks to withdraw my winnings?

No. However, when you use Zelle-to-BTC to fund your 18+ casino account, you can choose to be paid out in Bitcoin. You can request your gambling site’s cashier to send your winnings to your LocalBitcoins wallet, or you can set up a crypto wallet at any reputable exchange (Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, etc.).

Can I get any special casino bonuses for depositing with Zelle-to-BTC?

Unfortunately, no. That said, you can claim enhanced Bitcoin bonuses if you deposit with BTC purchased via Zelle, which happen to be the best possible promos any site offers. And, since you’re technically making Bitcoin deposits when using Zelle for online casino gambling, you can also claim same-day payouts when it’s time to collect your winnings!

Disclaimer: Zelle is a US banking product and does not endorse Casinos18.com or any online gambling site in any way. Zelle simply allows 18 and up USA gamblers to purchase Bitcoin (through the LocalBitcoins exchange) with which they can make online casino deposits at overseas gambling sites.