18+ Mobile Casinos – Online Mobile Casino Options for Players 18 and Over

mobile casino gamesThanks to the growth of online casinos and the advancements in technology, mobile casino gaming is experiencing one of its greatest booms. As more and more people continue to use smartphones and tablets to enjoy multimedia entertainment experiences, mobile casinos are becoming increasingly accessible to players.

For players who are 18 years old, mobile casino gambling can be a bit more complicated. Most state-regulated mobile casino applications are not available to players who are under 21 years of age.

However, 18+ offshore casinos with mobile capabilities will accept US players, meaning that once a person becomes a legal adult in the United States, mobile casinos are at their fingertips.

This section of our website is a guide to help 18+ players understand the mobile gaming landscape, where they can legally play, how the technology works, the safety regulations in place, and much more.

Are Mobile Casinos Legal for 18+ Players?

All of the mobile casinos mentioned on this page accept players who are 18 and over. These casino apps are mobile-optimized versions of their desktop-based counterparts, meaning that all rules, user accounts, and games still apply to mobile players.

As long as a mobile casino is licensed and regulated by an offshore entity, all players– including those 18 and over– can enjoy its games legally and safely according to US gambling laws. This is the case for any available sportsbooks, table games, poker, and slots.

With that being said, Washington and Connecticut have state laws in place that prohibit all forms of online gambling, making mobile casino gaming technically illegal in these jurisdictions. While neither state enforces these laws with an iron fist, players here should proceed with caution and take the necessary steps to avoid any illegal activities.

Best 18 Plus Mobile Casinos for USA Players

 Site NameBonusUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino100% Max $3,000Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino200% Max $5,000Play Now Full Review
3Cafe Casino500% Max $5,000Play Now Full Review
4Ignition Casino100% Max $1,000Play NowFull Review

What is the minimum legal gambling age at mobile casinos?

The minimum gambling age for mobile casinos is almost always 18 years old, though there are some destinations that require players to be at least 21 years old, which is the case with most state-regulated mobile casinos that aligns with the state minimum gambling age.

If using one of the recommended mobile casinos featured on this page, players must be at least 18 or over. Since the mobile casinos are the same as the standard version of the online desktop casinos, all the same rules must be followed, regardless of which game is being played. It is likely that a mobile casino that offers real money games and accepts players under the age of 18 is likely not a licensed or legitimate destination.

Where can I find mobile casino apps for players who are 18 and over?

While there are a growing number of places in the US offering state-regulated online mobile casinos, 18+ players will be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t require its players to be 21 or over.

Alternatively, offshore mobile casinos are much more welcoming to young adults. These apps are web-based, meaning they are mobile-optimized versions of an online casino, and typically accept players who are 18 plus. As long as a player is a legal adult by American standards, they can legally and safely use these mobile casinos.

What games are available at mobile online casinos?

You’ll generally find the same games through the mobile casino apps that you would find on a casino’s desktop versions, though this will vary from site to site. In most cases, you will find some combination of the following games:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • War
  • Specialty Games

Are mobile casinos safe?

Safety is a key concern with all gambling, regardless of brick and mortar or online options. When it comes to mobile casinos, safety is guaranteed with the sites featured on this site.

Despite being mobile casinos, players are still safeguarded by the same security protocols that desktop players are accustomed to with these options. Like their full-site counterparts, mobile casinos offer their players advanced data encryption, antivirus protection, fraud prevention, and cryptocurrency funding to foster an environment of protection. For further information about the mobile casinos listed in the table above, visit our online casino reviews guide.

How to Play Real Money Games at a Mobile Casino – Step by Step Guide

The steps to playing real money games through a mobile casino are just as simple as the ones for the full online casinos.

Since the mobile casino applications are strictly web-based and mobile-optimized versions of the main sites, players can manage their accounts, make deposits, withdrawal their winnings, and play any game of choice just like they would on desktop. The following is a guide to how to play on mobile casinos.

