18+ Online Casinos Accepting Cash App

The best online casinos have always been two steps ahead of other industries when it comes to player-friendly 18+ gambling banking options. And while P2P apps and eWallets still aren’t readily supported, there are workarounds, especially when you bet at 18+ Cash App casinos online. Cash App lets players make deposits using Bitcoin, online casino vouchers, and the third-party MatchPay service at participating sites.

All in all, Cash App is easily the most versatile of the P2P/e-Wallet bet funding options. This is primarily because of Cash App Bitcoin support, making it the only P2P instant-pay service to allow for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals at reputable 18-and-up online gambling sites. Add in vouchers and MatchPay, and Cash App is cash money, baby!

★ Bovada Casino – Cash Up With Cash App Now!

Bovada Casino

Bovada LV is the top 18+ casino site in the United States, boasting millions of members across the country. Bovada is also the only online gambling site that supports all three kinds of Cash App deposit and payout options: Bitcoin, vouchers, and MatchPay. In other words, if you’re at least eighteen years of age and have a Cash App account, getting started in the world of real-money online gambling is a breeze at Bovada.

New Bovada members can claim valuable online casino bonuses, and Cash App voucher deposits allow Bovada members to claim account reload bonuses, too. On top of that, Bovada is a true one-stop shop for all things betting, offering a full electronic casino, live casino, sportsbook, poker room, and racebook. All you need is a Bovada account and a Cash App account, and you can bet your way all day!



  • Headquartered in Costa Rica – Legitimate online casino destination
  • Cash App supports Bovada Bitcoin, Bovada Vouchers, and Bovada MatchPay
  • All Cash App deposits 100% guaranteed
  • Same-day payouts with Cash App Bitcoin withdrawals
  • 250+ real-money online gambling games + Bovada live-dealer casino
  • All games developed by Realtime Gaming + Rival Powered
  • Bet casino, sports, poker, horses with a single account
  • US gamblers welcome at just 18+


  • USA-Only – No other countries
  • Excluded States: DE, MD, NJ, NV, NY
  • Cash App Vouchers/MatchPay require extra steps

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Best 18+ Online Casinos Supporting Cash App Deposits + Payouts In 2024

The following top-rated online casinos for players aged 18 and up each support a number of different Cash App-compatible deposit and withdrawal methods. The most common of these is Bitcoin, which is available at all the sites recommended here.

Several sites also support online betting vouchers, and the MatchPay service is currently offered by Bovada exclusively. Cash App works well with all of these options, and every website in our list offers players a safe, secure, and legal real-money online casino experience.

Site NameBitcoin BonusAgeUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino150% Max $5,00018+Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino300% Max $7,50018+Play Now Full Review
3Cafe Casino350% Max $2,50018+Play Now Full Review
4Ignition Poker150% Max $3,00018+Play NowFull Review

What Is Cash App?

Cash App is a person-to-person (P2P) instant payment app that was launched in 2013 under the Square Cash brand name. Owned by Square (which is now called Block), Cash App is almost as popular as PayPal’s Venmo subsidiary, boasting nearly 70 million users as of the start of 2022.

However, CashApp is not available internationally outside of the US and UK, which means that online casino gamblers can’t actually use it to make deposits or claim payouts with offshore gaming sites directly.

Nevertheless, 18+ online casino players can still use Cash App in several unique and convenient ways, and – depending on how you deploy the service – you can employ the P2P app at every legitimate gambling site on we recommend in our 18+ online casino reviews.

Cash App Gambling At 18+ Online Casinos

Unlike PayPal gambling, Venmo gambling, or Apple Pay gambling, Cash App gambling can be much more straightforward at the top betting sites for 18+ players. This is because CashApp allows its users to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and send that Bitcoin to off-platform wallet addresses, such as those used by offshore gambling sites.

No other P2P service or e-Wallet platform allows this as of 2022, making Cash App the best option for the widest variety of players. Even Zelle – which does let users buy Bitcoin in a roundabout way via the LocalBitcoins exchange – can’t match Cash App when it comes to ease of use.

As a result, if you’re already a CashApp user (or want a solid P2P money-sending app and also want to be able to easily and safely handle all your online casino banking), read no further! Actually, do read further, because the next sections will explain exactly how to gamble with Cash App using Bitcoin, vouchers, and MatchPay.

First things first, though, you will need a Cash App account before you can use any of these casino banking methods!

Cash App Online Casino Deposits

As stated, there are three distinct ways you can use Cash App to make online 18+ casino deposits. Interestingly, these don’t actually include the Cash App Cash Card.

The Cash Card is a branded Cash App Visa debit card, but because Cash App is limited to the US and UK, you can’t use this card at your gambling site to fund your betting account. Similarly, you can’t use any Cash App-linked credit cards, even if those cards are otherwise good for international transactions.

(If you wish to make Visa casino deposits, Mastercard casino deposits, etc., you can still do so using these cards themselves outside of Cash App, though you may run into occasional rejections due to the United States UIGEA banking law.)

All three Cash App casino deposit options are outlined below.

