2019 Tribal Influence on Domestic Gambling

Native American Indian Tribes US Map

In the US, tribes can have a large say in the kinds of gaming operations are authorized and held within a state. Several US states have legalized expanded forms of gambling with little to no worry about tribal influence in their politics. However, trying to pass expanded gaming legislation in states with numerous native reservations …

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Virginia Passes Bill Allowing Gambling Expansion

Virginia State Symbol

Virginia’s new bill signed into law will permit expanded casino gambling, online gaming, and sports betting. One gambling expansion bill has swept through the Senate and House and to the Governor’s desk, SB 1126. The lawmakers and people in the Commonwealth are excited to see new gaming services and options. It is likely that Virginia …

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Arizona Hops On The Sports Betting Bandwagon

Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli

Arizona is finally through with living in Nevada’s shadow, the state now plans to license sports gambling. Republican Senator Sonny Borrelli introduced Senate Bill 1158 at the Arizona State Capitol which contains provisions to allow sports gambling to be operated by domestic federally-recognized native tribes with tribal gaming compacts. Sports betting would be available in …

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Florida Legislators Uncertain Over Future With Tribal Gaming

Florida Legislature

Florida lawmakers are worried that the monopoly they’ve long empowered the Seminole Tribe with will come back to haunt them. The State of Florida has long entangled with the Seminole Tribe via negotiations. In fact, the State Government would accept $343 million in direct cash flow annually from the Tribe in exchange for suppressing and …

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