18+ Online Casino Security Techniques & Features Following Vegas Cyber Attacks

For many players, 18+ online casinos are the best option for wager-based entertainment; however, following the recent cyberattacks targeting some of the biggest casino names in Vegas, some players are concerned about their data. 

To ease your concerns, online casinos are typically safer than brick-and-mortar locations as they only store data through encrypted services. While most data leaks can be traced back to human error, no online casino or domestic casino is 100% safe from cyberattacks, but to be fair, no business is 100% secure from a cyberattack. 

How Do Online Casinos Store Player Information?

The most trusted online casinos all store player data with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, an evolution of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. TLS works by communicating between computers with an authentication (handshake) and digital encryption unique for each computer. Data encryption offers players the comfort of knowing that if their data is stolen over the web, hackers can only see uncrackable code instead of information. 

Since casino sites accept and send money online, encryption is essential to their security setup. Other safety measures include oversight from a trusted gaming commission or authority. Top online casinos possess licensing and compliance records indicating that the games have been tested for fairness. 

Are Online Casinos Legal For 18-Year-Old Gamblers From The United States?

Yes, 18 and up gamblers from the United States can legally access online casinos outside the country. No federal laws forbid online gambling and simply leave it up to the individual states to pass their laws. Washington state is the only US state that has passed laws banning online gambling; however, you can still access them; you just run the risk of prosecution if you get caught breaking the state law. 

How Common Are Cyberattacks At Casinos?

Cyberattacks are common with all businesses that control large amounts of money; however, casinos are only targeted sometimes, given their state-of-the-art security measures. Most cyberattacks are targeted through email phishing or human error and rarely occur when encryption techniques are deployed. 

According to Quartz media sources, the recent attacks on the MGM Casino and Caesar’s Casino were conducted by young hackers looking for a hefty ransom. It was not released if the casinos paid the ransom, but the ongoing attack lasted longer than a week. Some of the discrepancies have included slot machines going black, hotel cards not working, and online booking disturbances.