Legalizing 18+ Casinos: Why Sportsbook Revenue Isn’t Enough

Gambling laws in the US are changing faster than anyone can keep up with. Since the 2018 overturn of PASPA, state legislators have been quick to follow the changing narrative and regulate local gaming options. 

Growing Online Gaming Revenues

The change in sentiment has been a pleasant surprise for bettors across the country. Instead of playing in secrecy, online sportsbook and casino users have been able to integrate their hobby into day-to-day discussions.

Governing bodies in these legal betting states seem content as well. With the overwhelming success of domestic sportsbooks, some lawmakers are looking to take the next plunge into 18+ online and mobile casino gaming

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, taxpayers are already relishing the fruits of digital gambling revenues. The Keystone State reported $47.8 million made from iGaming last month and pulled just $12.6 million from its mobile sportsbook options.

Likewise, the Great Lake State boasted $23.5 million in online casino collections from May 2022. Unfortunately, sportsbook revenues paled miserably in comparison. Michigan online sports betting produced a measly $1.1 million in tax revenues for the state. 

A Distinct Marker Of Progress

Before Michigan’s 2021 launch of regulated digital gambling options, the executive director of the gaming control board told reporters the following:

“Online gaming and sports betting will provide the casinos with new ways to engage with customers while the state and local communities will benefit from taxes and payments on wagering revenue…”

Fast forward one year and the proof is in the pudding. Online gaming is a foolproof way to secure significant, long-term funding for state programs. 

The figures listed above put other state gambling revenues to shame. And with the incoming recession, lawmakers are scrambling for new ways to soften the blow. 

Fortunately, it looks like the people are ready to embrace a new age of online gambling. Dedicated iGaming communities and forums have exploded over the years.

As a result, these groups have become a space for new players to safely ask questions and debate legislation helping to eliminate antiquated stigmas about casino gaming and sports betting in the US. 

Lawmakers Reluctant To Legalize

Even so, some states are still digging their heels in the ground on this issue. Fifteen states have yet to even pass laws regulating 18+ online sports betting

But prioritizing parental-style lawmaking over a depleting state budget is essentially political suicide at this point. With enough advocacy from the electorate, local officials may be inclined to shift their position on the matter. 

Nonetheless, eager players can still access some of the world’s most trusted 18+ online casinos via offshore online operators. Head over to our reviews tab to get started. 

Source: Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Detroit Free Press