USA Casinos Earn $60 Billion In Revenue For 2022

Domestic casinos in the United States have had a record-breaking year with more than $60 billion in revenue for 2022, according to the American Gaming Association (AGA).

Data released by the AGA shows that in-person casino gambling produced the most revenue, with nearly 80% of the income accrued in 2022; online gambling made up 20% of the 2022 revenue. The $60 billion in revenue does not account for tribal casinos as they report their income separately, but David Foreman, a vice president with the AGA, suspects they produced another $40+ billion.

When compared to gambling revenue from 2021, the gambling industry grew by about 14% in 2022. Forman told media sources that this is equivalent to adding another Las Vegas strip in the US.

Can 18-Year-Olds Gamble At USA Domestic Casinos?

Yes, there are some states that allow 18+ gamblers, but most states require players to be over the age of 21. Tribal casinos follow state laws, so depending on the state’s minimum gambling age will determine the age tribal casinos can offer their services too. 

Casinos typically check identification before entering the establishment or have a cashier who checks identification before credits can be bought or cashed out. In Nevada, America’s most significant gambling state, the minimum age to play at domestic casinos is 21.

Can 18+ Players Gamble Online?

Yes, there are many online casinos that accept players over the age of 18. However, every site is different, and many online sites still only allow players over the age of 21. 

Online casinos based offshore do not have to follow state laws as they are out of the United States’ jurisdiction, but they do require players to abide by state laws to prevent any legal trouble that could occur. For the most part, offshore online casinos are allowed to operate in the states; however, a few states do not allow online casino gambling at all.

Are Online Casinos Legit?

Yes, if you play a trusted online casino, they are as legit as they come; however, unlicensed rogue casinos also exist, so it is best only to play sites regulated by a gaming agency. 

Gaming regulators are often government agencies that require strenuous testing and compliance orders to operate legally. The regulation gives players the peace of mind that the games offer fair odds and that the casino is legitimate.