Why Mobile Casinos Are The Premium Option For 18+ Gamblers

A prominent question used to be whether online or in-person gambling was the superior option. After a four-month-long COVID-19 related quarantine causing extended closures of domestic casinos across the globe, that question no longer has any relevance as the answer is obvious: online gambling has the edge.

If 100% of brick-and-mortar casinos were to open today, a majority of them do not allow 18-year-old gamblers to enter and play their assortment of games. Even if you are located near a casino that allows for under 21 gambling, it might be tough to secure a seat at a blackjack table or in a poker room due to occupancy limitations that have been enacted.

Because of the reasons stated above, the question now is what is the better option for over 18 players:  mobile casinos or laptop/PC-based gambling sites?

For years, laptops and personal computers were the only viable avenues for online gaming. in the late 1990s and early 2000s when online gambling exploded in popularity, cellphones were being used by a majority of Americans, but they had nowhere near the capabilities sported by today’s iPhones and Android-based smartphones.

iPhones debuted in 2007, and although it seems like they’ve been a part of our society for much longer than ten years, iPads entered the market in 2010. By that time, online gambling had already taken hold with 18+ gamblers, but the most trusted online casinos were unable to offer their services via a downloadable app because most vendors forbade them from doing so.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020 and it seems like everyone is carrying a smartphone or owns a tablet of some kind. Laptops have been regulated to word processing and work-related functions and are no longer a go-to device for leisure.

Real money gambling applications are still hard to come by, as most US states do not offer them domestically. The casinos that we recommend on this site for over eighteen gamblers can be accessed on a current tablet or smartphone by using any major mobile browser and clicking on one of the links we have provided.

The applications for these casino sites are web-based and feature responsive design technology that conforms to mobile screen sizes instantly. Their operation looks and feels just like a downloadable app, and features touch-button controls that make navigation and gameplay a breeze.

These mobile options are in stark contrast to a laptop or PC. Even if the computer features a touch screen, the functions aren’t as close and personal as a mobile device, and are cumbersome in comparison.

Smartphones have a significant size advantage over laptops and even tablets, as they can easily fit inside pants pockets and purses. They are always with us, which means gamblers have unlimited access to real money games online.

Another aspect of access is connectivity. There are many options for connecting to the internet on the go via a laptop or tablet, but all smartphones come with that capability built int0 the hardware. Now that 5G towers are popping up across the nation, mobile internet connections are stronger than ever and can handle a much higher volume of data.

Smartphone graphics have graduated to high def, but the screens are indeed much smaller than tablets or laptops. Still, our eyes have become accustomed to those smaller screen sizes as we’ve become more reliant upon them as a source of entertainment.

The web-based apps for our top-rated casinos allow access to all of the options that their laptop and PC websites, so gambling options are not limited when using a smartphone.

All things considered, smartphone gambling is the superior option, and we expect it to become a larger focus of online casinos as we proceed into the 2020s. Laptops and PCs will remain in the picture, but we expect their use for online gambling to decrease by the year, much like rotary phones, CD players, and VCRs.

Source: TechZimo