$329 Billion In Economic Activity Created By the US Casino Industry

Dice iconAccording to a new study, the American Gaming Association (AGA) reports that the US casino industry has generated nearly $329 billion in economic activity.

According to the study, the casino industry’s impact is up 26% from pre-pandemic levels reported in 2017. This economic activity is a result of various factors, including employee wages, taxes, non-gambling revenue such as hotel stays and dining, and gaming revenue from the casino floor.

Tribal and commercial casinos in the United States create about 1.8 million jobs, according to reports taken in 2017. However, those jobs produced $104 billion in wagers, up 40% from 2017. The reports also show that the casino industry paid approximately $52.7 billion in taxes to federal, state, and local governments.

The US casino industry is also having its best year ever in terms of the amount of money won by casinos. Currently, the industry is on pace to exceed $60 billion in revenue.

Bill Miller, president and CEO of the AGA, emphasized the industry’s resiliency and continued strength. He pointed out that despite the challenges, the industry has bounced back, producing record-breaking numbers today.

Online Casino Gambling In The USA

Only six states offer domestic-based online casinos to residents and visitors: New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. All the states mentioned above require their online players to be over 21, with no exceptions.

For US players over 18 to gamble online, you will have to look at the most trusted online casinos outside of the states. Offshore gambling sites operate legally in most states since there are no federal or state laws blocking access or deeming their use illegal.

Popular Online Casino Games

Online players will find all the titles and games they have grown accustomed to on the casino floor, including various slots, different video poker variations, and classic table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and more. Some online casino sites even offer live dealer games over a secure video/audio feed that can be accessed with a phone or other internet device, providing a more immersive and interactive experience.

Online wagering games offer the same odds as the Vegas casinos and are regulated by trusted gaming authorities. This ensures that online casinos are a secure and reliable platform for gambling, provided they have obtained a license from a trusted gaming regulator.

Will More State Offer Online Casinos In The Future?

Yes, inevitably, more states will eventually open their doors to state-based online gambling sites. Several states have already drafted proposals to allow the activity, and we expect more states to pass online casino laws soon, paving the way for a brighter future for online gambling.

Online casino gambling has been slow to expand in comparison to online sports gambling. Currently, 38 states offer domestic sports betting, and 30 states have allowed state-based sportsbooks to service online players.