Three Sportsbook Commercials Set To Air During Super Bowl 58

NFL logoThree sportsbook commercials set to air during Super Bowl 58. FanDuel and BetMGM have both placed orders for a prime-time commercial during the big game. 

While online sportsbook commercials are not uncommon in the United States today, this is one of the first few times multiple sportsbook commercials will air during the Super Bowl. BetMGM has reportedly employed NFL legend Tom Brady and NHL legend Wayne Gretsky to promote their online sports betting services. 

FanDuel is set to run two commercials during the game and accept bets on a 25-yard field goal from Rob Gronkowski. The “Gronk” kick will occur during a third-quarter commercial break. 

FanDuel and its top competitor, DraftKings, control about 70% of the domestic sports betting market. However, since FanDuel & DraftKings only accept players over 21, 18+ players typically bet with offshore sportsbook sites like Bovada or MyBookie. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Bet On The Super Bowl Online?

18+ sports betting sites will accept players over 18 if account holders follow local gambling ordinances. Since many states still don’t have laws concerning online gambling and the federal gambling laws leave those restrictions for the states to decide, in most cases, online sports wagering over the age of 18 is completely legal.

Domestic sportsbook sites are often subject to restrictions and limitations since they operate from inside a state government. Some restrictions typically include betting on college sports or amateur sporting competitions, politics, and other domestic events. 

What Gambling Options Do Online Sportsbooks Offer 18+ Players?

Online sportsbooks offer players over 18 full access to their sports betting odds, including NFL, NCAA, UFL, MLS, UFC, Golf, Tennis, NBA, WNBA, and much more. The sportsbooks we recommend also offer some of the most trusted online casinos and poker rooms you can find online. Account holders can access any of their online services, including customer support twenty-four seven, 365. 

Who Should I Bet On To Win The Super Bowl?

Good question; I like to bet on the commercials. Just kidding, the San Francisco 49ers are favored to win Super Bowl 58, but the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to win back-to-back NFL titles since they were denied by Tom Brady and the Bucs in 2021. On paper, most people would bet on San Francisco winning the Super Bowl, but the odds will pay better if KC wins the game. 

Below are the current odds for Super Bowl 58 from Bovada’s online sportsbook

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

  • Spread: -2.0 (-105), +2.0 (-105)
  • Win: -122, +112
  • Total: O47.5 (-105), U47.5 (-105)