Cash App Bitcoin Deposits

18+ Bitcoin gambling deposits are one of the most common ways that online casino players top up their accounts, but if you’re new to crypto, using Cash App to make your Bitcoin deposit will be faster.

While it’s easy enough to buy Bitcoin through the regular BTC exchanges, first-timers usually have to wait 5-10 days before they can send their BTC to offshore gambling sites (or any other external BTC wallet addresses).

However, you can buy Bitcoin with Cash App in just a few minutes and there’s no need to wait before sending your BTC to any online address you please. Here’s how it works:

  1. Verify your Cash App account if you haven’t already. While you can use CashApp without verification, the platform requires users to be verified before they can buy, sell, or trade BTC on the platform.
  2. Head over to the CashApp Bitcoin hub and enter the amount of BTC you’d like to buy.
  3. Submit the buy request and wait for your new Bitcoin to be sent to your Cash App account.
  4. Follow any link here to an 18+ Bitcoin casino, sign up, and select the BTC deposit option. Copy your site’s Bitcoin sending address and select an optional Bitcoin casino bonus (recommended).
  5. In Cash App, choose the “Send” option from the Bitcoin menu and paste in the above BTC address.
  6. Submit the deposit to kick off the Cash App Bitcoin transfer, and your online casino account will be credited in full within 30-60 minutes.

Pro-Tip: Cash App is currently limited to Bitcoin only. If you want an easy Cash App-like experience but want the flexibility to send other cryptos (i.e. Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, Litecoin, etc.) to your 18+ casino site, the Atomic Wallet app is a good alternative.

Cash App Voucher Deposits

Before you use gambling vouchers with Cash App, you should check out our 18+ online casino vouchers page to understand how vouchers work and why they’re so useful.

The short version is simply this: Vouchers let casino site members buy and sell account balances among one another using Cash App and other P2P/e-Wallet options. Since these sites can’t accept these payment mechanisms directly, the voucher system turns casino deposits and withdrawals into private personal transactions.

Currently, online betting vouchers are only available for deposits and withdrawals at Bovada, Café Casino, and Slots LV.

To make a Cash App voucher deposit, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up at any legitimate 18+ voucher-friendly online casino by following the links on this page, and enter in all information as requested to complete free site registration.
  2. Head over to your site’s community page or member forum and look for an online casino voucher code for sale.
  3. Once you find a voucher code in a deposit amount you like, contact the seller via site messaging tools.
  4. Confirm that your seller accepts Cash App payments and transfer the funds. Once your seller receives your Cash App transfer, they will release the voucher code to you via email, messenger app, text, etc.
  5. Back at your online casino cashier page, choose the gambling voucher option from the deposits menu and paste the above voucher code into the appropriate field. You can also choose a standard online gambling bonus at this time (recommended).
  6. Your voucher deposit will be credited instantly and in full.

Note: Cash App voucher deposits are not always instantaneous, as vouchers are dependent on user demand. There won’t always be another member looking to sell a voucher code the moment you want to buy one. Voucher deposits are same-day about 70% of the time.  

Cash App MatchPay Deposits

The third way to use Cash App is through the third-party MatchPay service. Right now, only Bovada supports 18+ MatchPay gambling, though this could change in the future.

MatchPay deposits work almost exactly like voucher deposits, except that the MatchPay service streamlines the entire process. That is, with MatchPay, you don’t have to hunt down casino vouchers for sale or jump through any annoying hoops.

The only downsides to this are that Cash App MatchPay deposit limits are lower than Cash App voucher limits and Cash App Bitcoin limits, and they only work at Bovada for now.

  1. Follow any link here to Bovada and sign up for the free 18+ online casino service.
  2. At the Bovada deposit menu, select the Bovada MatchPay option.
  3. A new window will pop up, asking you to complete MatchPay registration. This is free and takes about five minutes, after which time you’ll be a “MatchPay Trader.”
  4. Link your Cash App account to your MatchPay account.
  5. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit into your Bovada account and submit the ticket.
  6. MatchPay will automatically match you with other Bovada MatchPay users looking to withdraw via the service, and the trade will be concluded via Cash App instantly.

Note: Cash App MatchPay deposits aren’t always able to transact the same day you request them, as – like gambling vouchers – MatchPay depends on member demand at your 18+ casino site. That said, they’re faster than vouchers, as MatchPay deposits are same-day about 90% of the time.

Cash App Online Casino Payouts

As with 18+ online casino Cash App deposits, Cash App withdrawals can be claimed in three distinct ways depending on the site you choose. Again, these payout options are available via Bitcoin, vouchers, and MatchPay.

If you’ve already gone through the depositing process, payouts won’t be much different. However, you can actually claim these payouts regardless of how you’ve deposited your funds, so we’ll briefly explain each method below.

