Online Blackjack Variations For 18+ Players

Blackjack cards and chipsBlackjack is one of the most popular online casino games available to players in the United States and worldwide. To win in blackjack, players must get their cards as close to 21 without going over. To be awarded the win, a player’s cards must be 21 or closer and higher than the total of the dealer’s cards.

When the dealer, or croupier, and the player’s card both equal 21, then a push is awarded, and a new hand is played. Bets from the previous hand are then pushed to the next hand, and players can add to their last bets.

Below, we will look at the multiple blackjack variations found online at the casino sites we review and how they differ from the classic blackjack game we all love to play.

Single And Double Deck Blackjack

You will find two dominant types of blackjack variations online: single and double-deck. Single-deck blackjack is what most people are used to playing; However, double-deck blackjack increases the odds for the player. 

18+ casino sites offer both variations of blackjack online to players from around the globe. Most reputable sites also provide free play where players can get accustomed to the game before wagering real money at the table. 

European Blackjack vs. American Blackjack

Compared to American blackjack, the main difference in European blackjack is how the cards are dealt. European blackjack deals one card to the dealer, and then the players get to move before the dealer receives their second card. In American blackjack, the dealer gets two cards right away, one face up and one face down.

European blackjack also has other rules that are different from the American version. Players can only split the cards once when playing European-style blackjack, whereas American blackjack players can split the cards up to three times and into any pair. 

Perfect Pair Blackjack

Perfect pairs blackjack is a side bet where the players bet if they get dealt pairs. The game’s object is still to beat the dealer and for all cards to equal 21; however, if a pair is dealt, that player wins their side bet. 

While a popular side bet to make, perfect pairs are not favorable to the player as pairs are rarely dealt. However, the odds offered payout is good if the bet is won.

Is It Legal To Bet On Blackjack Online?

In the United States, no laws forbid betting on blackjack online. Federal gambling laws only address domestic gambling services and leave it up to the states to decide what their residents can access online. 

Only the state of Washington has outright banned online blackjack betting and all other forms of offshore gambling. While the state does not block access to online gambling sites, players who break the law could face possible repercussions if discovered gambling online.