Rhode Island Passes Online Casino Legislation And Raises Online Gambling Age To 21

The Rhode Island state Senate has passed online casino legislation authorizing Bally’s Twin River casino to operate via a mobile app to residents over 21. Bally’s casino has lobbied for this bill to enhance state revenue and better position the casino for the growing iGaming market in New England. 

While the state gambling age is still 18+, S 0948 had to undergo revisions to pass the Senate, and one of those revisions was raising the minimum gambling age to 21+ for online services. Other adjustments included tax rates and how table games can be offered online.

Senate leader Dominick Ruggerio proposed s 0948 but initially faced opposition from the Rhode Island Lottery. Lottery director Mark Furcolo initially raised concerns that the new law was unconstitutional, and a compromise had to be made before the bill was presented to the state Senate. One of the compromises made was that online table games can only be offered by a live dealer, creating more jobs for the state and taxable revenue, wink wink.

Are There Online Casino Options For 18+ Players In Rhode Island?

Yes, Rhode Island’s 18+ casinos have operated for more than ten years, but these sites are outside the United States’ jurisdiction. While no laws make offshore gambling sites illegal, players must be careful with the sites they choose to play.

We have created a guide to the most trusted online casinos to assist our readers in their online casino gambling endeavors. The sites we recommend all operate legally in the United States and are licensed by trusted gambling regulators. To assure players that the games offer fair odds, approved online casinos must pass compliance checks from their regulator to be awarded a license. 

What Online Casino Games Can You Play In Rhode Island?

The most popular 18+ online casino games include slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and video poker. Recently live dealer games have also become prominent in the online casino community.

Live dealer games are available via a video/audio feed where dealers issue cards, and players can wager against the dealer and other table players. Live dealer games are typically more expensive than traditional table games played online. Players choose the bet limit that ranges from $1 – $3,000, depending on the table/game you choose.