Why Cryptocurrency Is The Best Way To Fund Your 18+ Online Casino Account

If you’re just getting started in the world of online gambling, choosing the best possible 18 and up casino site is no small task. Of course, one of the biggest factors in determining which Internet-based operator will work for your needs is the casino deposit methods they support. After all, if you can’t get money into your gambling account, you can’t actually gamble!

To that end, most Internet casino destinations will give you a number of options when it comes to getting your account loaded up. Typically, these include things like credit deposits, debit deposits, bank wires, money orders, and so on.

While these are all feasible and work most of the time, there are a couple of negatives to consider.

First and foremost, traditional deposit methods all come with various transfer fees. These can range from three percent to nine percent of your entire deposit, or they can simply be fixed amounts charged by go-betweens like MoneyGram or Western Union. Bank Wires are often the most expensive way to fund your casino accounts, and these transactions should be reserved for the highest of high rollers.

Secondly, traditional monetary transactions are susceptible to bank cancellation, transfer holds, and wait times of a week or more. While these aren’t anything to be concerned about from a legal standpoint, they can get in the way of you and your gambling pastime.

Fortunately, there is a better way to fund your account, and 18+ casinos and betting sites have an ace up their sleeves. Or rather, they give you an ace to put up your sleeve: Bitcoin deposits.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency in the world, and every reputable 18+ casino accepts Bitcoin as a matter of course. There are a number of reasons for this, some simple and some more complicated, but for the end-user, the result is the same:

Bitcoin is the best deposit method, no matter what.

Bitcoin Benefits For 18+ Gambling Sites

  • Bitcoin is legal.

Bitcoin is totally legal to own and use in the US, so you will never get into any trouble for depositing into your casino account using the cryptocurrency. While some countries have made it difficult for their residents to use BTC, US players are free to use the crypto as they please.

  • Bitcoin transactions are guaranteed.

Bitcoin transfers go through 100% of the time and can never be rejected by banks or other governmental entities. Because Bitcoin does not go through the traditional banking market (except during initial acquisition when you buy the cryptocurrency on the front end), only you and your direct recipient – in this case, your legal 18+ casino site – are involved in the transaction.

  • Bitcoin is universal.

BTC can be used by anyone and can be sent to anyone, no matter where they are. All you need is an electronic address, and your chosen recipient will receive the funds you send, every time.

  • Bitcoin is comparatively anonymous.

While no cryptocurrency is 100% anonymous, Bitcoin transactions are difficult to trace, and there is no common, reliable method to do so. Your casino gaming is your business. Keep it that way with Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin is safe and secure.

Because it uses blockchain technology and quantum-hacking-resistant technologies, you can trust that your Bitcoin transfers will remain secure. BTC transfers offer better security than even the most state-of-the-art banking industry standards.

  • Bitcoin is fast!

For guaranteed transactions, Bitcoin is the fastest funding method there is. While the blockchain and ledger verification systems used for BTC can make transfers take up to 15 minutes or so on average, that’s much faster than most other casino banking options. And that means that you can be playing your favorite games almost immediately.  

  • Bitcoin is preferred.

All of the best 18 and up casino sites actually prefer that their customers use BTC to fund their accounts, as it’s cheaper, asier, and morereliable for them and you.

  • Bitcoin casino bonuses are superior.

All 18+ gambling sites offer good bonuses to get their players off to a fast start. However, Bitcoin bonuses are often worth twice as much as standard deposit bonuses, which means you get more bank for your buck!

  • Bitcoin offers same-day payouts.

Bitcoin is the only financial option at 18+ casinos and betting sites that offers same-day payouts. When you request BTC withdrawals, you can expect to have your winnings available in your private Bitcoin wallet within just a few hours.

  • Bitcoin is an investment.

One of the major draws of BTC is the market volatility associated with the cryptocurrency. When you use BTC for deposits, your BTC payouts will be based on the current market rate for the crypto. However, that rate is on an almost constant upward trajectory. If you claim $100 in BTC winnings today, that could be worth $120, $150, or even $200 tomorrow!

Bitcoin Drawbacks For 18+ Gambling Sites

When it comes to the drawbacks of using Bitcoin at any 18 and over online casino, there really aren’t any. At least, not in terms of accessibility at your favorite casino sites.

The only real negative about Bitcoin – or any cryptocurrency – is that you have to actually acquire the BTC before you can use it. Usually, this means creating an account at a site like Coinbase, linking up your bank account, and waiting about 10 days before your BTC purchase is credited and you gain access to your crypto.

Clearly, this a problem for gamblers who want to casually play online without waiting a week and a half to get started.

Using Zelle To Purchase Bitcoin

The above drawback aside, there is actually a workaround to consider, and that’s to use Zelle – an online banking product you probably already have in your online banking app – to purchase BTC from private sellers at a site called LocalBitcoins.com.

LocalBitcoins doesn’t go through the typical bank-facing BTC acquisition process, allowing you to purchase Bitcoin immediately – with no multi-day wait – from private sellers in your area. By transferring money from your bank account using the Zelle funding process, you can get Bitcoin in mere minutes. Zelle is such a gamechanger that many 18+ online casinos are already advertising it to their customers.

Bovada, Ignition Casino, and Slots.lv are the first major 18 and up casinos to showcase Zelle support, and each site has a dedicated walkthrough to help you with the Zelle-to-BTC process.

Other Supported Cryptos

There are a number of other supported cryptocurrencies at most 18+ casino websites. While Bitcoin remains the most popular of the bunch, there are usually several altcoins you can use to make deposits and withdrawals, too. These include – but are not limited to – the following:

The online 18 and up casino market has long been at the forefront of various technologies, and Bitcoin is the biggest groundswell the industry has seen since it moved to the Internet in the first place. For deposits and withdrawals, cryptocurrency in general – and BTC in particular – simply can’t be beat.

If you want to keep your online casino gaming, sports betting, and horse racing wagering private, Bitcoin and other altcoins are a no-brainer. Remember, gambling is risky enough. Don’t add to that risk by using hit-or-miss banking methods that might make you lose out on that big progressive payout or a limited-time bonus.

By using Bitcoin to fund your 18 and up casino gaming, you’ve already won!