Royal Caribbean And Carnival Offer Casino Options To 18+ Passengers

You have heard the saying that anything goes once you hit international waters; well, that proves to be true now that Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines offer casino gaming to patrons over 18. 

Casino gambling is offered due to the lack of US gambling laws and how they vary from state to state. There are currently twelve 18+ gambling states in the US, but other states can take advantage of 18+ online casinos.

Over the years, big cruise lines leaving the United States have followed federal guidelines such as the legal drinking age of 21 and the no marijuana policy despite the legalization of cannabis in many states.

18+ Online Casinos

Despite many states imposing a strict over-21 gambling age, 18+ online casinos operate in 48 of the 50 states, excluding New Jersey and Washington. Online casinos can legally operate in the United States since no federal laws prevent them from offering their services. 

18 and over online casinos offer the same table games, slots, and classic casino games that traditional casinos provide, just in a mobile/desktop-friendly format. Online casino games also offer cheaper solutions for many gamblers looking for entertainment. You can also find 18+ live dealer games online, but those minimums are much higher than the typical random number generator games. 

Online Casino Benefits

Playing casino games online is desirable to many players due to its convenience and the banking options available. Bonus rewards and VIP reward programs are also a big selling point for online casinos to frequent players.

Some of the best online deposit and withdrawal options include Bitcoin and other popular altcoins. Online casino patrons like using digital currencies because the processing times are relatively quick compared to other alternative methods. While depositing with credit/debit is always the fastest option, sometimes US players need help transferring those transactions due to the outdated UIGEA law. 

How To Plan For An 18+ Casino Vacation

If you want to go on a cruise soon and partake in legal casino gambling, our suggestion is to practice online before you plan the trip. Domestic casinos are a lot of fun, and cruise casinos are often just as entertaining, but before you get caught up in the lifestyle, a little online practice will serve you well.

A few clicks away are cruise options from your area; Carnival has some great options for 18+ guests looking for fun, sun, and gambling. If you decide to set sail soon, make sure you see our online casino reviews, where you can learn which sites offer free play casino gaming options to get ready for the bright light casinos.