Germany 18+ Casinos

Germany Country FlagGermany 18+ casinos are everywhere, on land and online. This guide will share with German residents and tourists where they can find domestic casino gambling options, licensed offshore online casinos, how German gambling laws were established, and much more.

Here we will explain all of the legalities, current legislative and enforcement struggles, as well as, Germany’s minimum casino gambling age, along with other available forms of in-person gaming in the country.

Best Germany 18 and Up Online Casinos For 2024

Germans who are at least eighteen years of age and older can legally enjoy domestic land-based casinos. These players can also participate on licensed offshore online 18+ German casinos. Below our team has provided a list of recommended brands that offer online casino gambling games and services after they reviewed their legitimacy, security, reliability, and selection.

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When Did Germany Legalize Gambling?

Gambling in Germany ceased after WWII, where a new constitution was made providing a new structure to Germany – creating individual states (16 Länder). During the divide between East and West Germany, gambling forms varied by region. West Germany provided lotteries, sports betting, pari-mutuel wagering on horses, and casinos; East Germany only offered lotteries and pari-mutuel wagering.

However, after the Reunification of Germany in the 1990s, casino gambling spread. In 2008 the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG), also known as the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag (GlüStV), was passed banning all forms of domestic online gambling other than sports betting and horse racing offered by state-owned businesses.

How Is The Minimum Gambling Age Determined In Germany?

Minimum Legal Gambling Age Icon With 18+ LicenseThe minimum gambling age for casinos teeters between 18 and 21 but mostly is consistent at eighteen. However, regions or states in Germany are permitted to set their own minimum gambling age.

These minimum age restrictions are not based on the country’s drinking age like most other countries, rather on what the individual venue or state believes is an appropriate age to engage in these forms of gaming.

What Forms of Gambling Are Legal and Available In Germany?

Germany permits card games and table games, sports betting, pari-mutuel wagering on horses, lotteries, casinos, slots within casinos or in slot salons, domestic online lotteries and online wagering, and licensed offshore online 18 and up casino gambling.

Age 18: Card Games, Licensed Offshore Online Gambling, Lotteries, Online Lotteries, Online Wagering, Pari-mutuel Wagering on Horses, Slots, Sports Betting, Table Games

Age 21: Casinos in Baden-Württemberg, and Bavaria

Popular German Casinos

Below is a brief list of some land-based German casinos:

  • Casino Petersbogen
  • Spielbank Saarbrucken der Saarland Spielbank
  • Spielbank Wiesbaden
  • Casino Bad Steban
  • Casino Duisburg
  • Casino Bremen
  • Spielbank Berlin

Are 18 and up Online Casinos for Players in Germany Legal?

Germany has made it illegal to host any Deutsch-based online gambling sites, however, the laws are unclear or at least not directly prohibitive on licensed offshore online gambling. Some interpretations say German law could classify the act of betting online as illegal, but Deutsch authorities have not enforced the law like this. Thankfully, due to free trade laws in the EU, licensed offshore businesses can legally offer Germans online gaming services for 18+ casinos and poker gambling.


What Is The Minimum Casino Gambling Age In Germany?

The minimum casino gambling age in Germany is 18 outside of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. However, these two states increased the age restriction for land-based casino entry to only allow those gamblers who are at least twenty-one and over.

Who Regulates Gaming in Germany?

German gambling regulations are a mix of national laws and state laws. For this reason, many states are permitted to regulate gaming in their area which means they can prohibit gambling forms allowed in other German regions. Sometimes, these laws can change with each new state governor.

What’s The Penalty For Underage Gambling In Germany?

German casinos do not often see underage gambling problems rather German-licensed gambling machines in arcades, restaurants, and bars which are available to young underage people are the main reason for domestic underage gambling since these venues are unlikely to enforce gaming age restrictions. While many cities and regions have considered additional restrictions beyond German federal regulations, such rules would be difficult to enforce.

Where Can I Find 18 and Up Casinos In Germany?

German land-based casinos outside of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg allow 18 and up gamblers to play at their casinos. Not only this, licensed offshore online casinos gladly accept German players aged 18 and up.

What Gambling Offers Are Illegal In Germany?

While there was a time in which gambling was illegal from 2008 until 2012, the country has since changed its rules. Nonetheless, domestic online casino and poker gambling is considered illegal to own, operate, and even participate in.