18+ Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Bitcoin Cash logoWhile Bitcoin is the gold standard for cryptocurrency, it has one potential pitfall for those who wish to use crypto for quick transactions: It’s comparatively slow. As a result, Bitcoin underwent a “hard fork” in 2017, and Bitcoin Cash was born.

Shortly thereafter, the first 18+ Bitcoin Cash casinos were born, as online gambling operators were quick to see the improvements inherent in the platform.

Now, nearly all major gambling sites will accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (aka BCH) because they know cryptocurrency is among the safest, fastest and easiest 18+ online casino depositing methods.

To help you gauge whether Bitcoin Cash is the right choice for your needs, we’ve put together this brief primer. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn everything you need to know about BCH, and you’ll see that there’s nothing cryptic about this crypto.

Top Rated 18 and Over Bitcoin Cash Casinos For 2024

The following online casinos have been used by our team of experienced gamblers for an extended amount of time and we can confidently say that they are some of the best sites available online for Bitcoin Cash depositors.

Each site has its specialty and to learn more you can click on the full review link below or see our full online 18 and over casino review page where we go into every detail of our favorite BCH casino sites.

Site NameBitcoin BonusAgeUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino150% Max $5,00018+Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino300% Max $7,50018+Play Now Full Review
3Cafe Casino350% Max $2,50018+Play Now Full Review
4Ignition Poker150% Max $3,00018+Play NowFull Review

The Best Bitcoin Cash Casinos For 18 And Up Gamblers

18 and up Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin Cash casinos may only be a couple of years old, but some of the top trusted online casinos have been around for decades – and we’ve been using them for the entire time! As such, we’ve seen how each has adjusted to cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin Cash in particular. In most cases, the transition has been seamless, and the brands listed above are all great examples of 18+ Bitcoin Cash casinos.

Other options for crypto users include DOGE casinos, Stellar casinos, and other altcoin sites that accept popular cryptocurrencies such as Cardano, Solana, Ripple, TRON casinos, and more. These sites are similar to Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash sites and offer comparable perks.

Benefits Of Using Bitcoin Cash For Online Gambling

In general, Bitcoin Cash has the same benefits as any other cryptocurrency when used to fund your online gambling account. Most of the perks it offers are in line with other cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so on. Still, if you want to be a Bitcoin Cash pro, here are the main Bitcoin Cash pros:

  • Transfer Speed – Without getting too technical, Bitcoin Cash processes transfer about 400% faster than Bitcoin. That means that if a Bitcoin transfer typically takes 10 minutes, it will only take about 2.5 minutes for the same transaction to occur on the BCH network.
  • Lower Fees – Bitcoin has among the highest transaction fees of any cryptocurrency. This is a built-in function of the technology, and fees change depending on the current volume of transactions. Bitcoin Cash, however, keeps its fees very low, often just a few pennies to the dollar compared to Bitcoin fees.
  • Privacy/Security – Bitcoin is widely considered the most secure of all cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin Cash is quantum hacking resistant and based on the blockchain model, so it remains far safer to use than credit, debit, or any other traditional banking options. You should have no reservations about Bitcoin Cash’s excellent safety profile.
  • Anonymity – While no cryptocurrency is 100% anonymous (you have to buy in with fiat money somewhere!), Bitcoin Cash is just as anonymous as the original Bitcoin, making it perfect for gamblers who wish to maximize their privacy and minimize their trackable online presence. Your gambling is your business, and BCH helps keep it that way.
  • Guaranteed Support – Bitcoin Cash is rarely turned down at any 18+ online casino. Where various US banking laws can occasionally cause credit/debit cards to be declined, BCH bypasses the entire international banking system. Bitcoin Cash transactions are 100% guaranteed to go through, every time.
  • Crypto Bonuses – When you use Bitcoin Cash (or any other crypto) at 18+ casino sites, you will have access to the most valuable bonuses possible. Usually, a BCH/crypto bonus is good for about twice as many free-plays or deposit match bonuses as other banking methods.
  • Same-Day Deposits – With BCH, you won’t just get same-day deposits, you’ll practically get same-minute deposits. While this consideration is more important for sports bettors than casino gamers, convenience is always king, and faster is definitely better.
  • Same-Day Withdrawals – Bitcoin Cash’s biggest selling point outside of security and anonymity is that you can get same-day casino payouts at all the leading 18+ online casinos. Only crypto allows this, as all other withdrawal methods take 1-2 weeks to clear.

Negatives Of Using Bitcoin Cash For 18+ Gambling

There aren’t really any negatives of using BCH for 18+ online casinos. It’s as reliable and safe as any other cryptocurrency, and it’s faster than most, too. However, as with all cryptos, a few drawbacks do exist:

  • Not Everyone Uses It – Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, and not everyone uses – or even knows about – Bitcoin Cash. As adoption increases and more people buy into the BCH platform, this issue will slowly resolve itself.
  • Better For Tech-Savvy Users – The biggest hurdle with Bitcoin Cash – or any cryptocurrency – is that it’s best suited for tech-savvy users. Of course, that shouldn’t be a big problem for 18+ casinos, as these operators cater to younger generations which are more tuned into the crypto movement.
  • Waiting Period To Buy In – If you aren’t actively trading cryptocurrency, the initial buy-in to convert your fiat money to BCH can take up to 10 days. That kind of lead time makes things difficult for 18+ casino gamblers who wish to play ASAP, though faster alternative buy-ins are finally cropping up in the marketplace.
  • Unable To Use Zelle/Cash App To Make Casino Deposits – At this time, Zelle 18+ casino deposits and direct Cash App crypto deposits only work with Bitcoin, which is a shame.  We hope to see both brands get on board by supporting additional crypto markets.

