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Maryland is home to famous individuals such as Babe Ruth and Edgar Allen Poe, however, it does not host entertainment venues such as Maryland 18+ casinos. This is surprising, considering that MD is one of the original thirteen colonies and holds special bonds to gaming ever since the early 1700s, where raffle-like lotteries helped fund most infrastructure building projects like schools, churches, and government buildings.

To date, the Old Line State has experienced a lot of changes, especially with its gaming laws. We delve into historic legislative changes further down in this guide, for now, we’ll discuss currently available gaming in Maryland. State residents and visitors can participate in casino gambling, daily fantasy sports, charitable gambling, state-run and multi-state lotteries, and scratch-offs, and premier horse racing at Maryland’s racetracks.

While there are no 18+ Maryland casinos, sports betting and casino gambling remain in the state. Players often drive over state lines to access gaming options; however, 18+ casino gambling laws differ from state to state, which is why it is crucial to understand them before getting on the road. Not only that, there are many options within the state for gaming, including legally sanctioned online casinos accepting players 18 and over.

Can You Gamble At 18 In Maryland?

Minimum Legal Gambling Age Icon With 18+ LicenseMaryland players who just turned of age may access nearly all forms of MD’s legal gaming. Available gaming options to eighteen-year-old players include daily fantasy sports, pari-mutuel wagering on harness races on track or off-track through simulcasted inter-state races, charitable gambling in the form of bingo games, raffles, and lottery sales.

Players who are 21 and older may freely gamble from all of these choices and participate in casino gambling at local MD casinos, sportsbooks, and racinos. Usually, young players who are between 18 and 20 cannot wait until they turn 21 to enjoy casino gambling and often travel to states containing 18+ casinos. However, this is not the only option. Young adult players can legally gamble online as long as they are selective in choosing licensed and regulated destinations at which to do so.

Is It Legal To Gamble Online In Maryland?

Yes. Players from or visiting MD are permitted to gamble online on legal offshore sites. The Old Line State does not have any clear law banning players from the use of legal online internationally-based casinos. However, there are Federal and state-level implications for players gambling on illegal and unlicensed gaming sites, offshore or state-based.

Maryland also approved of legal sports betting in 2020, and by December of 2021, began issuing licenses for in-person and online vendors to begin accepting wagers from 21+ patrons.

Those MD players who meet the minimum gambling age of eighteen can legally access our list of top-rated 18+ online brands that provide all of your favorite casino games. These destinations are operating legally within the industry and are licensed and regulated by respected governing jurisdictions or are owned and operated by a parent company that is licensed in several jurisdictions.

Most Reputable 18+ Online Casinos For Maryland Players In 2024

These online brands provide the widest selection of gaming entertainment, from poker and sports betting to numerous online casino games. We have carefully examined each brand for its legality, safety, security protocols, and quality. After passing our review, we happily present them as accessible and viable gaming options for Old Line State players who are at least 18. Players can enjoy variations of table games, poker, dice games, slot titles, and specialty games for hours of fun.

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What Maryland Casinos Are 18 and Up?

Maryland’s land-based casinos do not allow players younger than 21 into their venues to gamble. This means MD players 18 years old would need to stick with the state’s existing available age-appropriate gambling forms or utilize offshore online casinos tailor-made for 18+ players.

Available Land-based Gambling Entertainment Locations In MD

  1. Laurel Park
  2. Rosecroft Raceway
  3. Pimlico Race Course
  4. Casino at Ocean Downs
  5. Maryland Live! Casino
  6. Hollywood Casino
  7. Rocky Gap Casino
  8. Horseshoe Casino
  9. MGM National Harbor
  10. Bingo World
  11. Delta Bingo and Gaming
  12. Patapsco Bingo
  13. Optimist Club Bingo
  14. Island Bingo
  15. ADF Bingo
  16. Fullerton Manor Bingo
  17. Pulaski Bingo
  18. Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa Bingo Hall
  19. Lions Club Bingo
  20. Crescent City Charity Bingo

Brief History Of Maryland’s Gaming Legislation

Maryland was established in 1632 by English catholic settlers who were trying to escape religious prosecution and obtain the freedom to practice their religion; however, other settlers from differing faiths, i.e., Protestants and Puritans, traveled to Maryland for the same reason. The Old Line State, which was then a colony, became torn by religious differences and political motives.

