18+ Litecoin Casinos

Litecoin Crypto IconNo online casino is worth your time or money if it doesn’t have a robust and varied bet funding menu in their banking suite. Since 18+ online casino deposits are a crucial aspect of getting started, each operator’s banking suite is a chief consideration for potential players.

Fortunately, all the sites we recommend are the best in the business, and each one accepts Litecoin cryptocurrency deposits (among many other crypto options). If you want fee-free transfers and same-day payouts, these 18+ Litecoin casinos should be high on your list.

Litecoin gambling sites like those listed here are safe, secure, and legally accessible for all USA players aged 18 and up, and Litecoin (LTC) is accepted and largely preferred by operators and players alike. In our brief guide, we’ll show you how to buy Litecoin, how to gamble with Litecoin, and how to maximize your payouts at all the best online casinos.

Best 18+ And Up Online Casinos That Accept Litecoin Deposits In 2024

There is no single best LTC casino, as all the industry’s most reputable sites have their comparative strengths and weaknesses. Each venue has different titles made by the most respected names in the industry, and every real-money casino game on offer is regularly audited to ensure fair iGaming compliance and real-world win rates.

While you can rest assured that any of these Litecoin betting sites are a great option, we recommend joining several vendors to compare their wares and services. Signing up is fast and free, and every site featured in our 18+ online casino reviews has unique crypto betting bonuses and other perks to consider.

Site NameBitcoin BonusAgeUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino150% Max $5,00018+Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino300% Max $7,50018+Play Now Full Review
3Cafe Casino350% Max $2,50018+Play Now Full Review
4Ignition Poker150% Max $3,00018+Play NowFull Review

How We Rate The Best Litecoin Casinos For 18+ Gamblers

There are several items of interest when rating online casinos. One of those factors, of course, is the banking suite offered, especially since US banking regulations (i.e. the UIGEA) can limit the efficacy of more traditional deposit methods (like Visa deposits, Mastercard deposits, cashier’s checks, bank wires, etc.). That’s why crypto support – including LTC support – is such a critical element for reputable online gambling outlets.

But aside from that, the sites we recommend must be long-lived and well-established with excellent online reputations, offer hundreds of RNG (random number generation) games made by top iGaming developers, feature 18+ live-dealer casino tables, and boast mobile access compatible with all modern devices.

And, of course, the sites must be operating legally within their own home countries and approved to offer lawful international gambling services to players aged 18 and up. As long as the site you choose meets these criteria, you can focus on casino gambling, not gambling on your casino.

Benefits Of Gambling Online With Litecoin (LTC) Cryptocurrency

Many bettors prefer depositing with more “old school” methods, which all the most trusted 18+ online casinos still support. However, these methods are no longer the best methods, as cryptocurrencies have obviated them.

At first, Bitcoin gambling was the name of the game, but as various altcoins have increased in market share and general popularity, the top sites have started supporting those, too. These include Ethereum deposits, Ripple deposits, Bitcoin Cash deposits, Dogecoin deposits, Chainlink deposits, and even things like the Zelle-to-Bitcoin service.

When it comes to Litecoin specifically, it’s not only better than traditional banking options, it’s also better than most competing crypto coins in several key respects, which we’ve outlined below:

