Minimum Gambling Age by State

The USA gambling industry has no one set minimum gambling age which can cause confusion for a lot of young adults interested in 18+ casinos, poker, sports betting, bingo, lottery, etc. In fact, the betting market in the US is comprised of the individual gaming opportunities legalized and made available in each state. These states are permitted to make laws specific to their borders, especially regarding available gaming and betting offers and applicable legal minimum gambling ages.

The available wagering offers in a state are simply forms of gambling which are legalized by law, as well as, active. Some states have games legalized on the books but may not offer it anymore due to the industry dying – this is commonly the case in greyhound racing.

In addition, offshore online casino gambling, as well as offshore online sports betting, poker and pari-mutuel wagering are also legally available in most states at age 18.  Below we have provided the legal minimum gambling age for each state according to venue, as well as a direct link to a page with more information about the legal minimum gambling ages in each individual state.