18+ Online Casinos In Michigan Boast Record-Breaking Earnings For April 2022

Domestic online casino operations are few and far between in the US. At present, only six states offer access to digital gambling platforms. But as revenue numbers continue to reach new highs in 18+ legal gambling states, the rest of the nation may begin to reconsider. 

Continued Growth For MI 18+ Casinos

Michigan has led the mobile casino crusade, legalizing such operations back in 2019. The state now boasts annual revenues amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Since its initial launch, engagement across digital sportsbooks and casinos has grown by nearly 50%. 

The successes of Michigan online gambling aren’t expected to slow any time soon. In the state’s revenue report for April, digital operators broke Michigan’s record for highest internet gaming profits in a single month. 

Undoubtedly, sportsbook revenues paled in comparison to those of Michigan’s online gambling sites. Earnings made from online wagering accounted for less than a quarter of total gambling revenues generated in April.

Sportsbooks Straggling In Comparison

Totaling out at $163.1 million in total online gambling revenues for April, digital casinos contributed about $132.4 million to this pot. Online sportsbooks collected a mere $30.7 million. Still, that number demonstrates a 13.9% increase from March.

The modest increase in gambling revenues from March to April is interesting. Usually, 18+ sports betting begins to taper off with the end of March Madness. You can check it out in the detailed revenue chart attached below:

Month Casino Gaming Revenues Sports Betting Revenues
January 2022 $121,243,501 $36,608,569
February 2022 $122,775,924 $21,633,471
March 2022 $131,673,653 $32,445,133
April 2022 $132,438,012 $32,630,491

*Table demonstrates gaming revenues for both in-person and online operators in MI

While Michigan’s 18+ casinos will certainly notice the impact of the summer lull, online gambling is set to boom when casual players make their return in the fall. 

Casino Revenues To See New Highs

Eric Ramsey of PlayUSA.com said the same in a comment to journalists at The Detroit News. He states,

“The clear take away from the first four months of the year is that Michigan’s online gaming industry isn’t close to reaching its ceiling yet…Even with headwinds affecting the wider economy, that growth should continue through at least the end of the year and likely well after.”

Since 2019, the state has collected $111,971,165 in taxes from online casino operators and another $12,694,676 from sportsbooks. Over the years, these funds have been used to help state school aid and first responder presumed coverage. 

Neighboring states would be wise to take after Michigan. Revenues from sports betting, alone, simply aren’t enough to provide meaningful and long-term support for social programs in any state. 

Source: The Detroit News