MI Raid Proves 18+ Legal Online Casinos Are Your Safest Bet

Legal online casinos for 18+ players are the easiest way for young adults to avoid illegal gambling rings.

It isn’t easy being a gambling enthusiast when you’re under 21. While some 18+ US gambling states allow these players to hold their own in a casino, most regions go by bar rules: If you’re not old enough to drink, you aren’t old enough to go inside. Illegal 18+ Casinos Target Young Adults Unfortunately, these …

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Flash Flooding At 18+ Casinos On Vegas Strip Causes Chaos

Flooding at the Las Vegas Strip has led to closures and severe property damage. 18+ mobile casino gambling is a good option for Vegas gamblers without a place to go.

Recent flash floods at the Vegas Strip have dealt gamblers a friendly reminder that our most trusted 18+ online casinos are the safest option for US players. Unprecedented Flooding For Casinos The unprecedented rainfall came in heavily on Thursday evening, flooding much of the city with over an inch of water. Nevada, home to four …

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Atlantic City 18+ Casinos Agree To New Wage Increases

After threatening to strike for the Fourth of July weekend, 18+ casino workers in Atlantic City secured new wage increases.

Casino operators in Atlantic City, New Jersey narrowly avoided devastation last month after reaching an agreement with union employees.  After three years of repeated setbacks, closures, and national catastrophes, industry members pooled together to demand new and equitable contracts. With an incoming recession, labor leaders prioritized one thing—money. Strike Prompts A Change Of Tune Union …

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Legalizing 18+ Casinos: Why Sportsbook Revenue Isn’t Enough

18+ online casino gaming revenue has resulted in huge returns for certain legal gambling states.

Gambling laws in the US are changing faster than anyone can keep up with. Since the 2018 overturn of PASPA, state legislators have been quick to follow the changing narrative and regulate local gaming options.  Growing Online Gaming Revenues The change in sentiment has been a pleasant surprise for bettors across the country. Instead of …

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US 18+ Casino Heist: Breaking Into the Crypto Market

crypto casino new york

The United States is currently undergoing a massive wave of gambling expansions, both online and in the retail space. Dwindling tax revenues resulting from COVID-19 lockdowns have empowered state lawmakers to push for more lenient casino gambling laws, particularly those that might make the market more broadly accessible. 18+ Casinos Begin To Eye Crypto From …

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Uncle Sam Wants To Scare You Away From Betting On Crypto

gary gensler evil

If you’re a member at any 18 and up online casino – or if you’re just thinking about joining one – you probably have a pretty good understanding of cryptocurrency. After all, it’s crypto that powers the best online betting sites, as it offers players a number of advantages both on-site and off. Crypto allows …

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Legal Challenge Looms As FL Signs New Compact With Seminole

fl governor ron desantis and seminole chief marcellus osceola jr show off new gambling compact

On Friday, Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the Seminole Tribe of Florida signed a new gambling compact that will allow domestic sports betting and new casino games to launch in the Sunshine State. The compact is a major step forward for both parties, representing a final, agreeable remedy to an ongoing dispute that reared its …

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Digital Payments Could Become The New Norm At Domestic Casinos

a person gambling with an ipad and a credit card

The Nevada Gaming Commission is currently considering changing electronic currency exchange regulations to allow for additional digital payments at their domestic casinos. Slot games across the country have been using ticketing systems for nearly twenty years, and now, cashless technology providers are eager to get in on the action of other floor and table games, …

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Tampa Hard Rock Sets Template For 18+ Casino Reopening

a blackjack table with plexiglass separators

Sunshine State casinos are back in action, so put on your shades, make your best poker face, and go all in! 18 and over Florida residents that are interested in playing poker for real money at a domestic casino can ante up at Tampa’s Seminole Hard Rock Casino, as long as social distancing requirements are …

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Game On: Some 18+ Casinos To Open For Business In Idaho Today

Idaho Casino

States across the country are now faced with the multi-faceted process of not only reopening business but restarting the economy, all without causing the additional spread of COVID-19. Most politicians are rolling out the reopening in phases, beginning with essential businesses first before allowing for recreational-based industries to open their doors. Fun and games are …

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