Canada 18+ Casinos

Canada Country FlagGaming in Canada is seen as a generally accepted activity.  In fact, young adults 18 and over are permitted to enjoy gambling entertainment due to flexible minimum gambling age regulations. There are some regions allowing Canada 18+ casinos.

However, minimum age restrictions are provided by individual provinces rather than requirements to adhere to a national minimum legal gaming age. The legal age to enter a casino, including the casino’s restaurants and theaters, changes per region but must be followed exactly according to the province or territory’s law.

When Did Canada Legalize Gambling?

In 1969, Canada’s Criminal Code underwent significant changes. The code was adjusted to permit provinces and territories to raise funds through regulated lotteries. Lotteries are to this day a central part of gambling in Canada and an allowed form of gaming in every CA province and territory. Through the years, regions have been permitted to establish provincial and/or territorial regulations to expand or prohibit forms of gambling entertainment, including licensed 18+ online casinos.

Best Canadian 18 and Up Online Casinos For 2024

Each of the following online casinos is licensed and regulated to legally accept Canadian players who are 18 and over.  We have verified their licensing credentials and their compliance certifications to ensure they are operating legally within the industry and are legitimately able to offer their services to players in Canada.

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How Is The Legal Minimum Gambling Age Determined In Canada?

Minimum Legal Gambling Age Icon With 18+ LicenseProvinces and territories in Canada are permitted to establish their own laws regarding various gaming aspects and have full legal autonomy to create and enforce these regional laws as granted by the Canadian government. Minimum wagering age restrictions per province correspond to the drinking age allowed in the region.

For instance, in Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories the minimum legal gambling age is typically 18 or 19 and over for all available forms of gaming in said region. This is due to the region permitting either eighteen or nineteen-year-olds to drink.

What Forms of Gambling Are Legal and Available In Canada?

Gambling is permitted in every region of Canada but these regions are permitted to allow or prohibit certain forms of gaming as well as establish a minimum drinking age which is the same as the area’s minimum wagering age.

These provinces and territories can offer a variety of gaming options such as horse race wagering, charitable gaming in the form of bingo or raffles, casinos, video lottery terminals, lotteries, and/or remote gaming such as Canadian 18+ online casinos. Over 100 casinos operate in Canada but none are in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canadian 18 plus casinos can be found in Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories. Several 18 and up casinos in Canada are actually operated by First Nation Native tribes located on tribal reservations, these are open to the public to enjoy. Some of these tribal casinos also offer Canadian 18+ online casino gaming.

Below you can find the minimum gambling age restrictions for each Canadian province and territory.