  • Transfer Speed – Litecoin is one of the fastest crypto coins in existence, with transfers processing in just 3-5 minutes on average. Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which are also accepted at all top online casinos, take between 30-60 minutes to clear, simply because their blockchains are far slower in terms of transaction verification. The LTC blockchain is among the quickest on the market.
  • 100% Success Rates – Another aspect of transfer speed has to do with whether or not your transfer is likely to be rejected. With credit and debit cards, for example, many offshore casinos see rejection rates of 5-10% (depending on the brand of card you choose). With LTC and other cryptocurrencies, transfers are guaranteed to go through every time.
  • Quantum-Hacking-Resistant – The LTC blockchain, like most crypto blockchain platforms, is quantum-hacking-resistant. Crypto is the safest and most secure financial transaction method in the world, and many top banks are starting to implement blockchain technologies into their existing products. There is no safer way to send money online than by doing so via LTC and other crypto coins.
  • Enhanced Anonymity – No cryptocurrency is 100% anonymous, but most cryptos – including Litecoin – are far more anonymous than traditional bank transfer options. If you value your online privacy, you should always make your gambling transactions using LTC/crypto. That said, this increased anonymity is not helpful for illicit activities, and you should not confuse legal gambling at real-money online casinos with black-market betting or similar unlawful practices.
  • Same-Day Payouts – Litecoin – and other supported cryptocurrency options at the best 18+ online casinos – all support same-day withdrawals. In fact, they’re the only way to claim your winnings the same day you request them. Other methods can take between three days and two weeks before your money shows up stateside, so when you need to paid out immediately, cryptos like LTC are the best option.
  • No Added Fees – At 18+ online gambling sites, non-crypto deposit and withdrawal options all come with added transfer fees that can eat into your bottom line. However, LTC payouts are only assessed a small native blockchain fee, which is actually even smaller than the blockchain transfer fees built into most of the other cryptos that these sites accept. That means you can win more and keep more when you gamble with Litecoin.

Negatives Of Gambling With Litecoin Cryptocurrency

While Litecoin is a sure-fire deposit option for the majority of under-21 online casino players, there are a few drawbacks or detriments when it comes to using LTC for online gambling.

These negatives are not dealbreakers for most gamblers, but we’d be remiss not to discuss them here so you can make an informed decision of how to fund your online betting experience in way that’s most beneficial to you.

  • Learning Curve – Crypto is still in its infancy, and there’s a lot of hesitation out there. Most of this is because it’s a new concept in money and works differently than traditional financial products. People go down the rabbit hole asking how crypto works, and there’s so much specialized information that it tends to turn them off. However, the only real learning curve for users is in buying into crypto at exchanges and setting up crypto wallets to make sure they maintain custody of their coins.
  • Extra Hoops – To use cryptocurrencies, you have to first buy them. This means you must set up an exchange account and – for added safety – a private crypto wallet. Many people in this day and age don’t want to make even more online accounts, especially when it comes to financials or wealth management platforms. Luckily, the setup process is simple and quick once you actually jump in.
  • Exchange Wait Times – When gamblers want to gamble, they want to gamble right now. But if you don’t already own or hold any Litecoin/crypto, the buy-in process at commercial exchanges takes about 5-10 days for first-timers. This can be a turnoff that makes players stick with familiar fiat methods like credit cards, cashier’s checks, and so on. Just remember that this initial wait only applies when you buy crypto for the very first time. After that, there’s no wait for subsequent purchases.
  • Crypto Volatility – Finally, crypto – including LTC (though to a lesser degree on average) – is famously volatile. The value of crypto coins can swing up or down by 30% on a daily basis, which can cause some anxiety for people following Litecoin price charts and other crypto price charts. Our advice here is to understand that even though crypto values swing, they have a historical upward trend in the long term.

How To Deposit Using Litecoin At 18+ Online Casinos In 2024

The first step for using LTC at legal 18+ online gambling sites is to actually learn how to buy Litecoin itself. This is done by creating an account at any reputable crypto exchange (Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance US, Kraken, etc.) and transferring funds from your linked bank account to your exchange account. From there, you can send it to your online casino of choice quickly and easily.

Of course, you also want to buy in when the Litecoin price is low, which gives you more bang for your buck. That said, there’s no way to gauge the price of LTC such that you’re guaranteed to buy in at its lowest price. You simply need to check the price today, compare it against various LTC predictions, and get some when it’s trending at a weekly low.

You can check the current price of Litecoin at CoinMarketCap or similar online crypto exchange aggregators. After you’re satisfied with the current value and have bought in, you’ll have to wait a few days before you can send your new LTC off-platform to your online 18 and up casino of choice.

