Flash Flooding At 18+ Casinos On Vegas Strip Causes Chaos

Recent flash floods at the Vegas Strip have dealt gamblers a friendly reminder that our most trusted 18+ online casinos are the safest option for US players.

Unprecedented Flooding For Casinos

The unprecedented rainfall came in heavily on Thursday evening, flooding much of the city with over an inch of water. Nevada, home to four of the country’s most dry and expansive deserts, usually won’t see more than 10 inches of rainfall in a year.

Those figures become even more extreme the further South one goes. So it makes sense that those visiting Sin City wouldn’t have planned for a downpour that evening.

Unfortunately, most casino-goers on the Strip didn’t notice the intense rains until water began pouring in through the ceilings. As slot machines, blackjack, and roulette tables all got doused in water, patrons ran to take cover.

Major Damages As Rain Continues

Among the most affected casinos were Circa Casino and Resort, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, and the Fremont Hotel and Casino.

Onlookers took videos of the damage and posted them online. One of the most shocking images in circulation was taken at the Linq parking garage.

Thursday’s flash flooding was cause for chaos far beyond the Strip. Local airports had to manage dozens of delays, meanwhile, residents were stuck in their homes watching the 70 mph winds tear through their yards and neighborhoods.

Not to mention that about 7,000 people also temporarily lost access to power.

Even worse, emergency services were spread incredibly thin that evening. Over more than two hours, the Fire Department was sent to help with 22 car crashes and 15 outdoor fires.

The storm did manage to calm down without any resulting fatalities but the property damage was far beyond what most would have expected.

Options For Land Locked Gamblers

Although the worst of the storm ended around midnight, scattered showers are anticipated to continue well into Friday afternoon and evening.

Patrons in the area can expect at least partial closures from the most damaged casinos. And while locals probably couldn’t care less about the gambling houses, players on vacation are largely out of luck for the rest of their stay.

Fortunately, bettors can still access all of the Vegas-style casino games and 18+ sportsbook options directly from their phones using offshore gambling sites.

Don’t get me wrong, Nevada 18+ casinos are internationally acclaimed for a reason. The quality service and ambiance that come with the in-person experience can be attempted at home, but not replicated.

Still, offshore mobile casino options offer unparalleled accessibility for gamblers across the nation. For more information on the best offshore gambling sites, head over to our reviews tab.

Source: New York Times