Florida, California, and Texas 18+ Sports Betting & Casino Options

While 36 states and the nation’s capital now offer domestic sportsbooks to operate from inside state lines, the big three (Florida, California, and Texas) have not yet passed sports betting legislation. 

While there are no domestic sports betting options in the states mentioned above, offshore sportsbooks do accept players from those states and offer 18+ sportsbooks for residents of those states.

Are Online Sportsbooks From Outside the USA Legal?

No gambling laws forbid offshore sportsbooks from accepting players from the United States. Since the federal government has not made any specific laws concerning offshore gambling, including casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites, it is up to the state to pass its regulations.

To date, only the state of Washington and Connecticut has blocked offshore gambling sites; however, policing those practices has not resulted in any prosecutions, and some sites will still accept players from those states. 

Is There Any Hope For Florida, California, or Texas Domestic Sports Betting Sites

Yes, Florida, California, and Texas have all drafted legal sports betting legislation but have failed to enact laws putting domestic sports betting in action. 

Texas Sports Betting

Texas won’t resume the discussion until 2025 despite support from numerous professional sports teams. HB 1942 passed the House during the 2023 legislative period, but Lt. Governor Dan Patrick stated that the bill would not receive consideration from the state senate. 

Florida Sports Betting

Florida briefly enacted mobile sports betting in 2021 but was paused after a conflict with the Seminole Gaming Compact. Sports betting in Florida will have to await a court decision, but Gov. Ron DeSantis is seeking a way to bring domestic sportsbooks and mobile sports betting options to the Sunshine State.

California Sports Betting

California tried to pass two laws in 2022 that would legalize domestic sports betting sites. However, both laws failed to pass by significant margins. A constitutional amendment must be implied to pass domestic sports betting in the state, and voters must approve. 

Are 18+ Casinos Legal In The United States?

18+ online casinos operate in the United States, but gamblers should follow local ordinances. Since no federal laws forbid online casino gambling, casinos from outside the United States offer their services to all 50 states.

We suggest you only play at offshore 18+ betting sites operating legally from a trusted gambling jurisdiction. Trusted gaming regulators offer oversight over online casinos and sportsbooks and test the games and betting lines for fairness. Gaming regulators issue compliance records to assure players that their games are fair and the sites utilize the best security features and up-to-date practices. 

While many legitimate sites are operating online, there are also unregulated sites operating rogue. To avoid rogue gambling sites, you should see our 18+ casino reviews that our industry professionals have vetted and deemed to practice top-notch industry standards.