18+ AmEx Casinos

American Express logoMade popular by the advertising slogan, “don’t leave home without it,” American Express has established itself as one of the top methods of banking at casinos that accept 18-year-olds. If you are looking for 18+ AmEx casinos, this guide to online casinos that accept American Express details the best sites around.

We also go through the various methods that deposits can be made at American Express casinos and cover a few noteworthy procedures that allow gamblers to use AmEx to make a withdrawal. If you are eighteen and up and are a green, gold, platinum, or black American Express card carrier, keep reading to find out why it is one of the best banking options at over 18 casino websites.

Best Online Casinos That Accept AmEx

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2Slotslv Casino200% Max $5,00018+Play Now Full Review
3logo for cafe casino350% Max $2,50018+Play Now Full Review
4logo for Ignition Poker150% Max $3,00018+Play NowFull Review

American Express Online Casino Deposit Methods

There are a few options for using your American Express card to deposit money into your online gambling account. The emergence of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and other altcoins as a popular casino banking medium has not impacted the acceptance of AmEx in the slightest.

The sheer volume of American Express users and the convenience of using it online is what makes it a long-standing and trusted method of casino funding. The following sections detail what types of AmEx cards are accepted at the 18 and up casino sites we prefer.

18+ Casinos That Accept American Express Credit Card Deposits

There are several American Express casinos that allow 18 and up gamblers to join, and that is because it is a highly respected and well-recognized brand and has been for decades. The most trusted online gambling sites that we do business with are located overseas, and only use premier cards like AmEx because of their reliability, security, and international integrity.

Any of the online casinos we link to here accept AmEx deposits using credit cards. We’ve found American Express to be on par or better than other highly used credit cards, and have no reservations in suggesting that it is a more than viable method of funding your account.

  • Types Of American Express Cards Accepted: Green, Gold, Platinum, Black

Over 18 Casinos That Accept AmEx Debit

Visa CardsAny online casinos that accept AmEx credit will also accept American Express debit deposits. These uploads are subject to the same transactional scrutiny as credit cards, but AmEx has a much higher success rate than Visa, Mastercard, and other popular brands.

American Express debit is a proprietary service that requires opening an online checking account with them. Card holders already know this, but we figured it was worth mentioning to any 18+ players thinking about using their debit services. Deposits using American Express debit will be charged the same fees as when using credit.

Prepaid AmEx Betting Sites

A secured American Express card can be used for a deposit at any site that we recommend on this page, whether directly or via a third-party application or vendor. There is the same potential for a transaction to be canceled, but the rate is identical to other types available for American Express betting.

As a precaution, go ahead and verify how much money is contained on the prepaid American Express card before attempting to use it for depositing. This can be done either online, or by calling their customer service line and obtaining the information there. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Online Casinos That Accept American Express Gift Cards

While gift cards are often unreliable when depositing funds at online gambling venues, we’ve had great luck using pre-funded AmEx gift cards at the sites listed in our 18+ casino reviews. The key is making sure the gift card is approved for online purchasing.

Also, gaining clearance for international purchases is advised. These are practices that we’ve historically performed before depositing with an AmEx branded gift card. We have read about other members experiencing successful deposits without ensuring these authorizations.

Purchasing A Casino Voucher At American Express Gambling Sites

Casino Voucher Deposits IconIf the casino website offers gambling vouchers as a form of payout, the codes can be sold to other members using American Express. These casino voucher sales can be arranged in two ways, either in-person using the member forums, or employing MatchPay to set up the sale on your behalf.

Direct, person-to-person voucher sales can be performed using any banking option that both parties possess. MatchPay users can purchase a casino voucher with AmEx cards that are attached to an ApplePay, CashApp, Chime, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle account.

  • AmEx Casino Deposit Limits – The minimum deposit at our top American Express casinos ranges between $20 and $50. The maximum deposits top out at between $1,500 and $5,000.
  • AmEx Casino Deposit Fees – Some of our 18-to-20 casinos do not impose any fees on AmEx transactions, but those that do can be between 3.5% to 9%.

AmEx Online Casino Withdrawals

Online American Express casinos that accept 18-year-olds cannot issue payouts in the form of a credit or debit card chargeback. Credit or debit card chargebacks are meant for refunds only, which is standard practice across all online retailing.

