Don’t Drive 55: Use Rapid Deposits On Super Bowl 55 Betting

Here at Casinos18, we cover casino gambling first and foremost. But there’s about two weeks every year when we stray from our favorite online slots and table games.

And those two weeks, as you’ve probably guessed, culminate in the Super Bowl.

This year is no different.

With Super Bowl 55 having one of the most compelling storylines ever – or, more accurately, half a dozen of them – there are plenty of wagers on the line.

Most years, you can expect something like 500-600 Super Bowl prop bets at the best 18 and up online sports betting sites, but this particular contest is sure to have even more.

Heck, we’re about four days out from the thing, and the sportsbooks have already posted about 400 props!

At this rate, a thousand different Super Bowl lines isn’t out of the question – and that’s before you even include live Super Bowl betting.

Of course, if you want to bet on any of these Super Bowl spreads, straights, props, specials, parlays, and more, you’ll need to make sure you have enough money in your account to cover all the wagers you wish to make.

And with hardly half a week to go until Super Bowl LV kicks off this Sunday at 6:30 PM (CBS), if you don’t already have your account topped off, you need to choose one of fastest possible deposit options and load up your bankroll immediately.

Fortunately, that should be easy enough, as all of the best online gambling sites for 18+ players offer a number of quick banking options to move money into your account from anywhere in the USA.

Naturally, each deposit method has its pros and cons. Since these are what will dictate your choice in the end, that’s what we’re going to cover below.

It’s worth nothing that all these sites also offer other ways – slower but equally reliable – to fund your account.

However, these also generally take several days to clear, which means things such as bank wires, cashier’s checks, and money orders aren’t going to be credited to your online betting wallet in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Instead, you’ll want to stick to any of the following options:

Credit/Debit Card Deposits

For most bettors, Visa and Mastercard (as well as American Express and Discover, at most sites) are still the preferred ways to quickly get money into their accounts.

However, while these methods are instantaneous when they work, they don’t always work. That’s because the UIGEA banking regulation occasionally gets in the way and blocks such transactions.

Additionally, card deposits tend to come with added fees that can amount from 3% to 9% of your total deposit, which can eat into your bottom line.

If you normally deposit with a card, by all means, give it a go. But if the transfer is blocked or declined for any reason, don’t mess around – move on to a different betting deposit option ASAP.

Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash Deposits

Bitcoin betting deposits are our favorite way to fund any online gambling account, whether we’re playing online casino games, online poker games, or betting on the biggest game of all, the Super Bowl.

Bitcoin (BTC) transactions are immediate, come with no added fees of any kind, have 100% success rates, allow for some of the best sports betting limits possible, grant bettors access to the best sports betting bonuses, and let bettors claim same-day payouts.

No other option can really compare.

All of the above is also true for sites that accept Bitcoin Cash betting deposits and other cryptocurrency deposits (i.e. Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple, etc.).

But if you don’t already hold BTC or another supported cryptocurrency, it usually takes a long time to acquire it. We’re talking upwards of 10 days, here.

For betting on the Super Bowl, that simply won’t do.

Luckily, there are solutions available.

Zelle Pay Deposits

If you want to make a BTC deposit to bet on Super Bowl action this Sunday but you don’t have time to wait on the typical exchanges, you don’t actually have to!

By using Zelle Pay (an option you probably already have access to through your bank), you can send money to private Bitcoin sellers via the LocalBitcoins exchange.

Here, there’s no wait: Just send your payment, and your Bitcoin is released to you in full.

Sites like Bovada have step-by-step guides on the Zelle-To-BTC deposit process, but you can actually buy Bitcoin this way to use at any reputable 18+ online sportsbook.

QuickBit Deposits

If the Zelle-Bitcoin process seems like too much trouble, there is another similar option available at many top sites (i.e. BetOnline, SportsBetting AG, MyBookie, Xbet): QuickBit deposits.

QuickBit – also called QB Direct at some sportsbooks and casinos – allows members to use their existing credit or debit cards to instantly deposit into their accounts using the Litecoin cryptocurrency.

If your site supports QuickBit or QB Direct, you can effectively make a rapid crypto deposit (in the Litecoin or LTC token) – whether or not you actually own any crypto – and get all the increased benefits thereof.

There’s no waiting, there are no added fees, and you’ll be able to bet on the Super Bowl in just a few seconds.

Ultimately, for making deposits quickly and efficiently when time is of the essence, any of the above methods should suit your needs.

Some sites, like Bovada, even offer other options like sports betting vouchers that let you use P2P services like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and others.

All in all, as long as you’re a member at a top-rated online betting site, you should have no problems finding a fast, easy deposit method that’s right for you.

Of course, even if you don’t get your account funded in time for this year’s Super Bowl, next year’s title tilt will probably feature the same exact teams.