Florida, California, and Texas 18+ Sports Betting & Casino Options

Sports gambling money and football

While 36 states and the nation’s capital now offer domestic sportsbooks to operate from inside state lines, the big three (Florida, California, and Texas) have not yet passed sports betting legislation.  While there are no domestic sports betting options in the states mentioned above, offshore sportsbooks do accept players from those states and offer 18+ sportsbooks for residents of …

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Video Games with Simulated Gambling To Be Rated R18+

GTA Casino resort

A new proposal to protect children and problem gamblers suggests that the federal government rates games with simulated gambling be R18+ (restricted to 18 and over) and games with random loot boxes for purchase to at least carry an M (mature) rating.  Popular games like Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption have gambling games entwined …

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NH Online Casino Bill Passes Senate, Killed By House Committee

New Hampshire casinos

New Hampshire lawmakers are desperately trying to pass an online casino bill to increase revenue for the state, but after passing the state Senate, the House committee has killed the bill stating that it needs a lot of work. The New Hampshire state senate narrowly passed online casino legislation earlier this week with a 12-11 …

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North Carolina Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Commercial Casinos

North Carolina Casino laws

North Carolina Representative Jason Saine is sponsoring a state-issued sports betting bill passed by the House and is expected to have majority support in the Senate. With sports betting on the way, Saine told media sources that state legislators are also discussing legalizing private-owned commercial casinos.  There are currently only two brick-and-mortar casinos in North …

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February Reports Show Significant Growth For Pennsylvania Gambling Industry

Pennsylvania revenue reports 2023

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has released its revenue data for February, showing that revenue is up across the board. When compared to revenue from February 2022, the gambling sector is up 21.65 for the month. Combined revenue for all legal gambling options in the state came to $456.8 million. Retail slots led the revenue report with …

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USA Casinos Earn $60 Billion In Revenue For 2022

US Casino revenue for 2022

Domestic casinos in the United States have had a record-breaking year with more than $60 billion in revenue for 2022, according to the American Gaming Association (AGA). Data released by the AGA shows that in-person casino gambling produced the most revenue, with nearly 80% of the income accrued in 2022; online gambling made up 20% of …

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New Slot Titles Offer Hot Drop Jackpots To 18+ Players. 

Hot Drop Jackpot games

Several of our favorite, most trusted online casino sites have added new slot titles to their ever-growing list of online casino games, many of which are now included in a “hot drop jackpot” promotion where players can win additional jackpots. Online casino promotions go back as far as the birth of the internet, but over the years, …

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Betting On Super Bowl LVII At 18+ Online Casino And Sportsbook Sites

Eagles Chiefs Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII Will kick off Sunday, February 12, at 6:30 pm (EST) and feature the top NFC and AFC teams as they battle for the right to call themselves NFL Champions.  This year the Super Bowl will take place in Glendale, Arizona, and feature the NFC Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the AFC Champions the …

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Royal Caribbean And Carnival Offer Casino Options To 18+ Passengers

Cruise casinos

You have heard the saying that anything goes once you hit international waters; well, that proves to be true now that Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines offer casino gaming to patrons over 18.  Casino gambling is offered due to the lack of US gambling laws and how they vary from state to state. There …

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