Coronavirus Causes Nevada To Shut Down Casinos And Hotels, Diverting Gaming To Online And Mobile

All casinos, hotels, and non-essential businesses were ordered to shut down by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak on Tuesday afternoon due to Coronavirus fears. This closure applies to any business that is not a hospital, pharmacy, daycare, airport, bank, or post office.

Many Las Vegas casinos had been considering whether to remain open or not, but the Governor’s decision took the decision out of their hands. The order forced many vacationers and spring breakers to abandon their hotels no later than Thursday, with most being forced to make alternate travel plans for their return home.

“My ultimate goal here is to come together as Nevadans to save [lives]. That requires aggressive strategies aimed at mitigating community spread. Medical professionals have made it abundantly clear that there is no treatment… While the vaccine is being developed, we don’t have time to waste. At this time, we must act aggressively and decisively to protect ourselves, our families in our community.” Governor Steve Sisolak

With the order standing for 30 days, travelers do not have the option of waiting it out, and travel to the region beyond the initial closure period is now in jeopardy. The closure also affects thousands of music concert and live performance dates, with imminent rescheduling or outright cancellations expected soon.

This order will place tens of thousands of casino and hotel-related employees out of work for at least four weeks. Some casinos have stepped up and offered to cover partial salary and to maintain benefits coverage.

“The Culinary & Bartenders Unions demand every Nevada employer pay all of their employees (including part-time workers) and extend healthcare benefits during the ordered 30-day closure.” Culinary Local 226 Secretary &Treasurer Geoconda Argüello

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that MGM Resorts International is planning to begin employee layoffs on Friday. Other casinos were not so quick to fold on their employees. The Las Vegas Sands Corporation has ponied up and stated that there would be no layoffs and that they would pay their employees for the duration of the closure.

The last time that casinos in Nevada were shut down was 57 years ago during President John F. Kennedy’s funeral. This 30-day closure will dwarf that brief sojourn of inactivity, but that could only be the beginning. If the spread of COVID-19 goes beyond current projections, then further closures will be required.

Those that still have an appetite for casino-style gaming will be left with only one option, which is a top offshore casino operating online. The best part is that our recommended online casinos are open to bettors that are 18-years of age or older, a full three-years earlier than is required by in-state Nevada casinos.

With so many young adults being trapped at home for spring break or with school canceled, perhaps online poker can offer a nice reprieve from Coronavirus coverage and stockpiling supplies at local grocery stores.

Although most major sports have been canceled or postponed, there are still many contests available for wagering on if you visit an 18+ friendly sportsbook. All of these recommended sportsbooks offer mobile betting, which is just what the doctor ordered during this extended period of social distancing.