18+ Sports Sim Betting – How To Bet On Madden Sims And Other Popular Sports Games

Sports Video Sims IconSports video games have been around for decades and have lit the competitive fires of the last few generations of Americans. Now, with a plethora of options for sports sims betting hitting the online sportsbook marketplace all at once, the playing field can appear overgrown with a tangled web of possibilities.

That’s why our comprehensive guide to 18+ sports sim betting is an optimum tool in the belt of any gambler intending on entering the virtual arena. We’ll lead players to the most reputable online sportsbooks with odds for betting Madden sims and other popular video games and detail the differences between sims, betting on eSports, virtual sports.

We’ll also explain the legal aspects of simulation video game betting and whether or not 18-year-old gamblers are able to participate in the fun. Don’t go in empty-handed. Keep our guide at the ready if you intend to take home a payday with an 18+ casino that delivers optimum video game sports sims betting online.

Is Sports Sims Betting Legal For 18 And Over Gamblers In 2024?

We’ve yet to hear of any land-based casinos that offer simulation video game betting. Top-rated 18 and up offshore sportsbooks feature sims odds, but is betting on video games legal for 18 and over players to participate in? Most of the online betting sites that we recommend allow for the membership of 18-year-old players.

Best Online Sports Sims Betting Sites For 2024

Site NameBonusAgeUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,00018+Play NowFull Review
2BetUS125% Max $3,12518+Play NowFull Review

What Is Sports Sim Betting?

The sports simulation games that are used on 18+ betting sites are the same games that are played in households across the USA by children and adults alike. Popular titles are used as the sports simulation game engines, such as Madden 22, FIFA 22, and NBA 2K21.

However, there are no human players when it comes to these simulated sports contests, as the AI handles the entire competition. Video game sims use historical data of the players and teams they represent, so bettors can get an edge the same way they would betting on sports in the real world.

If any variations of gameplay are used, such as modified rosters or unusual weather conditions, they will be declared in the betting box under the game’s tab. The list of simulation games is not limited to the three provided here, but they appear the most consistently across all online betting sites.


Most Popular Video Games For Sports Sims Betting

Bovada Sims Classic Screenshot

  • Betting On Madden Sims (Madden 20, Madden 21, Madden 22)
  • NBA 2K Betting On Sims
  • FIFA 22 Sims Betting
  • NASCAR 21 Ignition Betting
  • NHL 22 Sims
  • Betting On MLB The Show 22 Sims
  • UFC 4 Sims

States That Allow For 18+ Sports Sims Betting

Because betting on sports simulations using video games is so new to the market, land-based casinos and sportsbooks have not yet hipped up to the trend and added it to their holsters of available betting lines.

We’ve got a feeling USA sportsbooks will get their acts together soon, and when they do, some US states could be offering these services to 18-year-old gamblers once they pass the necessary sports betting laws to do so. Of course, no matter where you live in the US, you can get a full menu of simulated sports wagering at the best offshore sports betting sites.

Minimum Age To Legally Bet On Video Game Sims

Since sports sims are not currently offered to wager on at a land-based sportsbook, those that are interested in legally betting on video game simulations must visit an offshore facility operating online. Most of these offshore betting sites require a minimum age to play of 18 years old, and they are accepting members now.

Sports Sims Betting Apps

Mobile Betting App IconUnder 21 bettors can play the best video game simulation games on their Apple or Android devices using a web app at one of our top sportsbooks listed on this page. Don’t bother looking at the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Just click on one of the recommended virtual sports betting sites we recommend using a current mobile web browser and find the video game sim that you are interested in, and the responsive design technology will take care of the rest.

Soon, you’ll be watching the best sports simulation games iOS or Android operating systems can offer, with all the bells and whistles of native applications. Bet on video game sims the same way you play video games – on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the US!

Sports Sims Betting Tips

  • Be mindful of the version and software that the online sportsbook is using to conduct the sims because they are often in no rush to update to the current year.
  • Pay attention to the details posted alongside simulated sports betting lines because roster settings, field and weather conditions, and more are often disclosed there.
  • The best NBA 2K betting sites listed above offer varying basketball video game simulations with differing teams so become a member with more than one so all choices are at your disposal.
  • Betting Madden sims can be fun, but don’t get too carried away. Madden betting is going down at all hours of the day so there are no shortage of opportunities to lay some action. Be patient.

Live Sim Sports Betting At 18 And Over

Because video game sims are typically presented with full quarters and running times of up to an hour of gameplay, live betting is allowed. Updated lines reflect the ebb and flow of the games, and second half lines are available during the halftime break to allow bettors the time to consider and place wagers before the remaining simulated action commences.

These types of wagers can keep bettors in the contest even if they forgot to place a bet before the game began.

18+ Financial Options for Sim Betting

The premium sportsbooks listed on this page offer a variety of monetary options for interested bettors to deposit with. Bankrolls can usually be funded using the following means: credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, money orders, cashier’s check, person-to-person services (i.e. Western Union, MoneyGram) and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more).

Payouts are typically available via Bitcoin and other cryptos, bank wires, courier checks, and person-to-person services. These offshore sims betting sites prefer the use of Bitcoin and offer the most advantageous promotional bonuses when it is used.

Sportsbook Promos And Bonus Offers For 18 And Up

Bag Of Bonus Money IconWhen signing up for the first time with an offshore sportsbook, bettors will need to make a deposit into their bankroll before placing any bets. Most online betting sites offer a promotional welcome bonus to new members that matches a percentage of their deposit.

However, these bonuses come with rollover requirements, which means you must wager a set multiple of your deposit + bonus amount before being able to request any payouts, so always read the terms and conditions to be sure these bonuses are for you.

How Are Sports Sims Different From eSports And Virtual Sports?

By now, many online gamblers have seen or become familiar with betting on eSports, which uses the same software that is used for video game simulations. The difference is that sims are played without a human component, whereas human players control eSports teams.For eSports, oddsmakers set the odds based on the skillsets of the human gamers, as well as the teams that they have chosen to compete with. Simulation odds, on the other hand, rely only on the makeup of the simulated athletes, teams, and playing conditions for the computer-controlled elements involved.

Virtual sports is another avenue of online betting that has exploded in recent months. These are similar to simulated video games because they involve no human control and feature some of the same sports for play, like soccer and basketball. The difference is that the games are not shown in their entirety, instead opting for short series of highlights that last 2-3 minutes or less.

Also, the teams and athletes that appear on screen in virtual sports are not 1:1 recreations of real players or organizations. All competitors are completely fictional and offer minimal historical data to rely on for betting research, though your sportsbook will show you the current “season” standings for each virtual sport on offer.

What Is A Sports Betting Simulator?

Sports Betting Simulator is a popular game available on steam that includes betting at a sportsbook as a major function of the story. In order to win Sports Betting Simulator, players must earn enough money to achieve the life that the main character has always dreamed of.

Are Bet Simulators The Same As Betting On Sports Sims?

No. Any NFL bet simulator, NBA bet simulator, or any other similar sports forecasts that are posted online is using available odds and providing their own unique calculations in projecting the most likely outcome. These bet simulators are used to assist online bettors but have nothing to do with betting Madden simulations or NBA 2K sim betting.