Rockford’s Hard Rock Casino Sports New Tech As It Draws Near Completion

The casino floor is where all the action takes place, and the new Hard Rock Casino, currently being constructed in Rockford, Illinois, knows just how vital that asset can be to its players.

It has been reported that the new Hard Rock will utilize state-of-the-art tech on its casino floor in the form of a raised floor. Why a raised floor, you say? The raised floor allows for cables and other electrical equipment to be easily removed or replaced. This gives the casino more freedom to move games and entertainment resources easily with permission from the appropriate gaming regulators.

Geno Iafrate, president of Hard Rock Casino Rockford, said the casino is looking to open to the public on Labor Day weekend. The new brick-and-mortar casino will host thousands of slot and table games, a sportsbook, an entertainment venue, and several culinary venues.

2024 Casino Technologies

Casinos are one of the best spots for new tech as they have the money to afford the projects and need to protect their assets. Of course, everyone knows casinos often have a state-of-the-art camera system to protect their patrons. Most camera systems are in place to protect the casinos from cheaters and card counters.

Other technologies often used include facial recognition, security teams, Artificial intelligence, and more. To what extent these technologies are used has yet to be fully known. 

Online Casino Technology

18+ online casinos often do not require the same technologies that their domestic counterparts frequently employ but instead have to ensure that player information is protected. Online casinos will use SSL or TLS certificates that encode stored data to secure account details safely.

Other technologies that online sites often use are random number generators (RNGs). While domestic casinos also use RNGs in slot and other video-presented games, online casinos use them often. To ensure the games offer fair odds, each title is tested by a trusted gaming regulator who will issue a compliance check.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Illinois?

mobile appsThere are no federal gambling laws that make accessing an online casino in the state of Illinois illegal. However, the state of Illinois does have the power to enact legislation to prevent players from accessing online gambling sites. So far, the state has made no effort to limit or outright ban online casino sites.

Over the years, many IL players have signed up and won real money online gambling. Today, the most trusted online casinos accept players over 18; however, they ask that you follow local age requirements to avoid future complications.