Cash App Bitcoin Payouts

Cash App Bitcoin payouts can be claimed extremely simply, as you’re basically just using your Cash App Bitcoin wallet to receive the funds sent by your 18-plus casino website. This is the best way to use Cash App if you want the fastest online casino payouts:

  1. Navigate to your site’s cashier page and select the Bitcoin withdrawal option.
  2. Open Cash App and choose the “Receive” option from the Bitcoin section.
  3. Copy down your Cash App Bitcoin receiving address.
  4. At your casino cashier, enter the above Bitcoin address into the appropriate field, along with the amount of BTC you’d like to pull out.
  5. Submit your Cash App BTC payout request, and you should receive your funds within 2-3 hours at most.

Pro-Tip: Even if you deposited your BTC with a non-Cash App wallet, consider claiming your BTC payouts using Cash App. Cash App allows members to cash out much faster than regular crypto wallets or crypto exchange accounts, as you can immediately make BTC-USD transfers to your linked debit card or bank account. 

Cash App Voucher Payouts

Cash App voucher withdrawals work the same way as voucher deposits, only you’re now on the selling end of the voucher code equation. Here’s how to receive your winnings using Cash App vouchers at the top 18+ casinos online:

  1. At your site cashier, request a voucher payout and enter in the amount of your eligible account balance you’d like transferred to a voucher code.
  2. Your site will send your voucher code to your linked email address.
  3. Once you receive your casino voucher code, head over to your site’s community forum and post the code for sale.
  4. When another casino member contacts you to buy your betting voucher, give them your Cash App address and await payment.
  5. As soon as you receive the Cash App transfer, release your voucher code to the buyer. All reputable 18+ online casinos require voucher sellers to release their vouchers ASAP once payment is made.

Note: As with voucher deposits, voucher payouts are not guaranteed for same-day delivery. Again, this is wholly dependent on member demand at your betting site. Voucher same-day payouts are possible roughly 70% of the time. For instant payouts with Cash App, consider claiming your winnings in Bitcoin.  

Cash App MatchPay Payouts

Compared to voucher withdrawals, MatchPay Cash App payouts are quick and easy: You don’t have to request a voucher code, post it for sale, or coordinate with other site members. Of course, MatchPay is Bovada-only, so that’s a real limitation you’ll have to keep in mind.

Here’s how MatchPay withdrawals with Cash App work at Bovada LV:

  1. Sign into your Bovada login and visit the Bovada cashier page.
  2. Select the MatchPay option from the withdrawals menu and create your MatchPay Trader account if you haven’t already.
  3. Enter in the amount of money you’d like to pull out using MatchPay and submit the request.
  4. MatchPay automatically pairs you up with a Bovada member looking to make a MatchPay deposit, and their funds are sent to you via Cash App instantly.

Note: As with MatchPay deposits, MatchPay payouts are not guaranteed for same-day delivery. Because MatchPay depends on user demand at Bovada Casino, you won’t always get your money the same day you put in your withdrawal request. MatchPay withdrawals are good for same-day payouts about 90% of the time.

Cash App Online Casino Bonuses + Promotions

moneyAll the best eighteen-and-up online casinos offer multiple different gambling bonuses and promotions depending on how you choose to make your deposits. Online casino bonuses also vary based on whether you’re a new member making your first deposit or an existing member making a repeat deposit.

In general, if you want to the most online casino free plays for your money, you’ll get them when you make Cash App BTC deposits. Bitcoin bonuses (and other crypto casino bonuses) are always the best in the business, usually doubling or tripling the amount of free casino coins or free casino spins you get compared to standard deposit match rates.

If you deposit with Cash App using a non-Bitcoin method – that is, vouchers or MatchPay – you’ll only be able to claim your casino’s regular online gambling promos.

Regardless, you can expect all 18+ casino bonuses to come with low rollover/playthrough requirements and easy-to-meet terms, making them perfect for just about any type of player.

These are just some of the Cash App betting bonuses you can expect at the various casino sites recommended here:

  • Cash App Casino Sign-Up Bonus
  • Cash App Casino Bitcoin Welcome Bonus
  • Cash App Casino Reload Bonus
  • Cash App Casino Bitcoin Re-Up Bonus
  • Cash App Casino Daily Bonus (game-specific)
  • Cash App Casino Weekly Bonus (event-specific)
  • Cash App Casino Refer-A-Friend Bonus

18+ Cash App Mobile Casino Options

Another great reason why so many casino gamblers prefer to use Cash App at trusted online gambling sites is that they can do all their banking and all their gaming on a single mobile device.

Whether they use Cash App for iPhone and play real-money iPhone casino games or use Cash App for Android and play real-money Android casino games, the sites we recommend all work seamlessly. You can even get a big-screen experience by using your iPad or any other kind of modern connected tablet device!

And outside of the Cash App app itself, there’s nothing to download or update, as the 18+ mobile casino venues featured here are all built using web-based responsive design technology.

All you need is an up-to-date Internet browser, an active network connection (cellular or Wi-Fi), a Cash App account, and an 18+ online casino account. With those, you can bet online safely, conveniently, and legally from anywhere in the USA, 24/7/365.

*Disclaimer: The Cash App casino banking option may be used for P2P transactions to fund your account at online merchants. However, Cash App is not affiliated with and does not endorse this or any other online gambling resource or service.