Atari Themed Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Could Become A Reality

It is safe to say that if you had an Atari gaming system, then you are probably old enough to gamble in Vegas. 

Rumors have been circulating the internet seeming to confirm plans for a new Atari-themed resort on the Las Vegas strip. The first renderings of the project were announced in 2020 when the GSD group partnered with Gensler, an architecture and design company.

GSD managing partner Shelly Murphy told media sources, “From our virtual interactive world to the physical locations, every element of Atari Hotels will offer a unique and authentic experience for everyone.”

Murphy also stated that the first two hotels would be in Phoenix and Las Vegas. However, there has yet to be any mention of an attached casino, but they do acknowledge an e-sports connection.

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When Will The Atari Hotel Open Its Doors?

A spokesman for Atari Hotels recently sent an email confirming that they are in talks with a land development company in Las Vegas, but no deal has been made. He also said that a series of updates on the project could be expected in early 2024. 

For now, there is no site under contract, so it will likely be a few years before the first location could open its doors. It is unlikely to have a casino based on what news sources are reporting, but that doesn’t mean one couldn’t come. With a name like Atari jumping into the hotel industry, we expect it to be one of the coolest retro hotels with tons of perks and, of course, games. The dream is not over, but it is not set in stone.