That said, eighteen and older players can sell a casino voucher to another member of the same gambling site. Your voucher can be purchased using AmEx through a third-party app, and the funds can be redirected pay down your American Express balance once it is received.

As you can see, there are a few steps involved, but the perk is there for gamblers intent on getting an AmEx payout. The sites listed here are the fastest paying online casinos on the web.

How To Make An American Express Casino Deposit

Bank IconWhile each of the online 18-friendly casinos that we mention here accept American Express, the deposit process may vary slightly. To make an AmEx casino deposit with any of our favorite gambling sites, click deposit at the top of any screen or access the banking area inside your account profile.

Either a dropdown menu of deposit options will be presented, or there will be icons that can be clicked to initiate a transaction using that given method. Select AmEx in the dropdown menu or by clicking the icon.

The next step is to enter your American Express credit card number, expiration date, and CVV. Other data, like your zip code, name, or phone number may be required to complete the deposit. Then, either type how much you want to deposit, or select the total by clicking a one of the buttons that include predetermined amounts.

There will also be either a box to enter a casino bonus code, or the ability to select a promotion offer. These casino bonuses differ based on the amount of the transaction, the banking method, and whether you are a first-time or repeat depositor.

The banking fees vary depending on which American Express betting sites that you use. Approved transactions complete between 0-to-45 minutes. Once funds are uploaded, online AmEx gambling can commence.

Casinos Bonuses At American Express Gambling Sites

Any time you make an online casino American Express deposit, it will most likely qualify for a bonus cash promo that will add extra dollars to your account. First time depositors are always entitled to a welcome bonus, which usually rewards more money than offers that are introduced for future uploads.

Deposits made after the first transaction can usually secure a bonus as well but are often smaller rewards. Members can also refer-a-friend at any site listed here to secure bonus cash, often without limitations to how many times it can be claimed.

Casino bonus codes are usually entered at the time of deposit to enact the promo cash. There are terms that are normally attached to casino bonus cash that require the money to be gambled by a predetermined multiplier. These terms complete faster depending on which game you play the most.

Slots, for example, repay the conditions of the bonus much faster than poker, blackjack, and other games of skill. Once the bonus terms are completed, the money can be paid out immediately.

*Casino voucher codes are not entitled to gambling bonuses.

American Express Casino Deposit Restrictions

Even though all of the 18 and over casinos we suggest are American Express gambling sites, transactions are sometimes canceled if the lender believes that the money is paying for gaming. A major reason for this is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, also known as UIEGA.

The Act makes banking transactions with illegal gambling operators unlawful, requiring American Express and similar creditors to cancel any attempts to make a deposit. Some institutions will terminate the transaction without any investigation just to avoid risk.

The online casinos that we’re members with are operating legally with licensing credentials and regulatory oversight. In spite of this status, AmEx online casino deposits are canceled from time to time.

If your online casino AmEx deposit is terminated, we advise waiting a few minutes and trying again. A second denial indicates that the site may have flagged your card, so further attempts are not advisable.

If your deposit is negated, contact a member of the customer service team at any American Express casinos online for a potential resolution.

18-Friendly AmEx Online Casino FAQs

Do Any Online Casinos Accept American Express Gift Cards?

Most offshore gambling sites will accept AmEx gift cards if they are approved for online and international purchases.

What Online Casinos Accept American Express Credit?

We are not aware of any domestic casinos sites that accept AmEx deposits, which is a major reason why we opt to gamble with offshore casinos exclusively. Joining any 18-friendly online casino we mention in this guide, members are able to deposit using AmEx credit cards.

Which Online Casino Accepts American Express Debit?

Most Domestic online casinos in the United States will not accept a deposit using AmEx debit cards. Every site that we recommend here for 18+ gamblers accept American Express credit or debit deposits, but AmEx withdrawals are not allowed because that is technically a chargeback/refund.

Do Casinos Take American Express Domestically?

You may find a few domestic casinos that will allow deposits using American Express debit cards, but none will allow them via AmEx credit cards. This is due to local government restrictions or casinos preference, as gambling with borrowed money is a sign of problem gaming.