Live Dealer Blackjack For 18+

Live Dealer Character IconThe game may be called 21, but if you want to play live dealer online blackjack, 18 is the minimum age for US gamblers to hit the digital felts online. At domestic US venues, blackjack is considered a casino staple, but you have to be 21 to join the fun. That’s obviously not ideal for millions of players, and that’s why offshore casinos are here to pick up the slack.

While each of these sites offers a host of single-deck, double-deck, and multi-deck blackjack, the real deal is real-dealer 21. With full audio and video support, 18 and up gamblers can play the game as it was meant to be played – at a real table with real peers, all betting against the house.

To learn where – and how – to play blackjack online casino live dealer games safely and legally, just visit any of the top gambling sites we recommend, set up your account, and double down to win big!

Is It Legal To Play Live Dealer Blackjack At 18 Years Old In 2024?

Minimum Legal Gambling Age Icon With 18+ LicenseYes – as long as you visit legitimate operators that can legally support 18+ blackjack games.  If you’re gambling at a US-based brick-and-mortar casino, there aren’t really any venues that offer legal blackjack for 18 and up players.

Almost all commercial casinos and Class III tribal casinos are required by law to offer real money blackjack to players who are at least 21 years of age. In fact, the vast majority of casinos in America won’t let anyone under 21 onto the gaming floor at all!

Online, of course, is a different story. If you use a reputable casino site, you can play live dealer 21 at just 18 years old. These operators are not governed by US laws, as they are headquartered and hosted outside of US jurisdiction, and there are no federal regulations that criminalize individual players for participating.

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Sites For 18 And Older Players In 2024

Site NameBonusAgeUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino100% Max $3,00018+Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino200% Max $3,00018+Play Now Full Review
3logo for cafe casino350% Max $2,50018+Play Now Full Review
4logo for Ignition Poker150% Max $3,00018+Play NowFull Review

*Bonus applies to Casino Games other than Live Dealer Games

States With 18+ Casino Blackjack Tables

While you’ll be able to find 18 and up online poker and sports betting in a number of states, when it comes to states with live blackjack for 18+ players, you are almost entirely out of luck. As of 2020, there are virtually no domestic US casinos that allow gamblers under 21 years of age to play real blackjack.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’ve busted and are out of luck. On the contrary! Because it’s legal in 48 out of 50 states to play live blackjack online, you can play 21 at just 18 by joining any of the reputable casinos listed here.

These operators all accept members starting at 18, and aside from physically playing at the blackjack table itself, the game is identical to what you’d find in a brick-and-mortar venue.

States With Live Blackjack Online For 18+ Players

From a domestic standpoint, there are only three states that have online live dealer blackjack casino games available: Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. However, even in these states, the legal minimum age to play is 21 years old. That leaves 18 and up players out of the mix.

However, because offshore live dealer blackjack sites accept most US residents at 18 and up, these venues give millions upon millions of next-generation blackjack players the opportunity to enjoy real money 21 over the Internet, safely and legally.

Online Live Dealer Blackjack Sites For 18 And Over Gamblers

All the offshore casino sites listed here accept US players at 18 and up. That means that for online blackjack, live dealer players can participate in the game they love safely and legally. To play at live blackjack tables online, all you need is a computer or mobile device, an Internet connection, and membership at one or more of these trusted online casinos.

Each live blackjack online casino featured here has multiple tables to choose from, with real-time camera feeds to real dealers. This webcam access means that you can actually see every player’s hand and watch the dealer as they pass out the cards. It’s an intimate experience that mirrors actual blackjack in a way no video blackjack game can match, and it’s the most exciting way to play.

With live dealer 21, you’ll even get access to in-game chat options so you can communicate with the dealer and other players at the table. With full audio support, you can hear ever flip of the cards and every word your dealer says. Just remember to mind your manners, because each operator has spelled out its expected code of conduct in the site’s terms of service.

Is Online Live Dealer Blackjack Legal?

Yes! US players from most states who are 18 and up are free to play blackjack online for fun and real money at any of the online blackjack sites listed on this page. Unfortunately, the three states (DE, NJ, PA) where online 21 is legal to require players to be 21 and up.

There are no federal US gambling laws that bar online play in any way, so if you want to play real-dealer 21 anytime day or night from the convenience of your own home (or literally anywhere else), you have several reputable casinos sites to choose from.

The only 18+ gambling states with laws banning online gambling altogether are Washington, and these mandates are historically unenforced. For this reason, all the best live dealer blackjack sites will accept residents from WA. Still, if you live there we recommend abiding by all local gambling laws and signing up only at your own discretion.

