18+ Online Sportsbooks Have 1600+ Odds For NFL Week 1

Here at Casinos18, we’re usually focused on the legal online casino fare available to those aged 18 and up.

Online, after all, is the only place such gamblers can safely and securely play real money slots and table games without breaking any US gambling laws.

However, many of the best international casinos operating online also include sportsbooks, and outside of virtual slots, blackjack, roulette, and 18+ online poker, NFL betting is one of the biggest markets for these services and their customers.

So with the NFL season kicking off tonight at 8:20 PM EST as the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs take on the Houston Texans at home, it’s time to get excited about the real return of sports in the Year of Coronavirus.

With most online sports betting having been shut down for the better part of the year as COVID-19 spread across the world and suspended leagues everywhere, online betting sites and domestic sportsbooks alike are looking forward to the 2020 NFL season more than anyone else, save for the fans and bettors themselves.

So you better believe they have odds posted for Week 1!

2020 NFL Odds – Week 1

Via Bovada 18+ Sportsbook

Houston Texans +9.5 at Kansas City Chiefs -9.5

  • Moneyline: Texans +325, Chiefs -450
  • Over/Under: 54.0

Chicago Bears +3.0 at Detroit Lions -3.0

  • Moneyline: Bears +130, Lions -150
  • Over/Under: 43.0

Cleveland Browns +8.0 at Baltimore Ravens -8.0

  • Moneyline: Browns +280, Ravens -360
  • Over/Under: 48.5

Green Bay Packers +2.5 at Minnesota Vikings -2.5

  • Moneyline: Packers +120, Vikings -140
  • Over/Under: 45.0

Indianapolis Colts -8.0 at Jacksonville Jaguars +8.0

  • Moneyline: Colts -420, Jaguars +310
  • Over/Under: 45.0

Las Vegas Raiders -3.0 at Carolina Panthers +3.0

  • Moneyline: Raiders -170, Panthers +150
  • Over/Under: 47.5

Miami Dolphins +6.5 at New England Patriots -6.5

  • Moneyline: Dolphins +250, Patriots -300
  • Over/Under: 42.0

New York Jets +6.5 at Buffalo Bills -6.5

  • Moneyline: Jets +250, Bills -300
  • Over/Under: 39.5

Philadelphia Eagles -6.0 at Washington Football Team +6.0

  • Moneyline: Eagles -250, Football Team +210
  • Over/Under: 42.5

Seattle Seahawks -2.5 at Atlanta Falcons +2.5

  • Moneyline: Seahawks -135, Falcons +115
  • Over/Under: 49.0

Los Angeles Chargers -3.0 at Cincinnati Bengals +3.0

  • Moneyline: Chargers -170, Bengals +150
  • Over/Under: 42.0

Arizona Cardinals +7.0 at San Francisco 49ers -7.0

  • Moneyline: Cardinals +255, 49ers -310
  • Over/Under: 48.0

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5 at New Orleans Saints -3.5

  • Moneyline: Buccaneers +155, Saints -175
  • Over/Under: 48.0

Dallas Cowboys -3.0 at Los Angeles Rams +3.0

  • Moneyline: Cowboys -150, Rams +130
  • Over/Under: 52.0

Pittsburgh Steelers -6.0 at New York Giants +6.0

  • Moneyline: Steelers -245, Giants +205
  • Over/Under: 46.5

Tennessee Titans -2.5 at Denver Broncos +2.5

  • Moneyline: Titans -135, Broncos +115
  • Over/Under: 41.0

Of course, the NFL has several coronavirus-related attendance policies to be aware of for those looking to attend actual games, as the Chiefs have pointed out:

Fortunately, the only way that reduced attendance can possibly affect sports bettors around the country is the effect it might have on the “12th Man.”

With the crowds significantly reduced in size and spread thinly around NFL stadiums, there’s a very real chance that teams won’t experience quite the same adrenaline-boosting rush – and the summary better on-field performance – that home crowds provide to their clubs.

Aside from that, of course, it’s business as usual.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 20 and can’t legally wager with a domestic sportsbook in your state – or if you simply want the best betting lines and bonuses that legal 18+ offshore sportsbooks offer – you still have time to sign up with a reputable site, make a credit or crypto deposit, and wager on this week’s games.

With each contest boasting over 100 different betting lines, you’ll have more than 1600 different wagers at your disposal.

Just be careful not to blow your entire bankroll on the first week of the season.

Yes, it might be exciting to bet on Brady’s Bucs or the brand new Las Vegas Raiders, but you should probably give those clubs a week or two to prove their mettle.

If you really want a sure thing, take the Packers straight up at +120.

Source: CNN