  1. Create the account- The first step to mobile casino play is making an account. Players will find a “Join” or “Sign up” option somewhere on the mobile casino page. Here, players will enter their name, email address, date of birth, username, password, and any other information the site requires.
  2. Fund the account- Before real money games can be played, real money must be added to the account. Mobile casino pages will have a section for “Deposit” that can be selected for funding. Once on the page, players can choose how to add funds to their account, including cryptocurrency, credit card, voucher, and more.
  3. Choose the game- After the account is created and funded, the only thing left to do is select the game to play. With mobile casinos, all games are available due to advanced mobile technology.

The first thing players need to do when playing on a mobile casino is to create an account. The account can be created on the desktop or mobile version of the casino. After the account is created and verified, the next step is to fund the account.

After funds are added to the players account through one of the many options– debit card, cryptocurrency, etc.– gameplay is just a few taps away. A player can choose their preferred game and begin playing in the mobile casino with their funded account.

Mobile Casino App Technology

Technology has changed the way humans do nearly everything– and that includes gambling. Thanks to advancements in online gaming and mobile devices, players have access to full online casinos on their phones and tablets.

The mobile casino technology is actually rather simple: the sites are completely optimized for mobile use, so once a player uses their mobile device to access the online casino, the web-based app enters its mobile mode. Unlike some websites that run mobile pages, the online casino web apps feature a highly responsive design while rendering games perfectly.

The rendering and responsiveness are key to successful casino gaming, especially when real money is involved. With a clear game that operates as well as the desktop version, there are virtually no issues with poor load times or unreadable game mechanics.

From the mobile casino web app, players have full access to their accounts, deposit and withdrawal options, and the full array of gaming choices.


Is free play available with mobile casinos?

Free play is available with mobile casinos. Since the mobile versions of the casinos are the same as the full sites, players have access to all the same playing options. Because of that, if an online casino offers free play to its players, the mobile casino will do the same.

Isn’t my smartphone too small to really enjoy playing casino games on it?

This is based primarily on personal preference. Most people have become accustomed to enjoying multimedia entertainment from their mobile devices and playing on a smartphone or tablet does not hinder gameplay due to well-designed applications that cater to the mobile environment.

Do mobile casino apps require me to download anything?

The glory of the mobile casinos recommended on this site is that they are completely online through the internet browser. Instead of having to hog memory and space on your device, mobile casinos don’t require any extra software downloads as they as web-based versions of the full online casino in a mobile-optimized design.

What games are available through mobile casinos for players 18 and over?

Nearly any game that is available at your online casino of choice will be available in their mobile casino version as well. That means, at least for all the mobile casinos featured on this page, every game is accessible to 18+ players since that is the required age for each site. Games include blackjack, slots, baccarat, craps, video poker, roulette, and many more.

What bonuses and promotions are available at mobile casinos?

Each mobile casino has its own set of unique bonuses and promotions that even vary depending on the game being played. For example, there are welcome bonuses, poker bonuses, and reload bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are one of the most popular promotions. For new account holders, the mobile casino will usually match a player’s first deposit– 100% up to $1,000 in some cases– which automatically doubles their playing possibilities.

Poker bonuses, or other game-specific promotions, are bonuses that only pertain to certain games. A mobile casino may offer players a 100% match up to $500 for online poker or slots.

Reload bonuses are a match from mobile casinos when adding more funds to an account. These reloads are usually specific, such as a Bitcoin reload bonus. This promotion generally matches player deposits up to a certain amount as a welcome bonus would.

Do domestic casinos have mobile casino options?

In the United States, gambling laws are changing to allow more freedom for domestic casinos and their use of mobile gaming. So the short answer is yes, domestic casinos do occasionally have mobile casino options. However, domestic mobile casinos are almost always 21 and up. That means, for players 18+, the best option still lies with offshore mobile casinos.