Mobile Live Dealer Blackjack

In addition to being able to play online live dealer 21 at your desktop or laptop computer, 18+ gamblers can also play mobile online blackjack at the same sites. Instead of using an iPhone blackjack app or Android blackjack app, however, these sites use browser-based web apps. That means there’s nothing to download or update, and you can play anytime, anyplace.

For the best mobile blackjack game experience, live dealer play can’t be beat, and you can access the same audio and video feeds you’re used to via any modern smartphone or tablet with an up-to-date browser.

Mobile casinos work exactly the same way as it does on the big screen, with all the sights and sounds you expect. The only difference is that you can keep your dealer in your pocket or purse, hopping into a live 21 game whenever you’re hopping out and about.

Live Blackjack FAQs

Is live dealer blackjack rigged?

There are some sites out there (hundreds, actually) where live dealer 21 is most certainly rigged. The vast majority of online casinos are, unfortunately, neither reputable nor trustworthy. However, the gambling sites we recommend are totally on the up and up, and you can always trust them for a fair experience.

Because you can watch the dealer pull the cards from the shoe and place them on the table in real-time – and because you can watch them shuffle and cut the decks in that shoe – you know you’re getting as fair a shake as you’d get at the most reputable Vegas blackjack table.

Are online blackjack games fair?

While live blackjack online at the best Internet casinos is always fair, so too are their video blackjack games. These are powered by RNG (Random Number Generation) technology that allows the software to replicate the same odds on the draw that you’d get with the live dealer game. Both variants are totally legit, giving players aged 18 and up fair shuffles and fair deals every time they play a hand.

Can you trust online blackjack?

If you use the sites we recommend, whether you play video blackjack (i.e. RNG blackjack) or live dealer blackjack, you can trust that you’ll always get a legit draw with the same chances to win as you’d find in any highly regulated Vegas casino. These sites have millions of blackjack-playing US customers and have withstood the test of time, and their reputations are stellar.

Can you play real blackjack online?

Blackjack Icon BlueYes! While many people don’t consider RNG simulated blackjack to be legitimate or “real,” it is effectively identical to brick-and-mortar 21 at domestic casinos.

However, when you play live dealer blackjack online, there is literally no distinction between the retail game and the game you’ll get via webcam with a real dealer. Best of all, it’s the only game in town for US bettors aged 18-20.

All the blackjack rules are the same online as they are IRL, and real 6-deck and 8-deck machine-shuffled shoes are used. The only thing missing is the feel of the felt and the occasional comped drink. But at 18, you can’t legally drink yet, anyway!

How many decks are in online blackjack?

This depends on the game type you play. Video 21 titles can have anywhere from one to eight decks, but live dealer blackjack is exclusively comprised of the 6-deck and 8-deck varieties.

This prevents players from successfully counting cards even when they can see all the other players’ hands, and it’s the same system that the best retail casinos in the world use for their physical blackjack tables.

Can you count cards in online live blackjack?

When it comes to card counting, live online blackjack does allow you a little more leeway to use this tactic. However, since the live variant of the game uses massive 6-deck and 8-deck shoes to deal the cards, there is very little edge to be gained, even if you can see all other players’ cards.

Most tables have a maximum of eight or so seats. So, if an eight-deck shoe has 400 cards and each player has two cards showing (plus the dealer’s up card), you can see 17 of 400 cards, or 4.25% of all potential cards.

A math whiz might increase his or her odds to win by a fraction of a percent, but that’s the extent of it. Live online blackjack card counting is possible, but it’s just not all that useful.

Still, if you want the tiny edge you can gain by counting cards, you don’t actually have to count cards at all – simply open another browser window and find a blackjack chart or blackjack odds calculator, input the known cards, and do what the software says. You cheater!

Can I watch live blackjack online?

Yes! One of the great things about live dealer 21 at offshore gambling sites is that 18 and up players can watch live games unfold without betting anything.

Simply jump into any live blackjack game as a spectator and watch how others play the odds. This – along with using the casino section’s free online blackjack games – is a great way to get in some practice blackjack online, all without spending a dime.

Where can I play a free live blackjack online game?

Live dealer blackjack cannot be played for free at any legitimate online casino for 18 and up bettors. However, you can often find demo versions of the video 21 titles that these sites have in their casino sections, which are distinct from their live dealer counterparts.

By playing in demo or practice mode, you can learn the ropes before heading over to the live room to play real blackjack online against a real dealer for real money.