Litecoin Deposits

Depositing LTC crypto works the same way at any reputable online 18+ casino site. All you need to get your betting account topped off is to follow these simple instructions:

  • Follow any link here to a legitimate and trusted online casino for 18 and older players.
  • Click or tap the “Join” or “Sign Up” button and enter in all required personal information. These sites use KYC standards to secure your account, and they never sell or share your personal or financial information.
  • Select the Litecoin deposit option and copy down your site’s Litecoin sending address.
  • Open your LTC exchange account or LTC wallet and select the “Send” option. Enter the amount of LTC you wish to transfer to your betting site, paste in the above LTC address, and submit the form.
  • Your account will be credited either in LTC, mBTC (milliBitcoin), or USD within 5-10 minutes. We recommend keeping your LTC deposit in LTC or mBTC to take advantage of any gains in crypto prices while your crypto is stored in your online gambling bankroll.

Litecoin Payouts

To claim your online casino winnings via Litecoin (or any other featured cryptocurrency), this is how you can go about securing same-day payouts from any top online casino operator:

  • Navigate to your casino site’s Cashier page and select the Litecoin withdrawal option.
  • In another window or tab, open your LTC exchange account or private LTC wallet and copy down the provided Litecoin receiving address. This address is unique to your LTC wallet.
  • Back at your betting site, enter the above receiving address in the appropriate field, along with how much of your winnings you wish to pull out.
  • Submit the ticket. You will receive your winnings the same day your request them, typically within 1-2 hours.

Note: You can now receive Litecoin payouts regardless of the method you chose to deposit any associated funds, which is a great way for traditional depositors to get started using cryptocurrencies. The only prerequisite is that you first download and set up a trusted wallet.

Litecoin Online Casino Bonuses

Online gambling bonuses at 18+ Internet casinos are a major perk when using any international betting site, and every vendor offers different bonuses. However, when you use Litecoin or another supported crypto coin to make your deposits, you can actually claim enhanced bonuses that give you even more free money.

Typical deposit bonuses will match your account by 100% in free spins, free plays, or free coins. But if you use Litecoin/crypto to deposit, you’ll see that most sites give you 2-3X that amount. Best of all, the rollover requirements (aka playthrough requirements) remain the same, which means you get more free cash – that is, more free Litecoin! – with every deposit.

Litecoin Gambling FAQs

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a popular cryptocurrency that hit the market in late 2011. It is considered to be one of the first and most popular “Bitcoin spinoffs.”

What is the price of Litecoin?

As of Q1 2022, the average daily trading price of LTC is about $130.

By the time you read this, the price of LTC should stabilize to at least around $140-150, and it could be much higher than that!

Will Litecoin go up?

If history is any indication – and the Litecoin history is certainly that! – then LTC should go up substantially in the medium and long terms.

Litecoin is currently about $200 off its ATH, but LTC is always inside the top 25 cryptos by trading volume and market cap, which means it should appreciate dramatically over the coming months and years.

How low will Litecoin go?

It’s hard to say how low any crypto asset is going to go in a market selloff or bear market holding pattern, but LTC seems unlikely to ever drop much below $100 per coin.

Is Litecoin a good investment for online gamblers?

We certainly think so.

At a current price of $130 or so (Q1 2022), LTC is well off its ATH. Of course, that also means it’s due for a run that will see it surpass its ATH sometime in the near future.

Buy low, win high!

What will Litecoin be worth in 2025?

The Litecoin forecast for 2025 is roughly $400-500, with the asset predicted to spike well past $3000 within the next 10 years or so.

Should I buy LTC to gamble for real money at online casinos?

If you want to gamble with Litecoin, you definitely should!

Purchasing LTC is fast and easy at any major online crypto exchange, but you should be sure to factor in the mandatory 5-10-day wait if you’re a first-time buyer.

Can I buy Litecoin with cash to gamble online?

Not very easily.

While you can conceivably buy LTC with cash if you know someone privately who’s willing to sell you some, it’s not a convenient or reliable way to acquire cryptocurrency.

