Game On: Some 18+ Casinos To Open For Business In Idaho Today

States across the country are now faced with the multi-faceted process of not only reopening business but restarting the economy, all without causing the additional spread of COVID-19.

Most politicians are rolling out the reopening in phases, beginning with essential businesses first before allowing for recreational-based industries to open their doors. Fun and games are vital elements of mental health, but even a top psychologist would have a hard time convincing any rational adult that reopening an 18+ casino should be a priority.

Leave it to the Gem State to come through for 18-year-old bettors looking to hit the slots in an effort to return to normalcy. Now, instead of watching potatoes grow while stuck at home in quarantine, 18+ Idaho casinos are open for business and can provide relief from social distancing boredom.

The Coeur d’Alene Casino in Worley, Idaho, is opening its doors on Friday. The Associated Press is reporting that the Coeur was somehow able to begin service at its restaurants on Monday with social distancing practices in place.

In addition to increased sanitation efforts, the casino is making all employees and patrons adorn face masks to avoid the inhalation and expulsion of Coronavirus molecules. But what about the proximity of gamblers when they are playing slot games that are located right next to each other?

Distance protocols will be in place for reopening, but with players rotating in and out often, it will be difficult for potentially limited staff to keep up with the task of sanitation.

Coeur employees have retained their jobs have been paid throughout the COVID-19 layover. It is an incredible gesture, but are they returning to work too early? A majority of the country would say yes, but Idaho residents disagree. There have been very few cases of Coronavirus infections throughout the state, and the numbers have not significantly increased during the stay at home order.

Even with so few cases reported, many 18 and over bettors are going to remain hesitant to venture into closed-off environments with crowds of people coming into contact with playing surfaces.

The quarantine has caused many across the country to seek 18+ online casinos for their betting needs. Some will leap at the opportunity to get out of the house and gamble elbow to elbow next to other players. Other bettors will be more cautious and wait a few weeks to see how things blow over.

Regardless of what side of the coin you fall on, Idaho has the best of both betting worlds open to 18+ bettors right now. Land-based casinos are open for business today, and as usual, offshore betting sites are taking wagers 24 hours a day.

18 and over gamblers looking for the most accessible avenues of betting during social distancing should explore the mobile betting options offered at offshore casino sites. It just doesn’t get any more convenient, and isolation-friendly, than wagering on your iPhone or Android device at any time of day, as long as you’ve got a signal or internet connection.