Maryland Gambling Bill Allows Online Casinos and Poker Gambling If Passed

A new gambling bill that will allow online casino and poker gambling is on the docket in 2024 in the state of Maryland. 

State Senator Ron Watson (D-Bowie) is back with another gambling expansion bill in 2024 after he failed to get a 2023 expansion bill passed. SB 267 was first proposed in 2023, and while the new bill closely resembles the previous attempt to expand gambling laws in Maryland, some key differences could allure more votes in his favor.

New additions to the 2024 gambling bill include a higher licensing fee, shorter licensing length, and a multi-state poker agreement. Maryland has expanded its gambling laws three times in the last 16 years; the most recent passage included a 2020 sports betting bill that authorized domestic sportsbooks.

Is 18+ Online Casino Gambling Legal In Maryland?

18+ Maryland casinos are currently available from offshore casinos. While the state did approve a sixth land-based casino in 2012, domestic casinos haven’t seen much action since then. 

Offshore casinos have been servicing Maryland since the early 2000s and offer convenient casino gambling options to their players. In addition to no federal law restrictions, state laws do not outlaw offshore gambling sites that offer online casino services.

Is 18+ Online Poker Legal In Maryland?

Maryland does not allow land-based casinos to offer online poker gambling; however, 18+ online poker is available through legitimate offshore casinos. Like what the new gambling expansion bill proposes with a multi-state agreement, online poker sites offer players a way to gamble on the skill-based game with other players worldwide. 

Most online poker sites require a separate download where you can access your account information quickly. You will also find several variations of poker online with different buy-in amounts and wagering requirements. 

What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are a great way to add extra funds to your bankroll; however, wagering requirements must be met before the bonus funds can be withdrawn. Popular bonuses include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, reward programs, refer-a-friend bonuses, and more. 

There are also site promotions that include free poker tournament access, slots promotions, and additional jackpots. We recommend taking an online casino bonus if you plan on playing slots or poker, as those wagering requirements are easy to meet. Casual gamblers should avoid bonus offers as it can limit withdrawing winnings until a specific criterion is met.