18+ Online Casino Voucher Deposits And Payouts

Casino Voucher Deposits IconOne of the newest and most effective ways to make online gambling deposits at the best 18-and-up casino sites is to use voucher codes. These allow members to buy account balances from other members using popular person-to-person (P2P) payment apps, and they let members sell their own balances to fellow gamblers the same way.

Because the best online casinos can’t accept P2P payments directly, the voucher system finally brings PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and more to the table.

Our guide to 18+ online casino deposits and payouts explains everything you need to know about where to buy voucher codes, how to make deposits, and the process for selling them to other site members in order to claim same-day payouts. If you’d like to use vouchers for all your 18+ online bet funding needs, we can definitely vouch for our brief primer!

Most Trusted 18 And Up Casinos That Accept Betting Vouchers In 2024

While not all reputable 18-and-up gambling sites support this option for online betting deposits and withdrawals, some of the best brands in the space do. As usual, of course, Bovada LV was the first to introduce the system, and Bovada Vouchers are now one of the most popular banking options at the site.

Once casino vouchers hit the scene at Bovada, other top sites also started supporting the platform (though some of them refer to these as “player transfers,” which work the same way). Each of the following operators allow for using this option because it lets members use familiar P2P services to top off their betting bankrolls.

Site NameBitcoin BonusAgeUSAVisit Site
1Bovada Casino150% Max $5,00018+Play Now Full Review
2Slotslv Casino300% Max $7,50018+Play Now Full Review
3Cafe Casino350% Max $2,50018+Play Now Full Review
4Ignition Poker150% Max $3,00018+Play NowFull Review

What Are Casino Vouchers?

Online casino vouchers  – are codes that the best 18-and-up international casino operators use to let their member buy and sell portions of their account balances to one another.

This is advantageous because offshore gambling sites, while legal to use for real-money casino gambling – cannot accept P2P transactions directly. As such, if players want to deposit using PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or e-Wallet services, they’re not able to.

But vouchers offer a workaround, letting players sell account balance codes to each other privately through these apps, which they can then immediately deposit at their overseas 18-and-up gambling sites of choice.

While these were introduced by Bovada and adopted by a few more big brands shortly thereafter, we expect other major gambling services to support similar banking methods in the near future.

Casino Vouchers

How To Use Casino Vouchers At 18 And Up Online Casinos

While using betting vouchers isn’t as straightforward as some other kinds of gambling deposits (i.e. 18+ Visa betting deposits, 18+ Mastercard betting deposits, etc.), the method has several advantages.

Vouchers boast 100% success rates with no interference from the UIGEA, and make you eligible for same-day payouts (which was previously limited to cryptocurrency betting).

Plus, the process isn’t actually difficult, and by following the simple steps listed below, you’ll be able to move money into and out of your betting account quickly and easily using any common P2P service of your choice.

Casino Voucher Deposits

To deposit with a gambling voucher at any trusted online 18-and-up casino, you must first actually buy one – in the amount you wish to deposit – from a fellow player at your betting site.

You can find vouchers for sale in various gambling forums online, but we recommend only using your site’s official community pages when making this type of purchase. This way, the sales are monitored and guaranteed by your casino, so the transaction is as smooth and efficient as possible. (To buy a Bovada Voucher code, Reddit is going to be less secure, for example.)

To demonstrate the deposit process, we’ll use Bovada Casino as our example, as they were the first to introduce the revolutionary banking method. All voucher banking at online sportsbooks works effectively the same way.

  1. Click or tap on any link provided here to the legal 18+ voucher casino of your choice. For this example, that would be Bovada LV.
  2. Sign up by selecting the “Join” or “Sign Up” button, and enter in your real personal information. Please remember to use only verifiable info, as all the best online casinos require KYC (Know Your Customer) confirmation before disbursing payouts. VPN use is not allowed.
  3. Skip the deposit process for now and complete your Bovada registration.
  4. Visit the Bovada Community page and find a Bovada Voucher for sale in the amount you’d like to deposit. Your seller will list which P2P payment options they accept.
  5. Once you agree to the terms of the sale, pay the seller via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc.
  6. The seller will send you your code via email, text, or messaging app.
  7. Visit the Bovada Cashier page and select the appropriate option. Once you enter your code, Bovada will credit your account immediately, and there are no fees.

That’s all there is to it. Again, though the above example is for Bovada specifically, the process is identical at all sites that currently support this option. If you’d like to have everything done in a more automated fashion, you can use the third-party MatchPay betting deposit option, though this is limited to Bovada Casino and is not currently available at other sites that support vouchers.

Note: Be sure to remember that voucher codes are only active for a limited time. Casino voucher expiration dates are usually set at six months from the time it is generated for the seller by the casino, so you’ll want to deposit as soon as you receive it.

Casino Voucher Payouts

The process for claiming online casino payouts via the voucher system is similar to the purchasing procedure, though there are some differences.

The marketplace rules still apply: Even through you can sell these off-site, we always recommend using your site’s official hosted community forums when listing casino vouchers for sale.

Again, we’ll use Bovada as our example for the selling process:

  1. Visit the Bovada Cashier page and request a Voucher withdrawal from the payout options listed.
  2. Bovada will send you your code to the email address associated with your Bovada account.
  3. Once you receive your Bovada Voucher code, visit the Bovada Community message board and place an ad indicating the amount and which P2P service(s) you accept.
  4. A buyer will contact you, and both parties will agree to the terms of the private sale. The buyer will then use any acceptable P2P instant-pay service to send you the money for your code.
  5. After you receive payment, release the code to the seller immediately. This concludes the transaction.

At this point, you can either keep your payment in your P2P app account, move it to a linked debit card, deposit it into your bank, or – in most cases – even withdraw it as cash at your nearest ATM.