Can I buy Litecoin with Cash App or Apple Pay?

Yes, buying Litecoin and making online casino deposits with Cash App or Apple Pay is possible when purchasing player vouchers. In the future we expect P2P services to be directly accepted but for now, the only way to utilize P2P apps is with online casinos that support player vouchers.

Is Litecoin mining a good idea for online gamblers?

You already know how to buy Litecoin, but many gamblers want to know how to mine Litecoin and whether or not it’s even a good idea to do so.

While Litecoin mining is possible through any number of Litecoin miner services and softwares, we don’t recommend this route due to the necessary expenses of getting set up.

Litecoin mining has reached a saturation point of poor ROI, making it much better to simply buy LTC on the top Litecoin exchanges.

When should I buy Litecoin to make gambling deposits?

The best time to buy Litecoin is whenever the Litecoin forecast indicates that the market is near the bottom of a dip.

Such Litecoin price predictions can be difficult to pinpoint with accuracy, but as long as you’re buying in well under bull market Litecoin projections, you can be comfortable that you’re making a sound purchase.

What is the best Litecoin wallet for online gambling?

For the most part, any reputable, secure Litecoin wallet will do when you want to quickly transfer funds to an online casino site (or simply hold them safely in your possession).

Regardless of the route you choose, Litecoin wallet setup is a breeze, and you have several options.

For most bettors, the best LTC wallet will be one of the best mobile wallet options out there. These include major exchange wallets like Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken, etc.

However, for added security, you can also use a dedicated LTC software wallet such as Electrum, Guarda, Atomic, Exodus, etc. These work on all major mobile platforms and make it easy to send LTC to your 18+ mobile online gambling site of choice.

For even more secure storage, LTC hardware wallets (Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Trezor One, Trezor Model T) are excellent choices, though they make deposits a little bit slower.

Finally, you can use a Litecoin paper wallet if you wish, but these are not designed to facilitate rapid trading and are better for cold storage.

Note: Please only download or buy LTC wallets from their official developer/manufacturer pages.

What countries use Litecoin for online gambling?

Litecoin is legal to use in most countries, including the United States and other nations served by the top 18 and over online casinos we recommend here.

You can use LTC safely, legally, and confidently to fund all your legal online gambling activities.

Is Litecoin or Bitcoin better for online casino gambling?

There are a lot of voices on both sides of the Litecoin vs. Bitcoin debate, but the truth is that the two coins are better at different things.

For investors, BTC might be immediately better, but for traders and gamblers, LTC has several advantages.

These include cheaper blockchain fees, faster transfer times, and less market volatility.

Will Litecoin catch Bitcoin in value?

While many industry analysts believe Bitcoin won’t always be the top dog, a careful examination and Litecoin analysis shows that there’s not much chance LTC will pass BTC any time soon.

Nevertheless, Litecoin projections indicate huge growth in the coming months and years, making your LTC payouts that much more valuable if you hold onto those assets once you cash out at your online 18+ gambling site of choice.

Is Litecoin dead?

Not by a long shot!

Litecoin is one of the most popular and most established cryptocurrency assets in the world, and if you’ve been following the Litecoin news lately, you’ll see that it’s also one of the most steady assets on the exchanges.

Litecoin swings are typically smaller than those for other coins, and while that means it’s slower to gain value, it also means that the Litecoin price now is fairly reflective of its price this week or this month.

This makes it easy for bettors to time their LTC purchases for maximum value and minimum risk.

LTC History And Projections

  • Litecoin Founded: October 7, 2011
  • Litecoin Ticker Symbol: LTC
  • Litecoin Transfer Speeds: 5-10 min.
  • Litecoin Transfer Fees: Low
  • Litecoin Casino Support: All 18+ online casino sites
  • Current Litecoin Price: CoinMarketCap
  • Litecoin All-Time High (aka LTC ATH): $386.45 on May 8, 2021
  • Litecoin Price Prediction 2025: ~$500 per LTC
  • Litecoin Price Prediction 2030: ~$3000 per LTC