Mobile Blackjack Apps For 18+ Players

Blackjack iconAfter slots, online blackjack is the most popular electronic gambling pastime in the US. And naturally, with mobile 18+ gambling being the main way people play, mobile casino apps are a huge draw. Even better, those draws are 100% legit, as mobile 21 is every bit as “real” as real casino blackjack on the Vegas Strip. Of course, the best real 21 apps are few and far between, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide.

Luckily, when it comes to finding the best 18+ blackjack apps, iOS and Android users are equally at home at the sites featured here, and every venue listed is tried-and-true, safe, legal, and guaranteed to stand pat and hit all the high points. Plus, since these mobile online casinos are all web-based and require no downloads or updates, you can access them with any device at any time from anywhere in the USA!

Is It Legal To Play Online Blackjack For 18 And Up Players?

Yes! If you want to play a blackjack real-money app in the US, you have multiple options depending on where you live. In legal gambling states with domestic online iGaming (i.e. domestic online casino gambling), you can simply download your venue’s official app for iPhone, iPad, or Android, and play. However, in most cases, you’ll have to be at least 21 years of age to participate.

If you’re under 21 or live in states without domestic online 21, you can still play blackjack mobile apps at the sites recommended here. There are no US gambling laws barring access to these sites, and because they operate outside of American borders, domestic US gambling laws don’t apply.

Note: Washington residents are currently barred from all online gambling. While this law is not historically enforced, we recommend that all gamblers in WA follow their local gaming mandates and bet online only at their own risk.

Best Real Money Mobile Blackjack Apps In 2024 For 18+

Site NameBonusAgeUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino100% Max $3,00018+Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino200% Max $5,00018+Play Now Full Review
3logo for cafe casino350% Max $2,50018+Play Now Full Review
4logo for Ignition Poker150% Max $3,00018+Play NowFull Review

Best Iphone Blackjack Apps For 2024

iPhone 18+ CasinosIn the past, 18+ iPhone casino gamblers had the very best blackjack game apps, as most developers made their games for Apple smartphones first and everything else second. To some degree, that’s still true. If you’re after the best casino app for 2022, most sites offering real-money gambling games still design their services around the iPhone specs first.

That said, you don’t need the newest iPhone to enjoy good 18+ mobile slot apps, online roulette apps, or blackjack apps on the platform, as the best sites don’t actually offer native casino iPhone apps. Instead, these apps – or web apps – are all web-based, allowing you to play on most iPhone models regardless of processor speed, screen size, etc. As long as your iPhone can run an up-to-date version of mobile Safari, you’re good to go.

Best iPad Blackjack Apps For 2024

iPhone 18+ CasinosWhen it comes to enjoying the best blackjack app, iPhone isn’t the only apple on the tree. For those who tend to play at home more than on the go, iPad blackjack is the best deal. Remember, the best 21 games for iPhone work just as well as 18+ iPad gambling games. And since these are web apps, all the top mobile twenty one sites offer universal compatibility and adjust to fit any size of screen.

So whether you’re splitting 8s on an iPad mini or standing on 18 on an iPad Pro, you’ll get a pixel perfect experience each and every time. As with iPhone blackjack, iPad blackjack is best experienced using Apple’s native mobile Safari browser, and there’s never anything to download or update.

Best Android Blackjack Apps For 2024

Android logoBy the numbers, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. But if you’re ever searched for free bj games for Android or Android blackjack with no ads, you’ve probably seen that the results leave something to be desired. As on iPhone, in most US states, you can’t actually find Android casino apps with real-money payouts – regardless of whether or not your Android casino app was free to download and install.

It turns out that the best Android blackjack isn’t in the Google Play store. Instead, these 18+ Android casino games are available via any of the reputable 18-and-older online casinos featured here, and you can play on any make or model of Android device right through your mobile Chrome browser.

Live Blackjack Mobile Apps

While most 18+ online casino apps are based on random number generation blackjack games – aka RNG games – the best sites all offer live blackjack mobile options, too. Live-dealer online blackjack via mobile works the same way as it does when played on desktop or laptop, and it comes with all the same features – including the same dealers, same tables, and same variations of low and high twenty one limits – that you expect on the bigger screen.

You’ll even get the same real-time chat options (though these can be a bit more finicky on smaller displays). The only caveat, of course, is that you’ll need a stronger Internet connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) for live mobile 21 than you do for RNG electronic blackjack games.

18 And Up Blackjack App FAQs

What is the best real-money blackjack app?

If you want to play the best casino app for real money, you have several choices. However, for most users – especially those aged 18-20 – you won’t find them in the App Store or Google Play store.

