Casino App Maker AviaGames Slapped With Lawsuit Alleging It Lied To Players

AviaGames logoPopular app store “casino” game developer AviaGames is facing a new lawsuit alleging that the game uses bots to determine the outcome of the game. 

Avia users have wagered hundreds of millions of dollars against what they were led to believe were other similar players; however, the lawsuit claims that Avia’s platform is false, and they use bots to determine the outcome of the games. 

Avia currently has three popular titles in the App Store’s top 10 “casino” apps section: Solitaire Cash, Bingo Clash, and Bingo Tour. It is estimated that Avia has about 3.5 million monthly players.

Do All Online Casino Games Use Bots?

Bots are uncommon at legitimate sites like the 18+ casinos we review. However, online casinos use random number generators (rngs) to provide cheaper bets by bypassing a live dealer. Rngs have been used in online and domestic casinos since their inception, usually with slots, but online, they are used for other popular games like video poker, baccarat, roulette, and more.

The most trusted online casinos are all licensed by trusted gaming regulators that test the odds implemented by the random number generators and the security protocols. Compliance records are issued to assure players the casino games have been tested and deemed fair.  

Why Are 18+ Casinos Not In The App Store?

You won’t find our sites in the app store mainly because Apple sets strict regulations and guidelines against gambling sites, and most are not allowed to offer real money payouts. Another reason popular online casino sites don’t pursue the App Store is because they don’t need to; you can access our online casinos over the web. 

Are Online Casinos Legal In The USA?

Yes, no gambling laws in the US forbid online casino gambling. The federal government has left it up to the states to decide their laws on gambling online and in person. To date, only Washington has outlawed online gambling from offshore sites. 

Several states have recently passed online casino legislation allowing residents to access online casino sites based in their state. Online casino expansion has been slow in comparison to online sports betting, but most residents are okay with it as there are plenty of online sites that will already accept American players.