Drake Partners With 18+ Casino To Host Legal Online Gambling Event

Celebrities far and wide are beginning to expand their branding into the US online gaming industry. Some have entered deals with 18+ sportsbooks, while others are just eager to share their love for online gambling.

Canadian triple-threat Drake seems to be dabbling in both. After having bet $1.3 million on the Rams to win Super Bowl LVI, the famed musician will be using his winnings to host an 18+ online casino event. The official date has yet to be announced.

In the Instagram post, Drake says,

“I am going to be announcing a date for an upcoming live event where I play to win some real money and give it all to you because what’s better than sharing the love with my people. stay tuned for details”

The event will be in collaboration with Stake, an online casino and sportsbook through which Drake has been gambling since December of 2021. In recent weeks, Drake has been spotted playing digital 18+ roulette on the website and showing off his massive sportsbook earnings.

The overseas gambling platform is not yet available to players in the US or Australia. The Drake x Stake event will cater towards 6God’s international fan base.

But Drake’s interest in gambling isn’t, by any means, new. In 2021, he and several other high-profile rappers took a gambling trip to the Bahamas with Fanatics CEO Michael Ruben.

The group could be seen playing poker at the high-roller table. Meek Mill, one of the stars on the trip, captioned an Instagram post from the trip with the following:

“DC x OVO X 4Pf x FANATICS. I got a lot of M’s on my mind! Having a goat get together.”

Drake’s gambling tendencies have increased since the trip, having become a staple element of his social media feed.

In February of this year, Drake posted an Instagram story of his courtside view at a Toronto Raptors game. In the video, he writes, “Had a extra seat for my laptop as well…”

Drake later revealed that he has gambled nearly $1 billion on the Stake website under the username “DeepPockets6.”

More celebrities are expected to enter the gambling market as sportsbook legalization continues across the country. US gambling laws are quickly changing to accommodate the renewed interest in sports betting.

Other hip-hop superstars have already expressed interest in online gambling ventures. Just last year, Jay-Z entered a deal with Fanatics to open a mobile sportsbook in New York.

Although the efforts failed, it won’t be the last time we see such a big-name partner with a sportsbook.

Source: Hip HopDX