Nebraska’s Third Domestic Casino Opens Its Doors In Columbus

The state of Nebraska first opened its doors to state-licensed casinos in 2022 after domestic gambling was overwhelmingly approved via a voter referendum. Now that two state-licensed casinos are operating, a new casino on the block has started taking wagers in Columbus, NE. 

Harrah’s Casino at Ag Park has officially opened for business at a temporary location while their permanent home is finishing construction along HWY 81. The permanent facility will house over 500 slot machines, 14 table games, and a one-mile racetrack.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Nebraska?

Yes, online casinos are legal in Nebraska as long as they operate from outside of the United States. 18+ online casinos in Nebraska are licensed from trusted gambling jurisdictions and follow strict compliance orders to retain their operating license. 

Federal gambling laws do not outlaw offshore gambling operations but do not expressly legalize the practice. It is suggested that NE players only play at licensed casino sites to ensure they do not get locked out of their accounts for frivolous reasons.  

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Nebraska?

For domestic casino gambling in Nebraska, players must be over the age of 21; however, for domestic poker gambling, the minimum gambling age is 18. 18+ online casinos operating outside the state lines accept players over 18 as long as no specific state laws prevent their residents from gambling online. 

Are There Tribal Casinos In Nebraska?

Yes, there are currently four tribal casinos located on native land throughout Nebraska. These casino locations only allow casino gambling to patrons over 21, so online casinos are still their only option for younger players. 

  • Iron Horse Bar & Casino
    Emerson, Nebraska
  • Lucky 77 Casino
    Walthill, NE
  • Native Star Casino
    Winnebago, NE
  • Ohiya Casino
    Niobrara, Nebraska

How Many More Casinos Are Expected To Come To Nebraska?

There are no plans for additional casinos to come to Nebraska, but if the three state-licensed casinos do well, it could attract more operators to the state. The tribal casinos are spread out and not located near populated areas, so the state-licensed casinos have an excellent chance to produce substantial revenue for the state. 

In under two years, the state has already opened three temporary state-licensed casinos, so it is not unreasonable to think that more casino locations could be on the way. No data shows new potential licensees for Nebraska, but some regulators could be eyeing the new state endeavors.