Esports Betting With 18+ Sportsbooks and Casinos

You have come to the right place if you are new to Esports betting. While still in their infancy, video games have taken the world by storm and expanded into the betting realm. 

Today, you will find betting lines on video games from domestic and online sports betting locations. With players worldwide competing for ultimate bragging rights and their spot on the team, it is easy to see how emotions come into play.

Below, we will discuss Esports betting options, the best sites that accept Esports bets, and how you can watch the action unfold.

What Is E-Sports Betting?

Esports betting is wagering on video game competitions, whether it be teams, individual players, or future odds on who will win the overall prize. Esport betting lines are represented with win, totals, and spread odds depending on the game. You can also find future odds for various competitions and matchups. 

What Games Can You Wager On?

Esports can encompass many games, including first-person shooters, traditional sports, and fantasy fighting games. Some popular titles with current betting lines include League of Legends, Fortnite, FIFA, DOTA2, Counterstrike, and Valorant.

In addition to individual matchups and games, you can also wager on worldwide competitions. Wagering on teams to advance throughout competitions is where most of the action takes place. Before you bet on a team, research their strengths and weaknesses to know what games they will likely win. 

Is Esports Gambling Legal?

There are no casino gambling laws that make esports gambling illegal. Esports fall into the sports betting category since the lines and competitions are similar. 

Virtual sports and simulation sports are also available online. While similar to gaming, esports differ from other game betting options since they use actual players on the sticks.

Are There Esports Competitions In My Area?

Esports competitions are famous worldwide and often hold monthly and annual competitions. Popular gaming competitions happen frequently, so you might have easy access to some of the events depending on where you live.