Casino vouchers are a great way for 18+ gamblers to claim same-day payouts (once a buyer has made contact about the listing), and there are never any fees attached.

Important: As a voucher seller, it’s imperative that you release your code to your buyer upon receipt of payment, as the terms of service for your 18+ gambling site require you to do so. Failure to honor betting voucher sales will result in account suspension or termination, as well as balance forfeiture.

Claiming Bonuses In 2024 When Using Casino Vouchers

These days, online gambling no-deposit bonuses are rarely offered, especially at the top 18-and-over casino sites. Frankly, the typical bonuses provided are much more valuable and have lower rollovers than any no-deposit betting promo, so the lack of such online casino free spins or free chips isn’t actually a negative.

Unfortunately, voucher deposits are not eligible for any of the advertised Bovada bonuses and promotions unless the terms of use specifically grant an exception for them. If you are interested in any of the bonus offers or promotions, we recommend using a form of crypto as your first deposit so you can claim the bonus, and then switching to vouchers for deposit taking place afterwards.  Most site’s standard bonuses include the following:

  • Casino Welcome Bonuses
  • Casino Reload Bonuses
  • Casino Weekly Bonuses
  • Casino Refer-A-Friend Bonuses
  • Casino Mobile Betting Bonuses

With casino vouchers, you cannot claim enhanced Bitcoin bonuses or altcoin bonuses. If you want to maximize your 18+ casino free plays, you’ll need to skip these codes and deposit directly into your site of choice with a supported cryptocurrency.

All current voucher-friendly sites also accept Bitcoin gambling deposits, Cardano gambling deposits, as well as Litecoin gambling deposits and Bitcoin Cash gambling deposits.

Payment Services Compatible With Online Gambling Vouchers

The top benefit of using vouchers for depositing and withdrawing at offshore casinos for 18-and-up players is that you can use person-to-person instant-pay services for bet funding.

Since P2P payments can’t be sent directly to your casino cashier, the voucher system allows for a workaround so you can deposit via the popular money transfer apps you already use.

P2P App Options

e-Wallet Options

Online Gambling Voucher Benefits

When you deposit and withdraw with online casino vouchers, you’ll get numerous perks that you won’t receive with any other banking method. These include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Instant deposits with 100% success rates
  • No UIGEA banking regulation interference
  • Support for all popular P2P payment platforms
  • Support for all popular e-Wallet platforms
  • Same-day payouts for immediate cash in hand
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees of any kind
  • Legal access for all USA players aged 18+

Online Gambling Voucher Negatives

Although casino vouchers offer numerous positives for 18+ gamblers, there are a few negatives to be aware of. These aren’t dealbreakers by any means, but it must be reiterated that they do require some extra steps when compared to other payment options.

  • Voucher codes are not always available in amounts that work for your needs
  • Not all sellers accept all P2P services
  • Not all sellers are able to immediately respond to your purchase request
  • Coordination is required between buyers and sellers
  • You must trust your seller and/or buy your voucher only through official site channels
  • Voucher deposits are not eligible for enhanced crypto bonuses or any bonuses for that matter.
  • Voucher payouts won’t always be same-day, as this depends on buyer demand

18+ Online Casino Voucher FAQs

Are casino vouchers legal?


Casino vouchers at the best 18-and-up online gambling sites are legal, as there are no laws barring the private sale of offshore gambling account balances.

Are casino vouchers safe?

Yes. They are a safe way to deposit into your online gambling account provided you stick with the best practices outlined above.

Most importantly, you should only buy vouchers posted to your site’s official channels or buy them from known, trusted sellers on third-party classified sites, Reddit forums, etc.

Are casino vouchers legitimate?


Casino vouchers are completely legit, and the top-rated online gambling venues that accept them have been in business for years.

These sites do not support untested or unreliable payment methods, because if you can’t fund your account, they can’t stay in business.

It’s that simple!  

Are there Casino limits for deposits and withdrawals?


At the online 18+ casinos that currently accept them, the deposit and withdrawal limits are typically as follows, but can vary by site:

  • Voucher Deposit Limits – $10 min, $3000 max
  • Voucher Withdrawal Limits – $10 min, $3000 max

Note: If you use a player transfer instead of a voucher, the funding process is identical, but the limits are higher. Currently, player transfer limits for both deposits and payouts are set at a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $15,000.

Can I use an online betting voucher from one site at a different site?

No. The codes are specific to the individual sites that issue and accept them.

Can I cash a casino voucher anywhere?


You can only use casino vouchers to make deposits at participating 18-and-up online casino sites. Before you can cash out, you’ll have to actually bet the funds you’ve put into your account.

That said, for sellers, once you receive payment for your code, that’s real money you can use for any purpose or withdraw as cash at any bank.

Do online gambling vouchers expire?

The typical casino voucher expiration date will be six months after it is first generated by the seller.

This is why it’s so important to make sure that the code you’re buying is still valid and that you don’t purchase one from a months-old listing.

Additionally, you should always deposit your casino gambling voucher as soon as you receive it from your seller.

Why don’t all 18-and-up online casinos use gambling vouchers?

That’s one of the fundamental mysteries of the universe!

Vouchers are so easy to implement and so convenient for millions of players that it seems like every top 18+ casino would be stumbling over itself to get support for them up and running.

And we expect that soon enough, they’ll all do exactly that.

Can I cash in a found casino voucher?

Vouchers are treated like cash. If you somehow come across an unclaimed online casino voucher code, you can attempt to deposit it. If the code is active, your account will be credited with the requisite amount.

However, cashing in a found casino voucher at an online gambling site is probably never going to happen, since these things aren’t just floating around out there. Still, if you do manage to stumble across one, it certainly can’t hurt to try to deposit it.