In 1649, Maryland promised religious tolerance through a law. Although MD struggled with its diverse religious population it was still more tolerant than other colonies.

In the 1700s, lotteries were prevalent and used to construct public projects.

In 1743, the Maryland Jockey Club was founded.

In 1791, ‘Good cause’ lotteries were permitted, and churches were allowed to issue them.

By the 1800’s, there was a general acceptance of gaming and racing.

In 1834, the state stopped issuing lottery licenses.

By 1836, all gaming, including lotteries, was made illegal, with the exception of racing.

In the 1870’s, MD’s governor built the Pimlico racetrack. This was spurred by his passion for raising thoroughbreds and racing. He was also president of the Maryland Jockey Club at the time.

In the 1900s, the gaming industry slowed due to prohibition. Most gambling went underground.

By 1920, the Maryland Racing Board was created to oversee racing activities.

In 1950, slots were briefly legalized in certain counties. These 5 counties became known as ‘Little Vegas’.

In 1965, slot machine licensed were no longer issued after a ban on the machines. However, operators with the machines were able to keep their current license until their expiration.

In 1973, MD started its own state-run lottery.

In 2008, voters approved of ratifying an amendment to allow slots in Baltimore City and 4 counties.

In 2010, voters approved of introducing 5 casinos to the state. Hollywood Casino opens.

In 2012, voters approved of allowing a 6th casino, table games at casinos, and 24-hour access at all locations. This same year MD passed fantasy-friendly legislation, stating that fantasy sports are exempt from MD’s gambling laws.

In 2017, Maryland implemented regulations to allow the MD comptroller to oversee daily fantasy sports in the state.

        In 2020, sports betting was made legal by the MD legislature, with licenses for online and in-person sportsbooks being issued in 2021.

18+ Online Casinos For Maryland Residents

MD players should utilize our guide to find legal and reliable sources for gaming entertainment. Our verified list contains perfectly legal gaming destinations that Old Line State players can easily access and gamble on. We would never recommend an online casino that did not put player protection, gaming quality, and performance at the forefront of their standards.


What Is The Minimum Legal Gambling Age In Maryland?

As discussed earlier, Maryland’s minimum gambling age varies per available gambling offer in MD. Eighteen-year-olds can participate in daily fantasy sports, pari-mutuel wagering, charitable gambling, and the state lottery. 21-year-old residents and visitors are the only age group that can enjoy casino and racino gambling, as well as sports betting, in Maryland.

How Safe Is Online Gaming?

It is only safe when gambling on secure and legal online sites. Players should never gamble on unlicensed platforms for those are illegal. Illegal gaming destinations can be filled with viruses, malware, ransomware, and hackers. Players are advised to not place their sensitive information on those sites, as they can steal identities and commit fraud. Thankfully, all of our sources are legal gaming destinations that provide legal games and gambling for Maryland players.

Are All Online Games Fair? How Do I Know?

Players can determine the fairness of games and honesty of the online casino through viewing whether the online gaming platforms have active and functional RNGs, also known as Random Number Generators. Players can view the accuracy through audits given by 3rd party agencies who test the technology for functionality.

Legal online casinos that are licensed by respectable and authoritative jurisdictions must use RNGs that produce totally randomized results to ensure players receive authentic results and playing experience. If players cannot find these items, then they should immediately stop playing at the gaming site. Lack of transparency is a red flag for illegal casino sites.

Do All Gaming Destinations Allow MD Players?

Unfortunately, no. There are some legal international online brands that have made agreements not to serve certain states’ residents. Others have chosen not to serve the US market at all, meaning these brands are inaccessible to young Maryland players.

However, there are some premium destinations that continue to host games for players from the Old Line State, and our list exclusively provides brands that do. Our MD casino guide is specifically catered to provide resources for players who are eighteen and older from the state. Minors cannot gamble, and MD adult players are not legally permitted to gamble on illegal sites.

What Online Poker Or Sports Betting Sites Allow 18+ Maryland Players?

There are a few accessible legal poker sites and sportsbooks for Maryland players. As stated earlier, some brands have made an agreement with the Old Line State to not offer their services to MD players. However, we list two premium sites that provide sports betting options, poker, and casino gambling for players who are at least 18 from the Old Line State.

  1. Betonline Sportsbook – 50% Bonus Max $2,500
  2. – 75% Bonus Max $1,000

Helpful Resources For Maryland Gamblers