Rivers Casino in Virginia Fined $545k For Underage Patrons

Virginia State Flag IconThe Rivers Casino in Portsmouth, Virginia, was recently fined $545,000 for allowing underage patrons on the premises.

According to the Virginia Lottery, the regulating body for all casino gambling in the state, Rivers Casino’s violation of gambling laws by allowing underage patrons on site was a serious offense. Rivers Casino allowed underage patrons to play on the gaming floor; however, it is unclear if they were allowed to gamble.

The Rivers Casino in Portsmouth also committed a similar offense in May 2023, which resulted in substantial fines of $275,000. The latest offense, blamed on the lack of controls over surveillance operations, has further highlighted the importance of strict adherence to gambling laws.

In September, Rivers Casino agreed to pay $40k to the Commonwealth’s general fund. This past May, another $505k settlement was reached, bringing the total settlement to USD 545,000.

Gambling Laws In Virginia

Virginia gambling laws state that no one under the age of 21 is allowed to gamble or be present where casino gaming is conducted. Federal gambling laws do not mandate a gambling age but instead let states decide on which age residents can gamble.

There are only six states where players over the age of 18 can legally gamble: California, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island. While several other 18+ gambling states allow patrons to gamble on other sources like the lottery and horse racing, casino gambling is often reserved for 21-and-up players.

Online Casino Age Requirements

As mentioned above, federal gambling laws do not mandate a minimum gambling age for US states. Instead, they allow states to decide what age is appropriate for gambling.

However, when it comes to online casinos, many states do not have laws concerning the matter. Therefore, 18+ online casinos operating from outside of the US jurisdiction will often accept players above the age of 18.

We firmly believe that if you are old enough to serve your country in the military, you are old enough to gamble. While we don’t condone breaking any local laws, we do want to assist you in your online gambling ventures.

Our online 18 and up casino reviews are a great place to start. Our site reviews detailed banking options, bonus rewards, and features. We strongly advise you to only gamble what you can afford to lose, as not all players will win. However, you can maximize your chances with legit casinos licensed by trusted gaming regulators.

18+ Gambling Options In Virginia

Only the lottery and horse racing via the parimutuel system for Virginia-licensed operations can legally accept bets from players over 18. While there are no laws forbidding players from gambling online, the state does not authorize its state-licensed casinos to operate online.

However, 18+ Virginia casinos operate online 24/7 outside the United States. Online gambling sites have accepted US players since the early 2000s and offer the same titles in state-licensed casinos, including blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, and much more.