Zelle makes online betting easier for 18+ bettors

Things are hardly ever easy for legal gamblers under 21 years old. At 18, 19, and 20 years old, most states won’t even allow players entrance into the casinos, forcing 18-and-up bettors to online casinos in certain states.

While offshore casinos are not prohibited in the United States, and in some cases they’re better than brick and mortar establishments, they can pose some accessibility issues for American players. One particular issue offshore players faced was when using cryptocurrency.

Traditionally, if a player wanted to purchase cryptocurrency for their online casino accounts, the process could take ten days to process if it is a first time crypto purchase. This was due to fiat buy-ins, like Coinbase, needing that time for the transaction to clear. (This waiting period typically only applies to a players’s very first purchase.)

However, Zelle might have eliminated this problem as they now allow their users to directly send money from their accounts to cryptocurrency brokers without additional fees or waiting periods. Instead of taking ten days to process a transaction, online bettors could have funds within one hour.

Anyone can use Zelle, assuming their bank account offers the service. Under United States online gambling law, this allows 18-year-old bettors to take advantage of the new deposit method safely and legally.

For online gamblers, especially a younger crowd familiar with internet-based money transferring, casinos accepting Zelle can be a game-changer. Not only does the service allow for same-day betting with cryptocurrency, using Zelle gives players more control over their online deposit options.

To begin using Zelle, players only need an email address and account number. It must be noted that banks disavow all purchases made through Zelle, so lost funds cannot be recovered.

When buying cryptocurrency with Zelle, the glory of the service is that players no longer need to go through Coinbase or other fiat-to-crypto means. Zelle-to-crypto utilizes the LocalBitcoins network, meaning users may purchase their cryptocurrency directly from brokers.

For a breakdown on the process, see the instructions below:

How to use Zelle to purchase cryptocurrency

  1. Register for an account on LocalBitcoins.com
  2. If offered on your preferred online casino, choose the Zelle option on the deposits page.
  3. Choose from the casino approved sellers and select “buy.”
  4. Enter how much Bitcoin you would like to purchase.
  5. The Bitcoin seller will contact you with their information.
  6. Upon receiving their information, enter the seller’s email into the Zelle app.
  7. Send your money to the seller’s email via the app.
  8. Click “I have paid” on your LocalBitcoins account.
  9. When the purchase is complete, the casino will give users a bitcoin address.
  10. Use this address to send your bitcoin to the casino.
  11. Click the confirmation button at the casino.
  12. Enjoy your bitcoin!

Just like that, bettors of any age, including 18-and-up gamblers, now have near-immediate access to their funds and can bet online with cryptocurrency. Remember, it is still always wise to check the Terms & Conditions with your financial institution, Zelle, and the online casino before using this option.