Japan Approves First-Ever Casino Development Project

The BBC has reported that Japanese officials have passed an initiative to permit the first casino-style resort in the country. The new casino will be in the western city of Osaka and is projected to open in 2029.

The new complex is expected to host a hotel, a conference center, a shopping mall, and a museum in addition to the casino. Public opinion on the addition of a casino to Japan is split among residents. Some fear that a casino will attract crime and cause gambling addiction, while others feel it will increase tourism and revenue. 

The new project is estimated to have an investment of over 13.5 billion, funded by MGM and Japan’s Orix Group. Both groups will own a 40% stake in the casino project. 

Other Countries That Have Casinos

Domestic casinos are famous worldwide, with many of today’s modern countries offering to play host. In the USA, Las Vegas has become known as the world’s gambling capital, with more than 100 casino locations, many of them situated on the famous Vegas strip. 

Casino gambling is also popular in other Asian countries, including the Philippines, Macau, Singapore, and more. While many countries allow residents and tourists to gamble, the most common age restriction is 21. 

Domestic and Online Casinos In The United States

USA flagDomestic casinos are only allowed in states that authorize the enterprises in the United States. While all states have access to 18+ online casinos, only a few brick-and-mortar locations allow players under 21. 

Like most casino-style resorts around the world, bettors in the States often have access to sportsbooks and poker rooms. With so many options, including shopping, culinary, and entertainment, it is easy to see why these resorts are desirable to many. 

Is Online Gambling Legal In Japan?

While online casinos are accessible in Japan, there are no laws permitting their use. The new initiative to allow domestic casinos makes no mention of online gambling, so many still warn against using offshore gambling sites as it could be seen as a crime. 

Online gambling sites are illegal to operate in some areas around the world, but government officials are often more concerned about the operators rather than the players. In Japan, the act of gambling has been illegal since 1907 and is punishable by a petty fine of up to JPY 500,000.