Remember, states with legal online casino gambling allow participation starting at 21+, and there are fewer than 10 states with domestic iGaming besides. Thus, players aged 18 and older (or those living in states without domestic online casino gambling as of 2022) will need to go with a legal online casino venue.

To that end, we strongly recommend that you gamble only with the sites we’ve rounded up and reviewed here, as there are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of less-than-reputable online blackjack casinos out there.

Luckily, if you stick with one of the established, legit online casinos we suggest, you’re guaranteed a safe, honest, and potentially very profitable online 21 experience.

What is the best free blackjack app?

There are countless free blackjack apps on the App Store and Google Play store. However, these are usually free in name only. In reality, such mobile 21 apps have limited-time play sessions and nickel-and-dime users for more playtime/coins/spins/etc.

Check out the top grossing iPhone apps, iPad apps, and Android apps, and you’ll see that they’re all these kinds of “free” twenty one apps and “free” casino apps. Ironically, players always end up paying plenty of real money to use these apps, but they can never win real money!

If you want to play free blackjack without any IAPs, microtransactions, or time limits – along with the ability to switch to paid versions of real-money 21 anytime you want – many of the sites featured here offer free 21 games online.

The top sites with free casino games are venues like Café Casino and Slots LV, though there are numerous other great options, too.

What is the best app to practice blackjack?

To us, the best app for learning would be the same app – or, rather, the same web app – where you’d play for real money.

Many of the sites featured here offer practice modes so new players can learn the ropes in a pressure-free environment, and that’s exactly what we recommend.

After all, even though 21 is simple in theory, the game is surprisingly layered, and it can take some time to really nail down the best blackjack strategy before you’re comfortable risking real cash.

Of course, even highly rated sites that don’t offer free games – such as Bovada Casino – have limits that are low enough to suit beginners who don’t want to risk too much on each hand.

No matter which venue you choose, as long as it’s one we approve here, we know you’ll get up to speed in no time.

What is the best blackjack training app?

Any of the free casino apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android will allow you to learn blackjack. However, because these games only let you play a few hands before making you wait or buy more “coins” or “spins,” they’re not the best options for training.

In order to play multiple rounds of twenty one with the necessary frequency and pacing to actually learn the ins and outs of the game, it’s better to go with one of the sites featured here (see above).

The only exception to this is when you want to download a dedicated calculator app. These allow you to learn the odds on each draw for different deck sizes (i.e. single-deck, double-deck, 6-deck, 8-deck, etc.) based on the cards currently showing on the table.

Such apps can be found for free on the App Store or in Google Play, and they’re all about the same. Just be sure to get one that isn’t bogged down with banner ads and/or annoying popups.

What is the best blackjack counting cards app?

Blackjack card counter apps exist, and they’re all basically the same. They’re also all about equally useless.

It’s very difficult to meaningfully count cards when it comes to mobile online twenty-one, but you can get a slight edge if you study the odds on each draw based on the cards shown face up on the table.

For this, you’d use a calculator app instead of a blackjack card counting app, as there’s no way to “mark” the deck – or even keep track of the shuffles – in the electronic 21 games.

What is the best blackjack cheat app?

App cheats only work with twenty-one apps that function as mobile video games and not as real-money gambling apps like those featured here.

The sites we recommend make cheating virtually impossible, and in over 20 years of reviewing 18+ online blackjack sites and 18+ online casino sites in general, we’ve never actually heard of anyone being able to successfully cheat at random number generation (RNG) games.

While it might be “more” possible to cheat at live online mobile blackjack because you can actually watch the dealers and “count cards” and suchlike, it’s still going to be pretty difficult, especially since live online blackjack tends to use multi-deck shoes and all the cards are reshuffled after every few games.

What is the best blackjack app to play with friends? 

If you want to play blackjack online with friends, you can’t really do that with any legitimate online casino site. These sites and services don’t let you join lobbies and participate in group play like standard online video games do.

Electronic mobile twenty-one gaming is basically a single-player affair – just you against the computer.

That said, you can technically play live blackjack with friends at the sites featured here if you both independently join the same live casino table from behind different non-VPN-shielded IP addresses.

However, if any cheating is suspected by the site operator – say, if you’re caught sharing your hole card with your compatriot and/or vice versa in an effort to better assess the odds on a given draw during a given game – you risk account suspension/termination as well as funds forfeiture.

What is the best multi-hand blackjack app?

While mobile online casinos sometimes offer multi-hand poker options, these sites don’t offer multi-hand 21 via either their RNG 21 or live 21 options.

That said, RNG games go extremely quickly, so there’s no real need to play multi-hand BJ to speed things up.

Meanwhile, live blackjack is a bit slower, but there’s just no mechanism in place to join multiple online live blackjack tables at the same time (though many sites offer RNG mini-games you can play while waiting for your turn at the live tables).