Banking With Bitcoin Cash At 18 And Up Online Casinos

Bitcoin Real Cash Deposits

At 18+ online casinos, depositing with Bitcoin Cash is the same as depositing with any other cryptocurrency. When you log in to your account, just follow these steps:

  • Select the crypto or BCH option.
  • From there, you’ll get the site’s wallet address, and you’ll send your BCH to that address from your own wallet.
  • After the transfer goes through (1-2 minutes), the casino site will convert the funds to USD at the current market rate, which will then be credited to your account.

Bitcoin Cash Payouts

Bitcoin Cash payouts work like deposits, but in reverse:

  • You simply request your payout in BCH and give your 18+ casino site’s cashier your wallet address.
  • After your payout has been verified, the cashier will send the proper withdrawal amount to your crypto wallet.
  • From there, you can move your BCH to various exchanges, convert it to other cryptocurrencies, or even convert it back to USD.

Bitcoin Cash Bonuses

There are plenty of Bitcoin Cash bonuses to choose from at any offshore casino for 18 and up players. Generally, you can expect to get the biggest bonuses available when using crypto, often for the same required rollover as traditional deposits. Casinos for players 18 and up encourage their members to use crypto because it cuts down on costs and increases data security for everyone involved.

Bitcoin Cash Gambling FAQs

Is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin for online gambling?

Yes and no. BCH is about four times faster than Bitcoin in terms of processing deposits and withdrawals, but Bitcoin is no slouch. For players at 18+ casino sites, the difference in speed is not as important as it is for those who use 18+ sportsbooks. Otherwise, the two cryptocurrencies are very similar, and your payments are secure and guaranteed when using either one.

Are 18 And Up Bitcoin Cash Casinos Legal For US players?

There is only one US state where it’s against the law to gamble online: Washington. If you live anywhere else, 18+ Bitcoin Cash casinos are technically unregulated. As such, it remains safe to use them, and we’ve never heard of anyone being arrested or fined for doing so. Even WA residents can join these sites safely, though you are advised to follow your local laws.

Is it safe to use Bitcoin Cash to gamble online at 18+ casinos?

It is safe to use Bitcoin Cash at online 18+ casinos for several reasons. First, the sites themselves are legally safe to use. Secondly, all the top offshore gambling operators use audited, fair-play-ensured software (RTG, Rival, Betsoft, Microgaming, etc.). Finally, the top casino sites employ financial industry best practices with top-level encryption standards. Adding BCH to the mix just increases that safety even more.

How can I get Bitcoin Cash?

There are lots of ways to acquire Bitcoin Cash. For US casino gamers, the most popular method is to use a service like Coinbase, where you can buy BCH with a credit/debit card or linked bank account. Then, simply send your BCH from your Coinbase wallet to your 18+ gambling site’s cashier.

Other buy-in points include services like LocalBitcoins, which is becoming a more common option. You can also buy BCH instantly with credit cards using the Atomic Wallet store or the Coinify store.

Can I use Cash App To buy Bitcoin Cash?

No. While you can use Cash App to make online casino deposits when buying player vouchers, this is limited to USD and doesn’t work with Bitcoin Cash or other crypto coins (and currently works at only a few sites, besides).

You can also buy Bitcoin with Cash App and then trade that Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash at any reputable online cryptocurrency exchange, though this is an unnecessary extra step since you can simply deposit Bitcoin into your 18+ online casino account using Cash App.

Is there an age limit to buy Bitcoin Cash?

There is no legal age limit to buy Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano, or other popular cryptocurrencies. However, you will need to be at least 18 years old in order to send that BCH to an online gambling operator, as this is the minimum age requirement for membership.

Underage gambling is never a good idea. Worse, if you sign up at an online casino under the age of 18, your account could be banned and your deposits/winnings forfeited.

Note: Some sites have a minimum age requirement of 21 and older to join, though these are exceptions to the 18+ rule. 

Is there a minimum amount of Bitcoin Cash I have to buy?

When purchasing or exchanging cryptocurrencies – including BCH – there is typically a minimum transaction amount required by the network in question. However, this amount is very low, usually under just a few dollars, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

That said, there are also deposit minimums you should be aware of. At most online 18+ Bitcoin Cash casinos, you will have to deposit the equivalent of $10-20 per transaction, depending on the site you choose.

Bitcoin Cash History And Bitcoin Cash Projections

  • Bitcoin Cash Founded: August 1, 2017 (via Bitcoin hardfork)
  • Bitcoin Cash Ticker Symbol: BCH
  • Bitcoin Cash Transfer Speeds: 15-20 min.
  • Bitcoin Cash Transfer Fees: Low
  • Bitcoin Cash Casino Support: All 18+ online casino sites
  • Current Bitcoin Cash Price: CoinMarketCap
  • Bitcoin Cash All-Time High (aka BCH ATH): $1765.69 on May 5, 2018
  • Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2025: ~$800 per BCH
  • Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2030: ~$5500 per BCH