Finland 18+ Casinos

Finland Country FlagSeveral Finland 18+ casino options exist in the form of two brick and mortar Finnish-based casinos, as well as licensed offshore online options. Finns tend to prefer online casino gambling since there are few domestic land-based options.

We will explain where you can find these casinos below and also when Finland began allowing legal gaming, the minimum age for all forms of gaming in Finland, online 18 plus casino options, and more.

Best Finland 18 and Up Online Casinos For 2024

Finns at least 18 years old or older can legally access all forms of gambling in Finland including licensed offshore online casinos. This list below contains our recommendations for reliable online gaming platforms hosted offshore by a legitimate governing authority specifically for those eighteen and over.

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When Did Finland Legalize Gambling?

Since the 17th century, the Kingdom of Sweden permitted and governed lotteries. However, the popularity of lotteries decreased after the Russians occupied the area in the 19th century. Gaming became illegal in 1899 under the Penal Code but in 1917 when Finland regained their independence the Penal Code ban was thrown out.

Slot machines arrive in Finland from Germany in 1920 and in 1966, the first basic legislation regulating games in Finland’s modern time was the Lottery Act which classified bingo and other gaming machines as lotteries. Amendments were later made to the Act to allow a casino to be built in Vaalimaa.

In 1991, Finland created its first casino in Helsinki now known as Casino Helsinki. In 1996, online gaming was legalized. The National Lottery of Finland, Oy Veikkaus, received the first Finnish license to run online games. Finnish law dictates that domestic online gaming must be operated by one of the three approved government gaming monopolies.

How Is The Minimum Gambling Age Determined In Finland?

In accordance with national law, players who are at least eighteen can enter a casino and participate in all forms of legal gaming in Finland. This minimum wagering age is likely in correspondence with the country’s minimum drinking age of 18.

Most countries do this, however, at one-point Finland’s gaming age restriction was 15 at slot machines and casino ages outside of Ray owned establishments which remained for eighteen-year-olds and those older – this of course was over 10 years ago.

What Forms of Gambling Are Legal and Available In Finland?

Those players from Finland 18 and over can enter casinos, play slots at licensed charities, bet on sports like but not limited to pesapallo, baseball, ice hockey, and skiing, lotteries, domestic online poker, bingo, table games, poker, gaming arcades, and on licensed offshore online 18+ casino gaming sites.

[show map of Finland (include Aland province if possible) with national gambling minimum age of 18: Bingo, Casinos, Charitable Gaming, Gaming Arcades, Lotteries, Poker, Online Gaming, Slots, Sports Betting, Table Games]

Popular Casinos in Finland

There are only two land-based casinos in Finland – Casino Helsinki and Casino Mariehamn, also known as Paf Casino & Arkipelag Hotel. Casino Helsinki is by far the most popular with numerous games, slots, and poker tournaments held here.

Are 18 and up Online Casinos for Players in Finland Legal?

While few land-based casino options exist in Finland, Finnish players at least eighteen years of age can play online at licensed offshore casino portals. These Finland 18+ online casino sites provide numerous table games, live dealers, poker variations, slots, and specialty games like lotteries and bingo.


What Is The Minimum Casino Gambling Age In Finland?

The legal gambling age in Finland is 18 and over. This minimum age is for all forms of legal gaming in the country including casino games, slots, and table games in various venues like bars, restaurants, gaming arcades, and casinos themselves.

Who Regulates Gaming in Finland?

For the most part since before WWII, Finland’s government has controlled domestic gaming. For the most part, the overseeing body is the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland. However, Finland’s government has 3 organizations which oversee and regulate daily domestic gambling activities:

Veikkaus Oy (the Finnish National Lottery):  responsible for the lottery, instant win games, and sports betting activities

Fintoto Oy:  supervises pari-mutuel horse racing betting

RAY:  a non-profit company which has a monopoly over land-based casinos, table games, slots, and domestic online casino games outside of the Aland Province, which is a Swedish-speaking Finland territory, in which case the jurisdiction for gaming is in the hands of Play Among Friends (PAF).

What’s The Penalty For Underage Gambling In Finland?

According to the 2011 Ministry of Social Affairs study, 78% of Finns between the ages of 15-24 gamble. Which means there is an issue of underage betting. Studies also show that younger men are more likely to be affected by problem gambling than older men with the reverse true for women.

Finland has taken steps to reduce underage gaming in-person and online by requiring registration which allows the checking of personal data such as name, surname, ID Number, age, and place of residence, as well as, checking for a Finnish bank account, and Finnish security number. However, a penalty has not been detailed yet for underage gamblers.

Where Can I Find 18 and Up Casinos In Finland?

Every casino and venue providing games will allow Finns 18 and up to play these games. There are also Finnish eighteen plus casinos available online hosted and licensed either domestically or offshore.

What Gambling Offers Are Illegal In Finland?

By all technicality, Finland forbids foreign gaming sites from offering their services to Finnish players, likely to maintain their domestic monopoly. However, Finland has no legal mechanism in place to censor or block these sites and financial transactions. Finland’s criminal code does not outlaw betting with an offshore provider. Finland is also investigating loot boxes as a potential classification as an illegal electronic gaming mechanism.