Netherlands 18+ Casinos

Netherlands FlagThe Netherlands offers multiple 18+ casinos and other forms of gambling for those who are eighteen and over.  The nation is fairly progressive in respect to gambling, and has no qualms about youg adults participating in legally sanctioned gambling offerings.

This guide will share information on available legal casino gambling in the Netherlands, minimum age restrictions, land-based casinos, and 18+ online casinos.

Top Netherlands 18 And Up Online Casinos In 2024

Dutch players age eighteen and over have access to all forms of gambling in the Netherlands including the licensed offshore online casinos recommended on this page. These recommended destinations are legally sanctioned to operate in the industry and offer a secure, high qualty gambling environment.

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When Did the Netherlands Legalize Gambling?

The Netherlands has always had wagering opportunities available, which were surprisingly sanctioned, as far back as the 14th century documented as the first game license application. The Netherlands saw their first casino in 1976 operated by Holland Casino, a state operator.

State operators like these held a monopoly on large eighteen+ casino offers in the country totaling 14 casinos owned by the state. This monopoly had been held until the 2010s, now multiple smaller gaming arcades have expanded to qualify as casinos creating the longest list of casinos (214) in the entirety of Europe.

In 1992, the Stichting Exploitatie Nederlandse Staatsloterij (SENS) began regulating and operating the State Lottery and other lotteries despite the exitance of lotteries in the country superseded SENS creation.

In 2012, the Kansspelautoriteit (Netherlands KSA) was created to be an independent branch under the Dutch Gaming Authority of the Government to license, regulate, and supervise gaming facilities while fighting illegal wagering and addiction. This agency formally replaced the previous and first Dutch wagering authority the College van Toezicht op de Kansspelen which began in 1996.

In 2016, The Remote Gambling bill was introduced to allow online gaming but waited on approval from the upper house of the Netherlands Parliament until February of the next year. The bill received push back in June of 2016, the Senate was given final approval or disapproval. However, many land-based operators did not like the high tax so the bill was delayed until an amended version was agreed on which came several months later.

The bill became law and now, online gaming license applications will likely begin processing in 2020. Until then, Dutch players can use licensed offshore online 18 plus casinos.

How Is The Minimum Gambling Age Determined In Netherlands?

Minimum Legal Gambling Age Icon With 18+ LicenseThe Netherlands Gaming Authority controls the minimum gaming age restrictions and at this moment the minimum legal age to enter a casino in the Netherlands is eighteen.

This age is the same for other forms of gaming legally available in the country. The minimum age to gamble in the country could be directly related to the country’s minimum age to buy hard spirits.

What Forms of Gambling Are Legal and Available In Netherlands?

Netherlands 18 and up casinos offer multiple casino games which are legally available to visitors and locals such as American and French Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Video Poker, Baccarat, Poker, Rocker 7, Sic Bo, Slots, and Wheel of Fortune. Eighteen year olds in the Netherlands can also play small lotteries and the state-run lottery, sports betting, bingo, gaming arcades, licensed online 18+ casino gaming offshore, and pari-mutuel race betting at tracks throughout the Netherlands.

[Show map/table/data for each state’s legalized gambling forms + minimum age 18: Bingo, Casinos, Gaming Arcades, Lotteries, Pari-mutuel Betting, Sports Betting]

Popular Netherlands Casinos

The Netherlands has over 214 casinos to choose from. While the state-owned operator Holland Casino owns 14 casinos located in major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Nijmegen.

The other smaller casinos are owned by Fair Play Casino, Flamingo Casino, Flash Casino, Funtastic Casino, Hommerson Casino’s, Jack’s Casino, Krijco Casino, Lucky Jack, Toy Toy, Super Game, Play Land, Magic City, and Merkur Casino. Below we will list four major casinos owned by Holland Casino as these are the most modern with the most gaming offers:

  • Casino Amsterdam
  • Casino Breda
  • Casino Scheveningen
  • Casino Utrecht

Are 18 and up Online Casinos for Players in the Netherlands Legal?

To legally play online casino games, Dutch players can use licensed offshore online casinos. These sites located and hosted offshore must be from a legitimate jurisdiction in order to be considered legal by Dutch law. Dutch players can only play on these sites if they are at least eighteen years of age.


What Is The Minimum Casino Gambling Age In the Netherlands?

The minimum age is 18 and over. Eighteen year olds in the Netherlands can enter casinos, play the lottery, bet on sports, play bingo, and poker. Thankfully, every casino in the Netherlands is eighteen plus including state monopoly owned ones and smaller boutique casinos.

Who Regulates Gaming in the Netherlands?

Gambling activities in the Netherlands is regulated by the state, Parliament, the KSA, and the SENS, the Holland Casino state-owned operator is controlled by the Gaming Authority, the Dutch Bank, NMi Certin, Verispect BV, the Advertising Code Committee, the Ministry of Security and Justice, and the Ministry of Finance.

What’s The Penalty For Underage Gambling In the Netherlands?

To enter a casino, patrons are asked to present a legitimate ID. While problem gaming is an issue the Gambling Authority deals with regulators say preventing domestic underage gaming is not their focus and instead, they plan to crack down on offshore sites encouraging underage gaming on their platform.

Where Can I Find 18 and Up Casinos In the Netherlands?

Every casino in the Netherlands allows eighteen year olds to gamble as this is the Netherland’s minimum gambling age. All gaming forms are legal to eighteen year olds in the Netherlands, as well as, online 18+ casinos which are located and licensed offshore. The Netherlands has legalized domestic online gaming platforms but has yet to issue licenses thus domestic Netherlands 18 and over online casinos will not be available likely until 2021.

What Gambling Offers Are Illegal In the Netherlands?

Illegal gambling is described by the Netherlands as playing on illegal unlicensed online casino sites either based in the Netherlands or offshore. Thankfully to avoid playing on these illegal sites, always utilize recommended, legitimate, and safe gaming destinations typically recommended by reliable sources.