Atlantic City Workers Authorize Strike Against 18+ Casinos In July

The bells of unionization are ringing loud and clear across the nation as laborers in nearly every industry call for long-overdue benefits. Timing is critical in these fights to renegotiate contracts and establish worker safety protocols.

In Atlantic City, for example, casino workers have taken an aggressive approach to these talks. On Wednesday, union members voted to authorize a strike if new contracts are not received by the end of June. 

Workers Want Wage Increases

Employee contracts at many of the city’s most well-known gaming brands have expired since the first of the month. Upon renewal, laborers have asked that companies focus on notable wage increases. 

One worker, Ruth Ann Joyce, stressed that the issues associated with pay disparity affect businesses from the ground up. In a comment to reporters, she said,

“Historically our fights in general have dealt with health care. This go-round, it’s about economics. We can’t find workers because there’s no money, and it’s hard to hold onto the workers we do have because they can go somewhere else and make more.”

Atlantic City’s longest strikes have often resulted in closures. These casino employees have a historic record of sticking to their word and making due when things don’t go their way.

And with the recent and increased use of trusted 18+ online casinos, these brick-and-mortar retailers could be under genuine threat. 

What And Who To Watch

Gambling houses affected by the threat of strike include the Borgata, all three of Caesars Entertainment’s properties, and the Hard Rock. These casinos have yet to comment on the matter.

Strikes at the Borgata and Caesars Entertainment locations would commence on July 1st. The Hard Rock would have an additional two days to work out contract demands before their workers join the picket line on July 3rd. 

There are a small handful of casinos that will remain open and operational, regardless of any future protests at the above locations. 

Bally’s and the Ocean Casino Resort are engaged in “me-too” contracts that hold them accountable for fulfilling any contract terms established by the broader strikes. 

Doing Your Part

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Source: Press Of Atlantic City