COVID-19 Extends Casino Shutdowns And Causes Massive Revenue Shortages


Casinos in California are feeling the hit of the Coronavirus crisis. Their 67,000+ gaming industry workforce is self-quarantining at home. There are many gambling facilities located on Tribal land throughout the state, which cause an annual economic impact of $20 billion.

The blow to regional facilities has been devastating.  Gambler’s newfound reliance on casino sites and offshore sportsbooks will be a tall hurdle that land-based casinos will need to clear once the epidemic has subsided, and the industry has returned to business as usual.

Native American Casinos have responded to the outbreak by stepping up and providing food and supplies to local citizens who are struggling with finances and other ailments.

With no outlet for in-person gaming in all USA states, gamblers are turning to offshore casinos operating online. The convenience is unrivaled because they are available 24 hours a day and offer real money casino games for 18 year old and over players.

New Jersey

Casino closures in New Jersey have over 26,000 employees out of work, and a nearly $3 billion per year industry sits idle for the first time since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The Garden State’s gaming industry was able to weather the storm during the 3-day closure eight years ago. Still, a similar recovery is not expected this time around, with many casino hotels expecting to declare for bankruptcy in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, with all Atlantic City casinos closed in-state, that leaves no real option for regional gamblers. Because of the murky legal waters of online gambling in New Jersey, offshore casinos have opted to not allow membership to those residing within the state’s borders.

People that are interested in gambling online in New Jersey will need to travel to another state before visiting an online casino.


The command to shut down Las Vegas casinos to stall the spread of the Coronavirus was extended last Wednesday, when the Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, announced that the closure would last until April 30th.

The Reno-Gazette is reporting that there have been 46 COVID-19 related deaths in Nevada so far, and have over 1,900 people infected.

“Today’s ‘Stay at Home’ directive strengthens the imperative that Nevadans must not leave their homes for nonessential activities in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19,”
Steve Sisolak – Nevada State Governor

With mass closures being extended often, and no end in sight to the contagion, casinos and their attached hotels have been offered up for local organizations to use as resting places for first responders or make-shift medical facilities. These are noble causes, and the companies supplying their facilities should be applauded, but this will provide yet another obstacle for the gaming industry’s recovery once the nation returns to normal.

With some states now extending closures through early May, it is expected that many casinos will not be in business when the industry finally comes back up for air.