NH Online Casino Bill Passes Senate, Killed By House Committee

New Hampshire lawmakers are desperately trying to pass an online casino bill to increase revenue for the state, but after passing the state Senate, the House committee has killed the bill stating that it needs a lot of work.

The New Hampshire state senate narrowly passed online casino legislation earlier this week with a 12-11 vote. SB 104 was initially shot down, but after a short recess, the state senate reconsidered the bill and passed it on to the House committee, where a 20-0 vote eventually struck it down again.

SB 104 seeks to legalize online poker, blackjack, and other online casino games under the supervision of the state lottery commission. SB 104 also delegates revenue to provide scholarships for community college students, but lawmakers think the bill needs a lot of work.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is one of the few states that allow 18+ players to play the lottery and charity bingo and pull tabs. However, the legal age to gamble at state-licensed casinos is 21+. 

Lawmakers are hesitant to pass an online casino bill since charitable donations from the state-regulated lottery and card and table games are essential to the community. Many lawmakers want to make sure everything runs smoothly and want more rhetoric about how the revenue accrued will return to the community.

Are Online Casinos Available In New Hampshire?

Yes, online casinos for 18+ players are legal in New Hampshire, as the state has not passed any laws forbidding online gambling from sources outside the state. Offshore casino sites have been servicing the United States since the early 2000s and have become the go-to option for many states that do not authorize online casino gambling from state-licensed casinos.

Will New Hampshire Eventually Pass An Online Casino Bill?

Yes, an online casino bill will eventually pass in New Hampshire as lawmakers have proposed legislation. Everyone agrees that domestic casinos should be able to offer their services online. However, the details keep the state officials from passing a new bill.

New Hampshire’s 18+ casinos are only available from offshore sites at this time. Still, the legislation currently hitting the Senate and House Committee panel will likely pass once the details are hammered out.